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As a Staff Writer for Elegant Themes your main responsibility will be writing Divi articles for our official documentation and creating the graphic and video assets to go along with them. In times when all of our documentation is up-to-date you will also be responsible for writing Divi articles for the blog and/or helping with other specialized Divi tasks--such as building Divi freebies designed by our design team.

As a company our closest held core value is Elegance. It's in our name, we strive for it in our products, and we want our content to embody it as well. To us, this means written copy that is clear and concise–yet also friendly and enjoyable to read. This applies to our documentation as much as our blog posts or other content. The ideal candidate for this position will be able to do that with both simple and technical topics related to the Divi WordPress Theme.

This is a full-time remote position. Employment includes full benefits, paid vacation, a competitive salary, and participation in our annual company retreat.


  • Writing articles for the official Divi Documentation
  • Creating the accompanying graphics and video elements for those documents
  • Helping with Divi blog posts and Divi design freebies

Required Experience

  • A passion for the written word and clear communication
  • Ability to understand and adjust to editorial notes
  • You must be driven to hit deadlines
  • Ability to function within a small distributed team and startup atmosphere
  • A deep understanding of the Divi WordPress Theme and how it's used by our customers

Required Skills

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Intermediate to Advanced WordPress User
  • Deep knowledge of Divi
  • Proficient with Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana, and Slack
  • Proficient knowledge of layout, typography, color theory, and imagery specifically on the web
  • A keen eye for representing complex ideas with simple visual graphics

Bonus Qualifications

  • Audio/Video Recording and Editing Experience
  • Intermediate to Advanced Creative Software User (Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, etc.)
  • 3-5 Years Web Design Experience
  • Coding Experience

Meet Some Of Our Team

Elegant Themes wouldn't exist without the amazing team behind it. We are a remote team with over 80 employees from around the world! We take pride in our diversity and modern remote working environment.

Nick Roach

Nick Roach

Founder & CEO

Nick made his first website in 7th grade to promote his middle school band. Suffice it to say the band never made it big, but his obsession with the internet is still going strong!

Mitch Skolnik

Mitch Skolnik

Director of Operations

Mitch is the man that keeps things running smoothly. When he's not finding new ways to make our customers happy, he is probably nerding out on his latest music obsession.

Yuriy Portnykh

Yuriy Portnykh

Lead Developer

Elegant Themes Employee #1, Yuriy an incredibly talented developer and the mastermind behind Divi and our other cutting edge products. He loves to play guitar and hates coffee.

Fikri Rasyid

Fikri Rasyid


A recent addition to the team and a new father, Fikri is a talented WordPress developer hailing from Indonesia. He is also the undisputed ET speed typing champion.

Josh Ronk

Josh Ronk

Senior Developer

Josh brings a wide breadth of back-end development experience to the Elegant Themes team, and is currently leading the charge on our upcoming theme Extra. It's going to be amazing!.

Nathan B. Weller

Nathan B. Weller

Content Manager

Nathan manages our content strategy and is charge of creating wonderful Divi and WordPress content every day on our blog and throughout social media..

Perks & Benefits

Competitive Salary

At Elegant Themes you will enjoy a competitive salary with room for growth, but that's just one part of what makes working at Elegant Themes great.

Health & Dental

Don't sweat it! As an Elegant Themes employee, you will have your health and dental needs taken care of through our Kaiser Permanente group health plan.

Paid Vacation

We believe in working hard, but we also believe in life-work balance. All employees start off with paid vacation, and you get more days each year you work with us.

Company Parties

We love any excuse to celebrate, and holiday season is always a special occasion. Our company dinner at AQ and after-dinner drinks at Bourbon and Branch last year was a blast.

401k + Matching

We are invested in your future. We offer all full-time employees the opportunity to take part in our 401k program, including generous company matching.

Targeted Bonuses

At Elegant Themes, when the company is doing well, everyone is doing well. Year-end bonuses are a part of the job, and they get even better when we reach our goals!

Friday Company Lunches

Every Friday is our favorite time to splurge on the delicious food that surrounds our San Francisco office. Don't worry, Elegant Themes will pick up the tab for your Bacon Bacon Burrito.

Free Snacks & Beverages

Our CEO is a snack fanatic, and we like to keep the place stocked with delicious (and healthy) treats. Tell us your vice and we'll keep it in the cupboards.

Company Trips

Even though we're a remote company we still understand the value of meeting in person. That's why each year we come together in a single location to work and play together for a full week. Past locations have included Berlin, San Francisco, and Barcelona.

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