Divi Anniversary Sale!

Elegant Themes is Turning 14

Another year has passed and it has been quite a journey. Divi and the Divi community continue to evolve and we are excited to share some surprising stats with you. Don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and share your story. We’d love to hear from you!

Nick Roach, Founder of Elegant Themes

Massive Divi Performance Updates

Divi’s Visual Builder is got a whole lot faster thanks to some incredible performance improvements. Long story short, everything you do in the builder is snappier and more responsive. Hovering over modules, opening settings pop-ups, adjusting design inputs, switching view modes, dragging, dropping, adding, deleting…it’s all much faster than ever before.

Near-Perfect PageSpeed Scores Out Of The Box

It’s easy to build a Divi website that scores 100 on Google PageSpeed Desktop, 99 on Google PageSpeed Mobile and 100% on GTmetrix using a standard WordPress host and CDN, with no additional performance plugins.

Eliminated Bloat & Dynamic Divi Frameworks

Divi’s Dynamic Framework only processes the logic needed to render the modules, styles, and features that you use on each page. Everything else is cut out of the equation. In other words, anything that could be considered “bloat” is erased from the back-end.

Critical CSS For Divi

Divi’s Critical CSS system identifies the CSS needed to style content above the fold, and it defers everything else. 

Speed-Boosting Options

We added several speed-boosting options to Divi with the goal of removing unneeded resources and deferring render-blocking requests.

Display Conditions

Hide or display elements based on a set of conditions that you define, such as user role, date and time, post information, website location and more. For example, enable floating promotional banners that automatically appear at the start of a sale, and disappear at the end of a sale. Display unique content to users when they log in, and unique elements to specific users based on their user role. And much more!

Full Site Front-End Editing

Easily jump into your custom headers, footers and post templates while browsing your website and edit them in the Visual Builder. There’s no longer a need to navigate through the WordPress Dashboard or the Divi Theme Builder to edit parts of your website. When you enable the Visual Builder, you can edit everything you see, from the top of your website all the way down the bottom. Edit your headers, footers, post templates and page content all at once! 

Icon INterface Update & Hundreds of New Icons

Woo Commerce Cart & Checkout Modules

8 new Divi WooCommerce modules and the ability to customize your WooCommerce checkout page and your WooCommerce cart page using the builder and its full array of design options. Control the entire user experience, from viewing a product all the way through its purchase.

Background Masks & Patterns

Two brand new design settings that allow you to create a vast array of new visual effects by combining colors, gradients, images, videos, masks and patterns to create visually rich backgrounds.

Advanced Gradient Builder

A brand new control type in the Visual Builder that allows you to design advanced gradients using multiple color stops and new gradient styling options.

Divi Cloud

Cloud Storage For Divi Layouts And Content

When you save or import modules, rows, sections, and layouts to Divi Cloud, it becomes available on all of your and your clients’ websites while you build them.

Save Your Favorite Divi Layouts, Headers, Footers And Content Blocks To Divi Cloud

It’s easy to build a Divi website that scores 100 on Google PageSpeed Desktop, 99 on Google PageSpeed Mobile and 100% on GTmetrix using a standard WordPress host and CDN, with no additional performance plugins.

All Of Your Cloud Items Are Waiting For You Inside Any Site You’re Working On

Divi’s Dynamic Framework only processes the logic needed to render the modules, styles, and features that you use on each page. Everything else is cut out of the equation. In other words, anything that could be considered “bloat” is erased from the back-end.

Organize Divi Cloud Items Into Categories, Folders, And Favorites

It’s easy to build a Divi website that scores 100 on Google PageSpeed Desktop, 99 on Google PageSpeed Mobile and 100% on GTmetrix using a standard WordPress host and CDN, with no additional performance plugins.

Divi Generates Screenshots For Each Layout for Easy Browsing

Divi’s Dynamic Framework only processes the logic needed to render the modules, styles, and features that you use on each page. Everything else is cut out of the equation. In other words, anything that could be considered “bloat” is erased from the back-end.

The Divi Marketplace

The Divi Marketplace is a repository of third party Divi ModulesChild Themes and Layouts. It’s a place where Divi developers and designers can upload their creations and make them available to the Divi community for purchase, or to download for free.

148 New Creators in the Past Year
410 Total Creators

64,136 Sales in the Past Year
100,271 All-Time Sales

$1.26M Creator Earnings in the Past Year
$2M All-Time Creator Earnings

58 New Divi Extensions in the Past Year
105 New Divi Child Themes in the Past Year
525 New Divi Layout Packs in the Past Year

Divi Extensions

Divi Child Themes

Layout Packs


Total Elegant Themes Users

New Users in the past year

Total Users

Total Team Members

In 27 Countries


Free Layouts in the Divi Library

Every week, we add free, pre-made page layouts to the layout library build directly into the Divi Builder.

Layouts added in the past year

Total Layouts in the Divi Library

Website Packs added in the past year

Total Website Packs in the Divi Library


Blog Visitors

Divi is more than just a piece of software. We also work hard every day to provide the Divi community with daily tips, tutorials and other resources on our blog.

All-Time Blog Visitors

Blog Visits in the Past Year

Blog Posts Published in the Past Year

Total Newsletter Subscribers


YouTube Views

We have seen great engagement on Youtube and we dedicated a lot of effort this year towards creating valuable video content for the Divi community!

All-Time YouTube Views

Total YouTube Subscribers

Total YouTube Subscribers

New YouTube Subscribers In the Past Year


Divi Meetups Held in 17 countries

We spend most of our time sitting in front of our computers and interacting with each other on Slack and Facebook. But every once in a while it’s nice to meet up with like minded people in person!

All-Time Divi Meetups Held

Divi Meetups Held Last Year

Divi Meetup Groups

Divi Meetup Members


Customer Chats

Holy smokes, that’s a lot of chats! Our support team has been hard at work answering your questions and helping make sure that every Divi user finds success.

All-Time Customer Sales Chats

All-Time Customers Support Chats

Customer Sales Chats in the Past Year

Customer Support Chats in the Past Year

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Share Your Story

Our story wouldn’t be anything without all of you. Share your stories and favorite moments over the past 13 years below!


  1. Dovber

    Divi is the best theme ever!
    but i would like to have a product roadmap…

  2. Nelson Lee Miller

    Divi has changed my life! It’s amazing how one tool can be so influential in running a business and creating an income for my family. I applaud the team at Elegant Themes for their dedication, innovation, and hard work, and look anxiously for the incredible updates planned for the future of Divi!

  3. Paul Cassarly

    I’ve been using Divi for a few years now, and build all of our client websites with it. I’ve tried every option out there – Elementor, Oxygen, and so on – but absolutely NONE of them can compare to Divi’s options and ease of use. Thank you Elegant Themes for being an awesome company and developing the best website building tool available!

  4. Suffian Ahmed

    Wow, one of the best web building tools for the current century with no competition and one and only Divi with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We love Divi and continue to do so, great work congratulations on the latest updates, and support the way you are given to your loving and valuable customers like us. Good Work, keep growing

  5. Scott Winterroth

    Thank you Elegant Themes for enabling the creator within me! I appreciate all of the cool tools you have provided to the WordPress community and I’m glad I made the investment with Divi.

    Now, how about that dark mode feature! 🙂

  6. Dennis Gram

    For anyone that didn’t get Divi a lifetime subscription earlier, now is the time and Divi is better and faster than ever! and the price is a no-brainer…

  7. Tim Green

    I joined the Divi train back on version 2.4. I had been using another page builder and Divi was so much easier. I use it on as many sites as I can. I think the biggest highlight for me was the theme builder update allowing more complex sites, as well as a much easier way to build the footer.

    The recent performance improvements are also a bit of a game changer as it’s always been a bit of a battle to convince people that Divi isn’t bloated. Being able to provide clients with a fast, secure and yet editor friendly site is a big benefit.

    Also worth mentioning the help videos inside the theme. Very reassuring to clients that they know they won’t be left in the lurch and will have resources at their fingertips.

    • IndoAge

      I love divi and divi is great just want have company vision and future roadmap

      • Joan Margau

        Thank you for creating the most outstanding Theme and extending its excellence. I started using the Divi Theme when it first launched in 2013. I am now using Divi on client websites. Thanks also to the Elegant Themes Tech Support. Always there to help when there is a problem. No other Theme does it this well.

  8. Miroslav

    Divi is a great tool for me to design websites for clients. Like others, this template/editor has changed my outlook on efficient and modern work and I’m glad I decided to give Divi a try two years ago. Thanks.

  9. Ektukra Creators

    This is the best theme of WordPress, I am so grateful to use it. Happy Anniversary Team.

  10. Arthur Wilson

    Thank you Elegant Themes for creating Divi and working on it to make Divi the best WordPress builder there is in functionality, performance and price. Keep up the good work and good luck with the further evolution of Divi!

  11. Sk Moni

    I started working with Divi in 2016 and from then it was a roller coaster. 70% of my client’s sites I’ve done with Divi.

    Thank you Elegantthemes

  12. Simplebutcreative Media

    ET and Divi has been one of my greatest investments throughout my internet marketing journey. I’ve been with Divi since the beginning and I never really looked back. I’ve tested other page builders but I always find myself going back to Divi. I love the fact that the theme makes it convenience for me and my users. I don’t have to go through the trouble finding a compatible theme. Divi provides me the best editing experience out of all the page builders. The only one that comes close is Brizy.

    I love what the ET team has done so far and I’m looking forward to the next best thing out of ET.

    I’m hoping that the team consider some multisite features next…

  13. Ali

    As a WordPress web-designer, I have designed tens of websites with Divi lifetime license for customers in Asia, Europe and North America. The most important thing about Divi is continues improvement and the huge number of pre-made layouts. Thank you guys !

  14. Geno Quiroz

    I have been with Elegant Themes for many years, several of those long before the release of Divi. Once Divi was released, it became a game changer for me. Not only because of how easy it was to use, but because it enabled us to create a cool little WordPress sub-community unlike any other. The kind folks over at Elegant Themes not only helped me grow my freelance business with their great tools and support, they allowed me to get involved in some of the very first Divi third-party products (child themes, plugins, layouts, etc…), podcasts and the first Divi Marketplace. Here we are 14 years later and we still only work exclusively with Divi and only Divi. And as the product continues to evolve, the leadership continues to cast vision and doesn’t go anywhere (Nick, Mitch & Kenny), and the community of users continues to grow, I know my business and our clients will have their websites in the best possible hands. Thanks Elegant Themes.

  15. Kurt M

    Kudos and attaboys to the support team. They are outstanding!

  16. Iciar

    Elegant Themes & Divi has played a fundamental role in my path to freelancing. From my communication career, I have been running my own business for two years and it is thanks to Divi I have had the tools to create wonderful websites for my clients. They grasp the difference and thanks to this, my project is growing steadily. 🙂 Thank you!

  17. Gille

    Divi is a very nice framework with lots of high level features. The only thing that is missing is a menu builder so we can really create custom menu’s natively. Good job to the team!

  18. Ian

    In 15 years of web design Divi is easily the best tool I’ve seen for building websites. If somebody asks to do something I just say yes knowing Divi can do it all. All my sites are done in Divi now, no exception.

    Thank you Guys.

  19. Andy Firth

    Divi changed the way we build websites at FUZZ UK Web Design. Clients need and want websites built exactly to what they visualise. The Divi theme and extensive features enable us to realise that vision for our clients.

    What is better is their continued development and growth towards their product and customers. We are so thankful for your dedication and hard work in continuing to improve the Divi ecosystem. Thanks

  20. Steve Perks

    I opened WordPress for the 1st time last May and quickly realised Divi was the way to go and bought the lifetime deal.

    Fast forward to now and I have a side hustle moving along nicely with clients under my belt, with a view to making it a full time business.

    I was a pro front end designer 20 years ago and couldn’t even dream of adding the functionality back then that WP & Divi makes possible.

    The new Divi features in the last few months have been almost dizzying to keep up with and very exciting.

    To say Divi has been life changing is not an exaggeration!

  21. Ravindra S Dhande

    Its a long journey with Elegant Themes. The first time i had seen this theme i knew it would be the most used by designers and individuals theme. Somehow i trusted and invested. Investment was too attractive. Lifetime membership with such a wonderful theme that made web design a art.

    From then i have saved a lot of times. Have very happy clients. In past 10 years its been really a magic wand for me. My business grew 10X times. Thanks to DIVI. Yes there were times of up and down but we all stayed with DIVI trusted The team. And yes they have always delivered the best of the best at right times when things were needed. Ecommerce websites now can be a art piece. We can do justice to all businesses as per their requirements. We can achieve what we want and mucj more with divi plugins from third party.

    It has changed my business my life.

    My wishes and gratitude with all team members of Elegant Theme who made this journey a smooth one.

    Wish you and all divi lovers best of the best luck. And looking forward for next ten years with 100X growth.

  22. photoMaldives

    I joined Elegant Themes the week that Divi 2.0 was launched, and never looked back!
    Thanks to Nick & his team, along with everyone in the ever-useful FB groups.

  23. Jim Fielden

    DIVI Rocks and I have hundreds of clients that agree… Keep up the amazing work!

  24. Andrew

    I have been a Divi user since 2016, I have definitely been enjoying the ride. I love how the folks at Elegant Themes keep making this theme (and this community) better and better. I have tried a few other page builders in the past, and I feel like I got the best deal with Elegant Themes. I love how they keep the busy freelancer/agency in mind. I really have been enjoying the journey. It’s also an encouragement to me to keep striving to do better and be better myself. Thank you Elegant Themes for all that you do. I look forward to what else you have in store for us!

  25. Neal

    I joined Elegant Themes even before Divi got released. Then I have watched this incredible theme, design tool grow and grow, into the brilliant website creation tool it is today.

    Huge gratitude to Nick and the whole team. Here’s to many more years …

  26. Jonas Aeschlimann

    I started using Divi in 2019 and with each website I created, I got to know this theme better and also learned to love it more and more.

    I was a little afraid, because with wordpress 5.9 now comes the fullsite editing and many have said that pagebuilder outside of gutenberg will be superfluous.

    i have to say i am not an absolute gutenberg expert but it will be a long time, if ever, before wordpress and gutenberg can do what divi can do, do you agree?

  27. Neil

    As long time users there’s lots of good stuff for sure but it would be good to have some additional explanation in relation to the claim:

    “It’s easy to build a Divi website that scores 100 on Google PageSpeed Desktop, 99 on Google PageSpeed Mobile and 100% on GTmetrix”

    Only for https://www.elegantthemes.com/preview/Divi/anniversary-2022/ I got:

    88 on Google PageSpeed Desktop, 45 on Google PageSpeed Mobile and 89% on GTmetrix

    (and the elegant themes mobile homepage doesn’t achieve great scores)


  28. Spencer Taylor

    As a freelance professional WordPress web designer and consultant, I have made Divi my primary design tool since 2015. The support for Divi through plugins, layouts, and articles is second to none. Plus, in my experience, Divi makes it possible to build the most beautiful and responsive websites for my clients.

    My favorite new feature is the Background Masks & Patterns because it allows me to create gorgeous sections of pages with an extremely small amount of data. You can accomplish blistering fast load times without sacrificing designability. I can’t wait to see what Elegant Themes has in store for the rest of the year!


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