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As Product Designer, you will be tasked with designing new WordPress themes and plugins as well as the user interfaces that power them. You may also design product marketing assets, image assets for our website, or assist in the design of the Elegant Themes brand and the brand of our various software properties.

We are a design driven company and we hold on tightly to our design-driven values. From the websites that our products power, to the user interfaces that control them, we set ourselves apart by crafting experiences built on a strong sense of human intuition and aesthetic excellence. We hold elegance at our core. It’s in our name, it’s in our nature, and we are looking for a Product Designer that can build upon our values of simplicity and beauty to create a suite of products that make the internet a more wonderful place.

This position is for someone who has a true passion for design. If you have found yourself lost in Photoshop until all hours of the night, we might have something in common. If you get overly excited when you discover a new Illustrator hotkey, we hope to share your glee. If you find yourself wasting way too much time on Dribbble, don't worry we approve. Calling all design nerds, we want YOU!

This is a full time position available to on-site employees. Employment includes full benefits, paid vacation, a competitive salary and unlimited espresso brewed from our Rocket Cellini Premium Plus v2!


  • Create easy-to-understand and well-documented designs in Photoshop and Illustrator to be developed by our dev team in the form of WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Conceptualize and design the user interface of internet software with a focus on creating simple and intuitive experiences for our customers.
  • Create promotional material and marketing material for use on our website and others.

Required Experience / Traits

  • An understanding of the structural elements of a website at the code level.
  • Ability to be creative and contribute based on your own merit.
  • Ability to function within a small team and startup atmosphere.
  • Experience designing websites or WordPress themes in the past.
  • Ability to quickly mock up ideas in a way that others can understand.
  • A passion for elegance and simplicity.

Required Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Bonus Qualifications

  • CSS Experience
  • HTML Experience
  • Javascript Experience
  • Adobe After Effects Experience

Life At Elegant Themes

We work in a beautiful, light-filled room in the heart of SOMA in San Francisco. Our office is packed with the best equipment you could hope for, and filled with a fun-loving atmosphere. If you happen to live in San Francisco, working with our small team is a lot of fun.

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Competitive Salary

At Elegant Themes you will enjoy a competitive salary with room for growth, but that's just one part of what makes working at Elegant Themes great.

401k + Matching

We are invested in your future, and we offer all full time employees the opportunity to take part in our 401k program, including company matching.

Health & Dental

Don't sweat it! As an Elegant Themes employee, you will have your health and dental needs taken care of through our Kaiser Permanente group health plan.

Targeted Bonuses

At Elegant Themes, when the company is doing well, everyone is doing well. Year-end bonuses are a part of the job, and they get even better when we reach our goals!

Paid Vacation

We believe in working hard, but we also believe in life-work balance. All employees start off with paid vacation, and you get more days each year you work with us.

Friday Company Lunches

Every Friday is our favorite time to splurge on the delicious food that surrounds our San Francisco office. Don't worry, Elegant Themes will pick up the tab for your Bacon Bacon Burrito.

Monthly Outings

We like do a little something fun each month, such as taking off work early for a movie night and a beer at City Beer Store. Plus ones are always welcome!

Free Snacks & Beverages

Our CEO is a snack fanatic, and we like to keep the place stocked with delicious (and healthy) treats. Tell us your vice and we'll keep it in the cupboards.

Company Parties

We love any excuse to celebrate, and Christmas is always a special occasion. Our company dinner at AQ and after-dinner drinks at Bourbon and Branch last year was a blast.

Company Trips

We are a mostly remote team, and each year we like to coordinate a company trip that brings the team together for a little fun and bonding. Good times, good times.

Product Designer

Help Us Build The Most Beautiful WordPress Products On The Web

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