Our 10 Year Journey

Empowering the web since 2008

It’s amazing to look back over the past 10 years and see just how far the Elegant Themes community has come. I am inspired every day by this huge, talented web design family that we are so lucky to be a part of. We put together a little timeline that shows our journey, but this is only part of the story. We want to hear from you too! Scroll down to the bottom to add your chapter ?

Nick Roach, Founder, Elegant Themes


Hello World!

Elegant Themes is born as a bit of an experiment by Nick when he created a single theme, BlueSky and put it up for sale in the classified section of various webmaster forums. Lo and behold, a few people actually bought it and he used that money to purchase a domain, hosting and a few banner ads for a new premium WordPress theme business. Elegant Themes would be different from other theme and template shops because it would focus on community and sell its products as part of a yearly membership. Nick would design and build 19 themes that year while studying Graphic Design in college.

Elegant Themes is founded.

elegantthemes.com is registered onto the World Wide Web.

1 employee

19 themes

1635 customers

3,370 new support posts

29 blog posts


Doubling Down

Elegant Themes hires its first employee, Yuriy, to help in the support forums. How did they meet? Nick sent a shout out on twitter to see if anyone wanted the job, Yuriy responded and the rest is history! Yuriy went on to become Elegant Themes’ lead developer and was the mastermind behind Divi 1.0 nearly 5 years later.

Perhaps the defining moment of 2009 was the creation of eBusiness, the first theme to offer a set of Theme Options that allowed you to customize the content on your homepage. This was a big change and the success of the theme signaled a major shift away from using WordPress as merely a blogging platform.

Together, Nick and Yuriy would answer nearly 15,000 support questions that year, but it became clear we needed more help, and fast.

Elegant Themes doubles in size with employee #1

elegantthemes.com gets a makeover

Theme options framework enters the scene

employees in 2 countries

28 themes

13,628 customers

27,298 new support posts

38 blog posts


We Might Be Onto Something

employees in 4 countries

62 themes & plugins

38,434 customers

95,613 new support posts

92 blog posts


Setting The Stage

The Elegant Themes team doubles in size and the community triples. This was the year where our focus began to shift away from building niche themes and towards creating themes that made customization easy for a wide range of websites. This was illustrated best by Chameleon, our first theme to offer substantial design customization options. This was long before the Theme Customizer was invented, so we housed these customization options in our new and improved Theme Options framework called ePanel.

Chameleon Theme launches and would be the most popular theme until 2014

Visual customizations join the party

12 employees in 5 countries

79 themes & plugins

91,058 customers

276,631 new support posts

139 blog posts



This was the year we created our very first plugin, The Elegant Builder. It’s the plugin that would set the stage for Divi and validate the great need for WordPress page builders in our community. Creating the Elegant Builder was a great learning experience for our team. As soon as we released it we started setting our ambitions on something even better.

100,000 Customers!

elegantthemes.com gets a second makeover

The Elegant Themes Page Builder plugin launches with a drag & drop interface

19 employees in 5 countries

89 themes & plugins

155,618 customers

413,725 new support posts

169 blog posts


A New Era

This was the year that changed everything. After 4 years of building a new theme almost every month, we decided to make a radical shift and stop theme production for over 6 months while the whole team focused on what would soon become the future of the company: Divi. After the release of Divi 1.0, it was clear that we were on to something big.

Divi 1.0 launches and steals the show

Elegant Themes establishes headquarters in San Francisco

200,000 customers

22 employees in 6 countries

88 themes & plugins

214,718 customers

579,135 new support posts

259 blog posts

Divi Changes the Game

The Most Powerful Theme We’ve Ever Built


Sharing Is Caring

Divi had quickly become the most popular theme in our collection, so popular that no one was using any of our other themes at all! We wanted to provide more value to our customers, but it was clear that building a bunch more themes was not the answer. So we set out to create a brand new product, Monarch, and put a whole year of work into launching Divi 2.0. We also started to put a lot of effort into the blog, providing daily resources to the community. Providing free resources to the wider WordPress community would soon become a cornerstone of the business. We wrote and published over 300 blog posts this year!

The Monarch Social Sharing Plugin launches

Divi 2.0 released with all new features

28 employees in 6 countries

91 themes & plugins

263,970 customers

617,396 new support posts

554 blog posts

Hello Divi 2.0

Divi 2.0 took Divi and made it bigger and better in every way. We added specialty sections and 12 new modules. We also added global module capability and greatly enhanced the Theme Customizer with new header options.


Themes, Plugins, Updates, Oh My!

As the Divi community continued to blossom, we strove to find more ways to connect with its members. The Divi Nation podcast was born and through countless conversations with Divi community members we became inspired in new and exciting ways. Not only did we continue our mission to make Divi better with the release of Divi 2.4, we also released a new magazine-style theme powered by the Divi Builder (Extra) and a new email marketing plugin (Bloom).

The Divi Nation Podcast takes flight

Divi 2.4 Gives Divi 1000’s of new design options

The Extra Magazine Theme Launches

The Bloom Email Optin plugin is released

31 employees in 7 countries

94 themes & plugins

317,784 customers

688,762 new support posts

919 blog posts

Extra Theme
Hot off the Press

After the success of Divi, we wanted to take the Divi Builder and extend it in new ways. This lead us to re-build the Divi framework and ultimately release a brand new Divi Builder powered theme called Extra. Extra allows userse to build custom category pages using a unique set of post-based modules.

Email Marketing for WordPress


What You See is What You Get

As the Divi community continued to grow, we geared up for a new and highly ambitious project: Divi 3.0. This included the Visual Builder that would lay the foundation for the future of Divi. This was also the first time in 8 years that the Elegant Themes team would all meet in person! Hard to believe, right? We spent an incredibly fun week in Berlin and came back home refreshed and inspired. We now host a company retreat every year.

100 Days of Divi Campaign

Divi 3.0 introduces Visual, Front-End Building

Berlin Trip

38 employees in 14 countries

94 themes & plugins

385,514 customers

756,503 new support posts

1326 blog posts


On Top of the world

Hot off the release of Divi 3.0, we continued to improve the Visual Builder and listen to feedback from our customers. This lead to 22 feature releases all focused on making the Visual Builder better, faster and easier to use. We grew our team substantially and focused on improving our internal workflows to increase efficiency and provide even more amazing value to the Divi community. This year, Divi would become the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world.

Divi becomes the #1 premium WordPress theme in the World

Our Community blossoms

elegantthemes.com gets a 3rd makeover

San Franicisco Trip

20 Divi Feature Updates

63 employees in 20 countries

94 themes & plugins

468,668 customers

879,183 new support posts

2021 blog posts


Just Getting started

The new year has only just begun, but we are already off to a great start. We hired a team of 7 new designers and launched the Divi Design Initiative. This is part of our goal to provide even more value to the community in the form of amazing Divi layouts and design resources. We want to re-embrace our company roots in design and provide valuable design resources along with our design tools. We have some other impressive stuff in the works too, but you will just have to wait to find out what they are!

Elegant Themes turns 10 years Old

The Divi Design Initiative reaches 200+ premade layouts

71 employees in 20 countries

94 themes & plugins

485,478 customers

4,527,775 total support posts

2159 blog posts

THANK YOU for an amazing decade.
Cheers to the next 10 Years!

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What’s Your Story?

Our story wouldn’t be anything without all of you. Share your stories and favorite moments over the past 10 years below!


  1. Nick

    Hey everyone! We would love to hear about your WordPress journey, and how the Elegant Themes and Divi community has affected you and your business. Add your chapter to the story here!

    • Glenda

      Congratulations guys, I absolutely love the fact you embraced remote employees right from the start, that’s as awesome as the rest of the story.

      I’ve been building websites since 2001 (remember Front Page anyone?) and ran an e-commerce and retail business for about 15 years, embracing various new-fangled technologies along the way. I used Chameleon for a while on my own art blog then bounced around a few themes looking for more control and more colour. I finally signed up for lifetime membership and now feel that I know Divi well enough to get exactly what I want every time.

      • Hubert

        Hi Glenda! I never used Front Page as Microsoft were quite bad in Web designing tools (remember Explorer from the beginning until today 😉

        At this time I used HotDog (remember?) then finaly Dreamweaver for 15 years. Fortunately, we have today CMS and… Divi for WP 😉

    • Darrel wilson

      Congrats nick. You guys really made it with hard work, I know because with the amount of users I get, I know how much work you just have put into your business it’s really commendable what you have done. Congrats on making the best WordPress theme in the world.

      I started with divi back in 2016 and knew it was awesome. Started with a dead YouTube and kept posting content, I really felt that my content was valuable even tho I got no viewers, it’s really easy to quit when you get no results for 5 months. But an ecommerce video I posted later gained some subs and the channel very slowly Grew from their.

      Again, congrats on the theme and business, it’s really remarkable what you’ve done for WordPress

    • Antonine B!

      Thank you so much Nick for your vision ten+ years ago and your team for making it a reality! Each new release always amazes me.

      Having built my first site in 1998 with GoLive to struggling through early WordPress…Divi saved my life.

      You Are The Best!

    • Roberto Renteria - Digital Strategiest and Blogger

      Thanks for sharing your growth process, very inspiring and number do not lie,
      Glad to be part of this amazing community.
      I always said Elegant Themes is second to none in WordPress space.

    • Bruno

      Since 2012 I have lived a succcesful Freelance life, now I’m launching my new marketing Agency, and Nick and Elegat Themes have been part of it, thank you so much!

      BTW Do you still play and sing? I liked your music too.

    • Geekcase

      Thanks for sharing this, amazing stuff!

      We are your customers and we love the Elegant Theme project.

      You do not have the PSD files of the images / background used in the theme?

  2. Stefan

    Dear Nick,
    Dear ET Theme Team,

    WOW – what an amazing story! I can truly say that Divi is the one and only wordpress theme for me since it was launched.
    I by myself started webdesign in 2012 with a couple of useless attempts on platforms as Joomla or Jimdo – but not comparable with Divi.

    The first website I built with Divi was a website for a bike store in Cologne in January 2014 and this was a great exeperience. For me and the customer. Since then – As I´m coming from the hotel industry working as Dir. E-Commerce for a large hotel company me and my team already built at least 100+ themes just with Divi and it´s amazing. Also in 2016 I started to build child themes, selling them out to the world. A very special honor to me were 2 mentions in your blog post for 2 of my themes as a good example 🙂 Thank you again!

    So in summary I can truly say that you guys rock the WordPress Business and with your help and your technology it was quite easy to drive my own business to success.

    So thank you very much again and keep going like that. YOU ARE AMAZING!!


  3. Rob Hobson

    Congratulations guys! Viva Elegant Themes!

    My journey started before Divi was born! At the time I was green, and still finding my way around WordPress and all that goes along with building a good website. When Divi launched I started tinkering but didn’t commit to it completely and still used random themes to get the job done then about three years ago I realised that the best strategy would be to commit to one theme and learn it inside out and Divi was that theme. I now only use Divi unless absolutely have to and have pretty much been able to build whatever gets thrown at me. I’ve even gone so far as to start blogging as I learn (divinotes.com – built with Extra).

    Well done Team ET! Keep up the good work.

  4. Giang

    Thanks! Divi changed my life…

  5. Mauro

    Congratulations for your evolutions, guys! This is awesome! I joined your community on March 2012 and my first theme was LeanBiz! Cheers and Happy Anniversary!!

  6. Zubair Beg

    Congratulations! I joined your community on March 2014 and my first theme was DailyJournal! Cheers and Happy Anniversary!

  7. Andrew Palmer

    Well, here is our story and it is without doubt a journey you have personally and professionally helped us with.

    March 2014 Divi Theme Users Group started – As of March 2018 27,000 + members

    February 2015 Elegantmarketplace.com launched with just 2 products – as of now over 600 child themes, Layouts and Plugins and nearly 40,000 customers.

    May 2017 Launched Layoutscloud.com – as of today over 3,000 members enjoy the Divi Cloud Plugin and growing everyday.

    Both our individual businesses have also benefited massively from being members of Elegant Themes – Divi is without doubt our favorite theme and you guys are our favorite Theme developers We are grateful to you for all you have brought to the WordPress Community and the DiviNation.

    Keep it up!

    Eileen and Andrew EMP and LayoutsCloud

  8. adam inlay


    It’s been a real honor to watch as you succeed and in turn your company provides me with the tools possible to succeed as well. I want to thank you for everything you have poured your heart into to create.

    From that odd guy that has met you a few times 😉

  9. David

    I discovered Elegant Themes sometime around 2009. Since the beginning of my membership I have used number of it’s themes and plugins. These themes can be very well adapted to specific projects in order to meet demanding requirements of my valued clients. Over the years Elegant Themes have created numerous themes of attractive and innovative designs and they continue to do so. Currently I attend to the maintenance of about thirty Divi sites for existing clients as well as creating web sites for the new ones.

    Congratulations Nick and entire team, keep up the good work.
    Thank you so much.

  10. Haider Al Waili

    Congratulations .. You made revolution in arabic wordpress design .. I developed my design skills with you

    I know what is power of wordpress with elegantthemes

  11. George


  12. Stephen

    The biggest change to my workflow with Divi was making quick, functional mockups to show clients. It really has saved me so many hours. The cost of Lifetime Membership seems like a steal after all that it has done for me!

  13. motylo

    Letter eaten and misplaced in: “Downlaod this Layou Templatet for FREE”
    I’m awful.

    Congratz BTW.

  14. Van

    Lovely to see the timeline and recount every major step. I’ve been following you guys since 2010 or 2011.. When I joined to check some of your themes.. I remember Chamaleon, but ai was more interested on simpler options.. After a while playing with different themes then came Divi.. World went upside down haha.. Congratulations on your anniversary and keep up the good job and changing the future of web design! ?

  15. Joseph Meyer

    It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be a web builder had I not learned about ET’s products, so thank you for providing me with the tools necessary to feed my family!

    Also, on a smaller note, the call to action button to download the layout template is misspelled; it should read, “Download this Layout Template for FREE” when it reads:

    “Download this Layou Templatet for FREE”

    All the best,

  16. Aravinda Dushan

    Hello Nick and the Team,
    Greetings from Sri Lanka.
    I’m glad that I found Divi and it elevated my service I provided to my clients.
    Love the content on your blog and knowledge base you guys have.

    Well done and Keep up the good work for many years to come.

  17. Tomasz Hanarz

    Congratulations for the 10 years and I wish more and more years!!!!!

  18. scwebbie

    I’ve been a member of the ET community for a number of years. And, this year, I used the EXTRA theme to build a site for a university class. It’s a news class for seniors in broadcast and print journalism. They’ve always had an online publication, but now, instead of paying thousands of dollars for a content management system, they use EXTRA. This might be a new marketing opportunity for you.

  19. Richard Ginn

    yeahhhhhhh….. 10 years!!!!

  20. Pere Rosales

    Congratulations team! You’re amazing, I’d just bought my lifetime access! Thanks for your work!!

  21. Michael

    Congratulations on the success and amazing journey! I’ve been an Elegant Themes user for a long time and was able to follow along with your timeline really well. It’s amazing how fast 10 years can go by! Elegant Themes, the community, and the team is a great source of inspiration and an excellent role model for aspiring businesses. Congratulations again, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck through 2018 and beyond!

  22. Gilbert

    Amazing story and growth. Congratulations.
    But it seems the number of employes is still growing while the ratio of “customer per employees” is falling ;-).

    Also the last Call for Action on this page seems to have been a bit rushed 😉
    (“Downlaod this Layou Templatet for FREE”)

  23. Boris

    Congrats on the 10 years !!! I started on Nimble and Foxy actually, long before Divi was born, for my 2 very first wordpress websites. Damn it seems like yesterday! I was still a student at that time, and I learned website design with your tools! Now Divi is part fo my daily routine, and I don’t what I’d do without it!

    Please never loose your drive and your soul, you’re an inspiration for a lot of people, keeping a delivery of free and amazing tools and design resources to new and former/lifetime clients alike!

    We love you !

  24. Aymen Tounsi

    Keep up the good work

  25. David

    I have to admit. I tried Divi when it first came out and used a number of themes after that. In 2016 I bit the bullet and bought a lifetime membership and have been using Divi exclusively since then. I’ve been able to customize it to do look and feel like almost any website that a client could want. Recently with the rollout of your new help system it has become a great go-to tool. I’m building websites exclusively with WordPress and Divi.

  26. David

    Thanks all! Divi, your tutorials, the new help system, the marketplace – it’s all great!

  27. George

    Amazing!!!! Elegant themes rules!!! thanks for your work and support!!!!

  28. Evelynne Stewart

    What you all have accomplished in a single decade is truly impressive! Nick, your story is one of true entrepreneurial spirit, and your dedication to providing quality service and indispensable tools to the WordPress community has proven to be a solid game plan. For beginners in the web-dev world like me, the Divi theme has been the best tool with which I could possibly have been equipped. Every new update gets me excited! Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with next! (Perhaps a 5 or 6-column row in the next release? Or nested rows? Who knows what you have up your sleeves?) Congratulations Elegant Themes!

  29. Alexander

    What a great story of a success! Congrats to all team and good luck in future endeavors. Member since 2010.

  30. Michele

    Great article – nice to see how things have changed since I first started using Elegant Themes in 2011. Chameleon was great at the time, but when Divi came out I gave it a try, and now ALL of the websites I develop are Divi. Flexible, powerful… Cool to hear that it’s the number 1 wordpress theme in the world

  31. Prabhaharan D

    Congrats! Really amazing to be a member of this community.

    Thanks for the wonderful job you all have been doing.

  32. Kevin

    10 years! What a milestone. I’m am so grateful for all of the hard work that has made Elegant Themes what it is. I started following along in 2010, bought my first theme in 2012 and have now run a full-service digital design studio in Portugal with Divi as the cornerstone. All because of Nick and his team. Congratulations!

  33. Seb


    Happy birthday from a satisfied customer since 04/01/2010.

    Cheers from France !

  34. Andrej

    My personal WordPress journey began in 2007 and I also remember seeing Nick selling his themes on the webmaster forums back in 2008. I always admired his designs and am now glad to be part of this great Divi family.

  35. Nadja

    Congratulations, ET team! Your journey deeply affected my journey and helped me to become a better designer and developer. Started with DeepFocus and became addicted on Divi.

    Your faithful community member since 2012

  36. Britt Phillips

    Congrats Divi and ET! I’ve been designing sites for many years. I’ve used several drag and drop builders and the one thing they all have in common (except Divi) is they were abandoned by the developers when conflicts came up. Everyday I am excited to see what new layout or update will be freely shared with members. Divi is awesome and I look forward to seeing it grow in 2018 and beyond.

  37. Tevya

    I remember building a sure on the Elegant Builder and thinking “this really has some potential. But it wasn’t polished enough, so I only used it on one project.

    So when Divi came out I was super excited to see how much better the builder worked. It didn’t take long before we completely switched from choosing a new theme for each new website, to building exclusively on Divi. We’re still doing that now.

    We’re excited for Divi 3.1 and hope the future brings global and page-level settings for all modules.

  38. Lio

    It’s really nice to see how much you can do and how much you did.
    BUT … I’m 70 years old, I’ve always worked on PCs, I get along well with graphics and I understand something about webdesign too.
    As you can understand English is not my language but for the umpteenth time I have to try to get you my request!
    Keep on not answering or saying it’s difficult, but your direct competitors have already solved the problem.
    Both Beaver Builder (with Themer) and Elementor with Anywhere Elementor Pro have faced and brilliantly found the solution.
    I started with you and followed you in these 18 months (since Divi 3 came out), I bought the lifetime license because I trusted you.
    But now I have seen that with DIvi I will not be able to rebuild my site (which is based on CPT) while with Beaver Builder or with Elementor I managed to do it (locally creating the templates for CPT and using Pod).
    I did it and it came beautifully.
    Only with my first choice and that is you, I cannot do what I want.
    And to say that for the rest, I work much better with Divi than with the competition: more fluent and simple, more intuitive, but without the solution for the CPT I, like many others, we will have thrown away our money and the trust we gave you.
    I will also be an old woman, I will also be a little stupid, but I do not understand.
    I have seen in the forum those who are asking you the same thing and, moreover, it seems to me a logical request.
    Then? when you finally solve this problem.
    Guys, I do not have much time left and I want to re-create my finally responsive website.
    I’m tired of being penalized by Google with the inscription “Your page is not mobile-friendly.” and see my site go from one hundred thousand visits a month to seventy thousand.
    My site is all that I have left and I want to fix it: please decide and solve the problem of CPTs and templates for CPTs.
    Thanks and congratulations for where you arrived 🙂

    • Josh

      Hi Lio, I don’t work for Elegant Themes, but hope this helps you in case you want to use Divi with CPT’s.

      Sean Barton at Tortoise IT sells a Divi plugin called CPT Layout Injector that may allow you to build what you need. It’s sold at Elegant Marketplace.

      Hope this helps!

      • Lio Saccocci

        Thanks so much Josh,
        I know CPT layout but, as well as Toolset Views from WP-Types, it works with shortcode and not in visual mode.
        With Elementor and Beaver Builder Themer is really easy and intuitive and I have really good result with amazing header with Ken Burns effect with slideshow and so on.
        But Josh, you were really kind to answer me.
        At least, I would like to know from the Divi team if I have to throw away my lifetime license and give up switching to other software.
        As I said my time is running out and I would like to finish my site.
        Please, RSP

    • Gary R

      Lio, I feel your pain. I also have nagged ET about CPT support and have on several occasions been assured by Nick or others that it’s coming soon. But, tomorrow never comes as they say. I also use Sean Barton’s CPT Layout injector with some success but this really should be built into Divi. I want to use Divi exclusively, but I am also looking into Beaver Builder for this very reason. Come on ET. A little love for CPT’s.

  39. Chathura

    Congratulations to Nick and all ET staff members. You guys have empowered many people over the years to start their own Divi web design business and quite their 9-5 day jobs. Some people have stated Divi addon shops which helped them to to generate consistent passive income. What you guys have created over the years is beautiful and exemplary. I hope many online business study you guys and follow your community empowerment path.

    Thanks for all you do from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  40. Cesar Lopez

    Felicidades “Nick & Team” Seguro que en los próximos 10 años llegáis al Top porque vais a un ritmo increible, soys ademas de inspiración un estímulo para much@s emprendedores.

  41. Marcel

    Cool to read your story Nick 🙂 I’m actually a new Divi user, since I built my first Divi website only a few months ago.

    I used to built my own WordPress themes, which I still do. My most popular theme is a modern styled theme, made to look like Avada. I used shortcodes to implement things like section background colors and multiple columns, which worked fine but offered quite limited possiblities and wasn’t the most user friendly option either.

    A few years ago, I worked on a client website who used Divi 2.0. That looked great, but it was quite a steep learning curve and I often cursed Divi 😛

    However, this was quite a big project, so after a while I got used to Divi and learned to appreciate it more and more. Then you guys launched Divi 3.0 and the Divi Builder plugin so I could use the Divi builder in my own designs and I was seriously doubting of getting a lifetime membership.

    Then I saw the Black Friday ad on Facebook, and at that discount I told myself “now or never” and I bought the lifetime membership in 2016. However, in 2016 and 2017, I didn’t really really use Divi. I did install Monarch on a few websites, and used the Divi builder plugin on 1 or 2 websites, but that’s it.

    Since the second half of 2017, I saw a few Facebook post with promising feature updates, and a few months ago I decided to built a complete website with the Divi theme. Since then, I built almost every website (including my own new website) using Divi 😀

    PS it’s been a while since the shape divider update (great feature btw), when can we expect more of those amazing features?

  42. Anton

    Fantastic, I enjoy using Divi everyday and it changed my business.

    BTW your last button has some typos: “Downlaod this Layou Templatet for FREE”

  43. Irishetcher

    I have been using Divi for nearly two years and it has transformed the design and quality of the sites I build. There are a number of great page builders available now but Divi excels and the development cycle used by the Elegant Themes team, with regular feature releases is impressive.

    There is a lot done, a lot more to do. Looking forward to what happens next!

    • Irishetcher

      PS. Having not see you about for the last number of weeks Nick, many of us were assuming that you were getting your hair done. By all accounts that’s what you were doing in preparation for the celebration (in between work on Divi 4 and battling the firestorm that is coming down the tracks in the form of Gutenbergagedon).

  44. Mohamed Awwad

    Congratulations for your evolutions, you are really one of the best in the market.
    Wish you more success and Best of luck

  45. Joan Margau

    Congratulations Elegant Themes. Well done. I joined Elegant Themes in 2011 and used the Chameleon Theme, the Vertex Theme, the Glider Theme… and then there was Divi. From the moment I set eyes on Divi I knew this was the future of website building no matter what your technical level. It was a dream come true. Using Divi isn’t complex, it complements a website.

    Happy Anniversary! But this is only the beginning of things because, well, Divi just keeps getting better. Thank you Nick Roach and the Elegant Themes Team for such excellent production.

  46. Ash

    Congratulations Nick and team, and I can’t be happier for you. I am a huge fan, my website calls Divi home and I am very proud of what you have achieved all these years.

    For three years now, my website has been changing from the basic Divi theme layout (and the changes happen to this day).

    I wouldn’t normally try such customizations but I do, just because I can make it happen due to Divi.

    Congratulations once again 🙂

  47. Don McGee

    Congratulations to Nick and the ET team! I joined ET back in 2009 when there were only a handful of themes available in the their catalog. Divi was a game changer and has been my “go to” theme since it rolled out. You guys do awesomely innovative work. Looking forward to the next 10 years! Thank you for all that you do!

  48. Noz

    Congratulations to Nick and the ET team!
    thank you for all the efforts, great work, and opportunities you’ve given us.

  49. Marshall

    Hi Nick,

    Greetings from India and congratulations on completing 10 amazing years.

    We at Elicus Technologies cannot think of anything other than Divi when it comes to selecting a theme for a website. Back in college, I used Elegant Themes for a small portion of my freelance work. But the launch of Divi changed things completely. We now use Divi for most of our projects and our clients loves it because they find it extremely easy to manage their site.

    A big thanks for being an inspiration and helping us make the web beautiful and also for featuring our plugin Divi blog extras on your site.

    Wish you and the entire Elegant Themes team a very successful journey ahead. Hope to see you in a WordCamp event in India soon 🙂


  50. Gus

    Divi completely chhanged the way i work. Every webdesigner i work with now start using Divi too. Divi would be the very best tool in the word if it gave option to design the header better as long as the blog part..; This give me hope each time a new version is released 🙂

  51. SK Mezanul Haque

    Congratulations Elegants Themes!! Happy Anniversary! I have been a member since 2013. Since then, I have used and tested almost all of your themes. It all changed when Divi came around which got me hooked up with it!

    Thank you Elegant Themes theme for everything.

  52. Dominic

    Congrats ET! Glad to be a part of the community. I’ve met and worked with so many fantastic developers and designers through the rich groups and forums.

    I forayed into web design after years as a graphic designer, and ET was my favorite theme store. It took me a year to take Divi seriously, largely because I didn’t understand the power and potential it offered. Once I knuckled down, and learned the structure and process, it exploded. I realized that I could take my favorite designs from around the web, and convert them into Divi layouts.

    Now, my team and I work exclusively with Divi, and the marketplaces of plugins and extensions offered by 3rd-party developers. I get the greatest satisfaction from creating elegant, clean, minimal and professional websites for myself and clients. Divi provides a base methodology, a design foundation that’s spacious, simple, and boilerplate. This ‘forces’ my design inspiration to be modern and readable.

    Divi truly is the only theme you’ll ever need. Any time you see something you like in another theme, or page builder, with a little CSS and time, you can recreate it.

    Divi for ever!

  53. Alexe

    I became a member of ET at 16 years old. I’m turning 25 next month. Crazy, isn’t it? At the time, I was building a few small sites for family friends to make some money. Years later, I use Divi to build landing pages for clients all the time. Thanks to Nick and the team for the amazing work.

  54. Elise Michaels

    Congrats, ET! I remember stumbling upon you way back in the day 2009/2010 when I was a Drupal builder, and being jealous of the great themes you offered…. and wishing I could use them. Fast forward 3 years when I switched to WP and remembered your designs. I have been with you now since before Divi 3.0 and am so appreciative of all the work your entire team has put in to offer such a great product. You help me rock!

  55. Michelle

    Happy birthday ET team. May you have many more successful decades and if you are ever in London then I am buying you all dinner 😀

    My story: Discovered Divi, fell in love, the rest is history 😉

    • Michele

      Congratulations to you too Michelle and thank you for your continuous “recipes”

  56. Craig Harffey

    Congratulations Nick and team.

    Started with you back in the day with Foxy and a few other themes and remember customisation being a game changer….as a non-dev it was brilliant to be able to adjust colours. Always impressed with the community and support.

    Drifted away for some time but having acquired a web agency a few years back ET again on my radar. Took a decision this year to niche down and Divi is our cornerstone tool as it allows our developers to design during build….very powerful and more rapid workflow.

    Keep up the great work

  57. Kjell Wullaert

    Hi guys, congratulations with the 10th anniversary !
    Have been a member since 2009 and haven’t used any other but ET themes since for client websites.
    2 Years ago I’ve put my freelance work on hold and started CandyThemes.com which is growing slowely but steadily. Since New Year 2018 I have also put my printing business on hold to focus 100% on growing Candy Themes. About 7500 people are using my Divi child themes and Picture, a simple free child theme has been downloaded over 3300 times.
    Thanks ET for this wonderful product called Divi and all the best for the next +10 years.

  58. Usha Patel

    Heartiest congrats to the Elegant Themes team.

  59. Victoria

    Congratulations!!! You guys are amazing!!! I’m grateful for all you provide to the web community. I started working in html back in 2003, went on to flash, and when I finally designed the sweetest website ever, my partner said there was one he liked better: one that credited Elegant Themes. This is how I discovered WordPress. I designed dozens of sites back in the day with a whole bunch of your different themes. I’ve watched you grow and I’m so impressed of all you’ve done: your vision, creativity, taste and of course, your excellent communication! Thank you! A toast to a great team!

  60. Maciej

    What an amazing journey! Happy birthday ET team 🙂 Congratulations and all the best for the next 10 years!

  61. Enrique Arreola

    Started just as a Graphic Designer with little knowledge on Building websites using WordPress….Said so, was looking for a theme that was beautiful and flexible and that would allow me to build beautiful sites with not much code knowledge, so stumbleupon DIVI back in 2014 (can’t believe it’s been 3 or so years since I first got it) All I can say it’s that I took the best Decision ever, I’ve built a whole Web Business Around it, It’s been so great that, Divi It’s for Life for me :), Happy Birthday Divi Team! Congratulations on creating an Amazing Product.

  62. Sebastian Nejfeld

    Congratulations to the entire team and community around the world. For me, after 20 years of work in Internet projects, DIVI has become the main tool for the implementation of the impossible! I love Mondays when something appears that I need. I like to surprise customers with solutions that I discover thanks to you. Thank you and best regards from Poland.

  63. Jack

    Congratulations Nick and the whole Elegant Themes team. I’m sure the next 10 years will be amazing as well. My dream started a couple years ago, and nowadays you guys contribute a great deal to it.

  64. Kathy Sing

    Nick, congratulations to you and your team on the huge success of Elegant Themes. It takes a single person to have an idea, but a village to make it all happen. Thanks for believing in Kenny Sing, not once, but twice (lol)! Have to say, being Kenny’s mom, I am very proud of him and thank you for allowing him to do what he loves. You all work so hard to make others look good. Thank you and CHEERS to the next 10!

  65. Chathura

    After going through all these comments I thought of sharing my own Elegant Themes story….
    I got my membership back in 2014 to build a LMS based education website. Since I was new to this whole WordPress thing I started to do research about best themes to use for the project. I narrowed down my search to two themes, Genesis and Divi. I decided to go with Divi because many people have suggested it is the most beginner friendly theme around. I got WPMUDEV annual membership (to use their Coursepress plugin) and ET lifetime membership in 2014 black friday sale.

    While I was building the site I noticed the sheer amount of information scattered around in web space about how to get the most of out of Divi. At that time Divi community groups are starting to get traction. There are so many helpful tips and knowledge bits passing around daily in these little communities. So I decided to build a Divi Solutions/Tutorials curation site call ‘Divi theme tutorials directory’ (divi.tutsdirectory.com). What special about this website is all submitted Divi tutorials are properly categorized based on topic it address. That makes lot of people’s Divi tutorial research so much easier. Now anyone can find Divi solutions without having to search extensively on Google.
    Then I created a little group call ‘Divi Theme Tutorials and Web Design Resources’ to share tips I curate in the site with Divi community in FB.

    Fast forward today, The site has grown to be one of the best resources about Divi/Extra theme. We also have more than 11k+ members in the group. I’m happy to say it is one of the most active Divi communities around with average more than 10 daily new posts about Divi.

    I continue to work on my other web projects but Elegant Themes will always have a special place in my heart for helping kick start my online solopreneurship journey.

  66. John Hooper

    Congrats guys! We hit our 10 year last year and it feels so good! Thanks for all the ongoing dedication to Making ET and Divi a Rockstar! 🙂

  67. Victor

    Congrats and keep the good work up!

  68. Murat

    Hi Nick and ElegantThemes team!

    I’m using your themes for more than 5 years and i must say that Divi changed a lot for me. It’s easy to use and the huge community helps a lot. Now i can create gorgeous websites without any knowledge in coding. So thanks for everything and good luck for the next ten years !

  69. Josh

    Congrats on 10 years Nick & Co.! You’re all wonderful examples that ingenuity & hard work can achieve great things. =)

  70. Daniel

    Congratulations DIvi/Elegant themes.

    On a side note,
    Whats the bonus for lifetime subscribers ? 🙂

  71. Bruno Bouyajdad

    It’s nice to read something like that and it demonstrates in an inspiring way what energy can unfold when many great people come together. Keep it up and much success for the next decade.


    Congrats the Elegant themes team,

    I am very happy to be a member of ET.

    It is so much value packed product and the blog is awesome.

    The blog has expanded so much so that, some of my searches for wordpress features are resulting into ET website.

    Congrats again and Thank you.

  73. Irishetcher

    Hi Chathura.

    Goood work with the tutorial site. I will add it to my bookmarks and use it for reference. And if I find any tips and tricks will pass them on.

    • Chathura

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I got several tutorial submission requests since the announcement. I will add them one by one. Earlier I implemented front end submission capability but had ro remove it due to constant spam submissions.
      If anyone of you like to submit your Divi solutions/resources to ‘Divi theme tutorials directory’ (https://divi.tutsdirectory.com/) then please reach out to me…

  74. Ania

    That is a really inspiring journey! Congratulations to Nick and the team – you’ve created something really remarkable! Thank you!

  75. Ashish Sahu

    Congratulations to Nick and Team Elegant!!!
    My best wishes are always with you… we usually say in INDIA “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost” 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  76. Michele

    Congratulations, you have changed the way I work, I have been using Divi for a few months, but I have been following you for many years, and finally you have convinced me. I will never leave this project, in fact, I decided to help Italian users by creating a community of tutorials and tips, soon online.

  77. Ross

    Congrats the Elegant themes team,
    (This Layout is really spectacular);)


    Aswome divi.. i love it ..

  79. David Vinueza

    Congratulation Elegant Themes! You guys are the best! Have been with you since 2010 aprox. remember how I use to implement Estore, Nova, Quadro, Glow into my projects. Now I use Divi all day long in all my sites and projects.Happy 10 year anniversary! <3

  80. Saksham Kumar

    Divi themes are just awesome. And I love your plugins also. Every site of mine have Bloom and Monarch. These plugins are amazing.

  81. Suhaib

    I help people in designing websites and when I took DIVI lifetime access for one month I had no such offer and I couldn’t use DIVI to design. But now in just last 40 days I have made 5+ websites in DIVI and every client of mine is happy 🙂

    Thank DIVI

  82. Abhishek Kumar

    10 Years’ Hard Work. Congratulations Wishing you many many more milestones… This is my first theme which I prefer most.

  83. Craig

    Congratulations on creating such an awesome business that has allowed thousands of your customers to create amazing websites. Watching the growth of Elegant Themes and the Divi community as a whole, especially since the launch of the industry changing Divi Theme, has been amazing. Here is to another 10 amazing years for Elegant themes !

  84. Somyot

    Congratulation Elegant Themes! really great theme. Wishing all the best luck to all staff team. Hope to join your party someday!

    • Somyot Sutprattanatawin

      I just upgraded my account to lifetime service to show off my impression to amazing service from Elegant themes. Thanks again for creating DIVI theme that is very easy to use. Hope Elegant Themes meet at top success in the future. Watching you grow up!

  85. Dhiraj Das

    Congratulations to Elegant Themes team! Amazing journey and some really useful products. Keep up teh great job.

  86. German

    The first time I encountered wordpress was back in 2012, and I couldn’t decide on weather to purchase Elegant Themes for my personal website, or another that was also very popular at the time (can’t remember the name), but I’m glad I went to Elegant Themes. I’ve been using it since then, and all my customers can’t feel happier with me.
    I’ve never ever used another theme company since 2012, thanks to the magic that these people at ET do… because that’s what it is… MAGICAL what they do.

  87. Weboldalkészítés Vállalkozásoknak

    I am also grateful for this TOP product. Divi saved for my company a huge amount of time, and i was almost always (99%) satisfied. For sure, nothing is perfect, but the tempo, how fast you improve Divi, is excellent. And also the attitude, as you solve any problems.. this is not all daily. THANK YOU! My story: I buyed Divi Lifetime license last year ~April, and since then I made 9 websites with this theme. In 2018 I continue my website design business complemented by SEO. Divi works better and better. Its fine. Thank you guys.

    Im from Hungary, so let me say this also with hungarian words too: Hálás vagyok a Diviért, rengeteg időt megspórolt már nekem ez a WordPress téma, és szerintem az egyik legjobb beruházásom volt tavaly április környékén. Azóta már kb. 9 weboldalam készült a Divi segítségével. A csapat sem mindennapi, bármilyen probléma felmerült, mindig segítettek a megoldásban. A Weboldalkészítés Vállalkozásoknak egyik alappillére ez a szoftver. Ritkán fogalmazok meg ilyet, de ők megérdemlik. Köszönöm a fejlesztőknek. Bognár Balázs

  88. Christian

    I’ve joined the E.T. family in 2014. Didn’t regret it for a second.

    May there be many more years to come!

  89. Jakub

    From yesterday I’m a new LIFETIME member ? Good job team

  90. TopBestXYZ

    Congratulations and best wishes ET!! We got a great success using your Extra theme. You guys are wonderful and our faith in you will bring us even better results. Thank you.

  91. Faiek

    I just started a year ago and I love Divi. Ur framework is great . Ur builder is awesome. But the best part is ur support and community

  92. Randy Brown

    I started a ministry website in 2009. After trying dozens of free themes were filled with ads and links I decided I wanted a premium theme. I did my research and came to the conclusion that Elegant Themes had everything I wanted. I joined in early 2010 and I’ve been a member ever since.

    I started my own full-time writing business in 2014. I had written for as long as I can remember and taken several writing courses in college. I felt that writing was my strength. I read an article on the ET blog by Brenda Barron about starting an online business. I contacted her to ask questions about writing. She was starting a writing team and asked if I was interested. I wrote on her team for a year before getting my own clients. I came to the ET blog, branched out into the Divi community, and I’ve been writing about Divi ever since for both ET and several of the Divi blogs in the community.

  93. Amor

    My mother told me about divi and I found in love with it, I have built my lifecoaching website in Italian (www.amorben.es/ottimizzatrice) and I’m preparing my languages lovers blog (www.amorben.es/clblog) it’s amazing!
    And I personalize everything with the help of the web tutorials and the magnific support.
    Thanks for everything…

  94. Rob Corbett

    Love the tools, love the themes, love the community. Congratulations on a real success story.

  95. Ralf Meischner

    I worked with WordPress for a bunch of years but first encountered Divi in the beginning of 2016. I did not like it and choosed different themes to work with. After 2 more years of following your improvement I decided to become a member and to make my biggest project ever with Divi. I hope I get it done like I want to have it.
    So cheers on your 10. anniversary and hopefully many more years to come.

  96. Paula B

    I have used Divi for 3 years and it has grown my business in remarkable ways. Thank you for building this and I am happy to be a part of this journey !!

  97. Stefano

    Congratulations for the 10 years! Divi is the best theme, good job.?

  98. Jonathan

    What an amazing journey! I have only been building on divi for the past 5 years! Love the product and would never use anything else!

  99. Leatrice Pedroso

    Congrats… It’s a wonderful way to be with us. I really love work with this team. Thanks a lot for everything… lots of love for you…

  100. Alex C.

    I started in Notepad, saving files as .html, moved to Front Page then Dreamweaver, After that I was introduced to Joomla and Drupal, Then I enlisted in the Marine Corps for 4 years, did 3 tours, came back and WordPress changed my civilian life! I have been designing websites since 2001, but professionally, money making websites since 2010. Thank you Nick and ET for helping me supplement my families income and do something i truly enjoy and love!

  101. Kim Pullen

    In 2013, I was completely green and stumbling around in the dark with simple WordPress themes. I jumped on-board the Elegant train at Divi’s inception and have never looked back.

    As a full-time mom, entrepreneur, and self-taught website creator, Divi gave me the tools (and the confidence!) to build my own beautiful websites to support my fitness and writing businesses. Your customer support is, hands-down, the best in the industry. It is so obvious you genuinely care about the community you have built.

    Thank you!

  102. Eduardo Alfaro

    I do not remember how i got to reach divi really about 2 or 3 years ago. I work with it everyday and for my clients. Have to say, congrats on such a great product and all is around Divi, the community is the best. Hurry because Elementor is running fast. will continue work with Divi hopefully for a long time. We really need you to create like a Marketplace for themes, layouts and sections.
    congrats on everything Divi. thanks

  103. Stephen

    As a startup, my company benefited from this incredible easy to use platform. The fact that it still is trying to improve itself in user experience is just off the chart. Only complaint is that I tried for some couple hours to learn how to do box shadowing, but after a couple months, this because a default feature. Wish Elegant Themes catches up on my ideas before I implement another one, so I will have that function there ready for me to use. I love Elegant Themes.

  104. Shannon

    Happy 10 year anniversary ET team! I recommend Divi to everyone I know. Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  105. jake carvey

    It’s been such a pleasure to see this grow and be part of it. I have preached the concept of frameworks over things for years – Divi opened up so many awesome possibilities when it finally matured.

  106. Barbara Holland

    Congratulations!!! My business is also celebrating 10 years this month, and for the past couple years I’ve built great websites using Divi! I love it and my clients love it too!

  107. Roberto Villela

    Using Divi for a long time, and I feel like I have a new toy on each new big update…
    Thanks Elegant Themes and all team for all hard work!

  108. Richard

    Do you accept PayPal

  109. William Hitchcock

    It would be helpful if it were easier for members to navigate the site. Not very intuitive, action buttons poorly placed, no search for products, too many ads. Ironic.

    Hire an IA consultant and watch your results soar.

    Otherwise, great product!

  110. Stella

    Divi, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Seriously, I love this theme (and Monarch and Bloom. I am just beginning to fiddle with Extra) and the entire ET team. Support is awesome.

    I signed up for a one year membership at first and then upgraded to lifetime when it ended. I am at a point where I am reluctant to work on a client website if they either don’t already use Divi or are not willing to make the switch.

    Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary and here’s wishing you many more happy ones!

  111. Gala

    Congrats!!! YourYo awesome Guys, Divi is amazing 🙂

  112. Lo

    Congratulations DIVI team! I discoverd DIVI 1 year ago, didn’t know/understand anything 🙂 So I’ve learned a lot, I love DIVI. Thanks a lot and keep up doing the good work!

  113. Alexandru Dinu

    My WordPress love story started with Divi.
    After playing with various themes and an offline installation of WordPress for about one year, I finally found Divi and I fallen in love. Initially, I wanted to create a Blog with Divi, but on the way, I realized that I love designing so much that I could spend hours learning and doing things, without ever getting bored, and Divi is simply skyrocketing all of it.
    Since I use Divi, I also tried in parallel some other major page builders, but in the end the flexibility and the design power that Divi brings, made me realize I need no other builder!
    No matter what I tried, I realized it is always easier, fun and the result is more amazing with Divi.

    Also, designing with Divi, give me a lot of extra time to dive deeper into SEO, Digital Marketing, and more. Now after I saw all the great features that came in the past months, I am confident I need no other theme.
    Congratulations and keep the good work we all love!

  114. David

    Divi is my Go-To theme when I need to get something done fast, that looks good and will pretty much deliver straight-away. Many congratulations on 10 years guys. Well done!

  115. Pedro Llinas

    Gracias por haber desarrollado un tema tan bueno como Divi y mejorarlo día a día.

  116. Lutaaya Shafiq

    Let me get to speed and I get started with Divi, I’ve been seeing their Google Ads on websites,
    I have gained much from these comments , testimonies, and recommendations.

    Thank you Elegant Themes

  117. Gerolf

    Congrats and all the best for the next 10 years.
    We’ve been working with Divi since 01-2015 and became more and more fans of it.
    >10 website projects use it (from tiny to bigger sites) and there will be new ones this year… we love it! Thanks a lot for your awesome work and the fantastic support!

  118. Dr Erik JOHNSON

    Congrats on ten years, a lot happens in life huh? The distance in age between twenty and thirty years old holds a lot of changes for a guy, and ten years is an ‘era’ in a business. Elegant Themes isn’t sitting still. It’s exciting watching the creative and technological web building envelope being expanded by this company. Fascinated to see what’s next. Lifetime member, Dr Erik Johnson

  119. Jeff Berry

    Nick, I want to give you my sincere thanks for building Divi. After the crash of 2016 and losing a family member, we started 2 businesses in the Palm Springs area. Very hard work, and not much pay. At my Certified Pool Operator class, I asked the teacher how he made his website. He said he used WordPress, so I checked it out. I made a few themes prior with coding “HTML Doctype, I think you know how it went. I started with iThemes and tried Genesis and found both quite limited. When I first saw your themes, I sensed the great design aesthetic you and your team had (and I don’t have) so I bought a lifetime membership on March 18, 2015. When I saw Divi, I cried for the beauty of it, and it’s like a lover I cannot leave. I promoted 2 businesses with Divi sites, and have gone onto build excaliburwebsites.com, my flagship site, but have actually gone on to take a regular job. I know there are competitors, but you were smart to add the layouts with Kenny recently. I set up dronesofmonterey.com in about 30 minutes. I will always be thankful to you and Kenny and Mitch. Best always, Jeff Berry

  120. Kristoffer Palm

    I love your theme, and I think it is the best framework you can find.
    Keep up the good work!

  121. Randy Martin

    In January of 2104 I joined ET on a yearly basis. It was my first venture into creating in wordpress. after a few weeks, I asked if I could go lifetime by paying the additional cost above my already invested one-year fee. You all said yes and I did and it was the BEST thing I could have ever done. At nearly 73, I am building sites pro bono for non-profits and I won my first-ever web design award for hernandoveteransparade. So, I thank you all. Congrats!

    To the future!

  122. Matthew

    Hey congratulations everyone! You guys and gals make us awesome, without ET and Divi the web in general would be a sadder place. Here’s to 10 more!


  123. Vicente Barreto

    Sensational, best theme for wordpress, I’m a fan.

  124. philippe lacoste

    My life definitely changed since DIVI.
    I was a beginner last, and due to your fantastic theme, I do a good work.
    Happy Birthday,

  125. Santanu

    Congrats and I hope to touch more success. Divi is the revolutionary product and it will concur more success.


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