Media Sharing

Images are of the most shared content on the web and there is no reason you should miss out on letting your readers share your image-rich content with the world. Enable auto image detection or wrap images in our custom shortcode!

Auto Detected Images

Monarch auto detects all images within post content so you don’t have to.

Custom Shortcode

Use the custom media sharing shortcode to enable image sharing for any image on your site.

Mobile Friendly

Monarch reduces share button sizes on mobile so to not impede your images.

Auto Detected Post Images

Monarch will automatically detect all images in your blog posts. Just add an image the same as ever before, and as long as Media Sharing is enabled in the Monarch Dashboard, your images will be detected and your visitors can share them with ease!

Media Sharing Shortcode

For media sharing outside of posts, you can simply wrap any image with the Monarch Media Sharing Shortcode and your dashboard settings will be applied.

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