New Theme: Nova

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New Theme: Nova

Nova is a sharp, simplistic design that makes for an intuitive user experience. Nova’s biggest strength is its homepage, which allows you to organize your content into two areas. The Featured Slider is perhaps the most versatile slider we have built, and comes with multiple slider variations that breath new life into the design. Furthermore, we have integrated additional settings into WordPress to allow for the complete customization of each element. Now you have full control over your slider/tabs, and can edit the title, tagline, button text, destination URL, thumbnail and or video (independent of the actual content of the post/page that powers the particular slide). Nova comes with a fully-function blog and gallery section as well, making Nova the complete solution for your business.

Nova Features

1. Gallery Tab – Nova comes with an easy to use gallery feature. Not only can this be used to create a separate image gallery on your website, but this gallery can also be added to your homepage within the tabbed area below the text editor.

2. Multiple Slider Variations – Nova is our first theme to feature a versatile slider with multiple slide variations. You can choose how your slide is aligned (Left, Right or Center). The slider supports, Image, Video as well as Media-free slides. You can also switch between bordered/borderless images.

3. Full-feature Blog Section – While the homepage is page-based, the theme also comes with a fully function blog section. You can also enable BlogStyle mode if you would like to replace the current homepage content with a more traditional blog feed.

4. Custom Write Panels Make It Easy – To make setting up things like the homepage slider and tabbed content area easier, we have added new settings panels to your posts/pages. These settings allow you to customize every part of your slide or tab, including the title, taglines, button text, thumbnail image, and destination URL of the read more button.

5. Six Unique Colorschemes – Nova comes in six different colors, including White, Black, Blue, Red, Purple and Green. You can switch between colorschemes at any time from within the ePanel Theme Options page.

I think the theme turned out great, and I am excited to hear your thoughts. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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  1. I wanna know about the ‘Event’ theme.
    When will be released?

    • upvote

    • LOL! I’m with Filipe =)

      Amazing job as always Nick! This theme combines the best of some previous releases!

    • No answer?

  2. Wow Amazing

  3. I really like this one. The slider is awesome. (:

  4. I really like the look of this – especially with the colour choices!

  5. Hi, I have been waiting for the Event theme as I need it urgently? When is it going to be released?

    • It will be the next theme release, though I am not sure when exactly it will be finished. Creating the calendar system will be challenging 🙂

  6. I was waiting for this template since its announced Very awesome work

  7. Love it! Your guys truly are the best. I don’t know of any other theme designers as talented and exceptional as you. Your themes are so original.

    • Thanks! The kind words are appreciated.

  8. Really great work, Nick. I love the custom slide panel option.

    This is prefect for a site I hope to start soon.

    Wishing you and your family a safe & happy Christmas 🙂

  9. Very nice stuff!

  10. Thanks! I have been looking at this theme for a while; I’ve been planning to install on one of my sites. Thanks for the perfect work, as always.

    • Glad to hear it. I hope it works out well for you!

  11. fantastic, happy to be your fan

  12. Amazing!

  13. LOVE it! Thanks Nick!

  14. Just wondering, how hard would it be to convert this to a “one-page” theme, whether vertical or horizontal?

    “Hard,” that is, in terms of how expensive might it be to get a freelancer to do that? Is it major surgery?

    Very nice work.

  15. Downloading…

  16. so elegant and so amazing, like it

  17. Congrats on the new theme, it’s beautiful.

    I have sent you an email, to support acc as you asked, please let me know if you received it cause I’m kinda biting my nails.


  18. are you magician or what? The quality that you gives in your themes are simply unmatched. your club access is worth every cent that I have paid to you.

  19. Awesome theme, I’ll definitely be using this on my freelancing portfolio!

  20. Great theme, love it.

    Hopefully now this is released someone will also start answering support questions in the forums again 🙁

  21. wow great theme….

    we are waiting…

  22. Thank you for listening to my ideas on the comment triangles pointing to the avatars and a nice rounded-corners outline. Definitely an improvement from previous theme styles.

    Love the organized look of the blog as well, with borders around the date/comment/author/etc. And of course, everything else is really quite original and unique. Great job!

    May I suggest that you stick a View Demo link somewhere in this post. Us readers have grown so used to its convenience that it’s hard to adapt to clicking on the images and then clicking once more on the Live Preview button. 😛 Just saying!

  23. Really smooth theme, nice work (again). I just love all your themes. Keep up the good work!

    One small thing, I think the full width pages are to hard to read. I know its optional, to use that masterpage.

  24. Best slider ever! Wonder if it will be included in other themes (I use Professional)…

  25. Great job!

  26. This one is really nice. I can really see your progression. So many nice themes I want to make more sites so I can use them.

  27. Nice one guys! This will be the one for my own homepage , i really love it!

  28. This is a nice design but I feel like all you did was take bits and pieces of other designs and threw it into this. Not to be rude but it feels like a release for the sake of releasing something on time.

  29. Nick – Dang! This is a cool looking theme 😉
    I think I might be using this one to redo my site – rockin’!

    Keep up the good work!

  30. Just wondering…

    How hard would it be to convert this to a “one-page” theme, whether vertical or horizontal?

    Would it be categorized as expensive, major surgery?


    • It wouldn’t be hard at all, just a bit time consuming. I say this because the theme is pretty much already a one page design.

  31. Another well done theme Nick.

    I noticed one small bug on my quick look.

    When you launch the VIMEO video inside of the slider(slide #4) the slider does not pause. So after a few seconds the slider advances back to slide #1 and you can no longer see the video (you can still hear it but visually slide #4 has lost focus).

    Small issue but just thought I would flag it.

    • I have noticed this same issue. I have gotten around it by turning off the option for the slides to automatically advance, but it would be nice to have this bug fixed.

  32. On the content protection element, your copy states that the content will not be available to the visitor until they are logged into WordPress. ???

    You meant logged into my site, right?

  33. Can ET staff start working the forums again ? There’s been virtually no support at all in the past four days.

  34. Can not find the fonts used in the logo. Help me find, please.

  35. I like the clean, elegant look of you r themes.

  36. Lovable theme & it looks great. I really love the layout, clear design & the simple colors which makes its look as catchy. Thank you for share this cute & lovely theme.

  37. this is awesome themes..i will try this on my own..thanks for sharing this themes..

  38. This is just what I was looking for to use on feeder sites. Customizing the slider link is perfect for using RSS to post from the main site and then linking from the feeder to the main. Love it.

  39. Really great theme.
    Will it still work when wordpress 3.1 will be released, or better i would really like to see a V2.0 version with gallery options that work on pages instead of blog files.

  40. Great theme.
    This is one that I would consider using.

    Themes just get better and better.

  41. This is simply fantastic

  42. thank you for more themes that have the site name/logo on the same level as the navigation

  43. This is an amazing theme.

  44. The script you use to generate image titles from text does not support Russian characters

  45. is not working ie6.haha 🙂 theme is fucked

  46. Hi Nick or anybody who can answer.

    I’d like ti use Nova, but need to do some adjustments to make it work for a specific purpose. Please tell me if this is possible.

    1. I want to use the theme to just present videos on four separate pages. I don’t think I’ll need normal navigation. Can it be eliminated?

    2. Re: navigation, can large tabs or buttons or something be placed above each video, so the visitor can click on each in succession, as I voice my instructions to them on the video?

    3. On the last page I will have a video and want a contact form that will include name, e-mail, phone number, City/state/country, and best time to call. Is that a big coding job or can it be done with contact form tools within Nova?

    Is this a huge job to do this stuff? I’m not a coder. It all needs to be done this week.

    Hope you can help.


    • Hope somebody can answer this soon. Time is running out.

      You can’t contact anyone here directly, and can’t post to the forum unless you’re already a customer. So, posting in the blog comments is the only way left.

      I’d like to give Elegant Themes a try, but I’m concerned about the difficulty in communicating.


      • no need to worry about communication: ElegantThemes is great!

        • Kris,

          I like their design work; just need specific questions answered. Thanks.

  47. looks great!

  48. I am trying to use this theme for a new blog I am creating, but it seems that something is not working properly.

    For instance, just after installing the about section appears somehow conflicting with the slider (which is empty). I played a little changing settings, but I get strange results.

    Having said that, if I can make it to work, this is a great theme.

  49. Hi,
    I am trying to connect to the support forum but it is impossible. When I click on it, I get automatically disconnected (I tried with Firefox, safari, ie…)

  50. Perfect just what I was looking for, love your work. Always very very impressed.

    Thank you

  51. Nice theme!

    You have some display errors on Ubuntu Firefox (Login form, In short codes page – tabs are not displaying correctly)

    Keep up the good work!

  52. I am not member, yet of Elegantthemes as I am setting up with Paypal.

    I really like this theme too much and want to have for my weblog.
    I didn’t found themes for other things like PHPBB3.

    I want to setup WordPress Blog and PHPBB3 forum.
    And need same theme interface for both.

    Is it possible for you to have such same theme created for PHPBB3 so I can use/setup NOVA theme for both Workpress and PHPBB3.

    Just a curious query.

    Thanks a lot for very hard work done.

  53. This is one of the best & neat template I’ve seen so far…I was wondering do we need to pay extra money for the plugins or its all in the one price tag?

  54. you really screwed up the options panel on this one with the “#”tags

  55. I have problems with russian lang. Asked in eleg.themes forum.. no answer(((

  56. Hi, i almost bought this theme but i see some css layout problems on the Login form, on mac/ff and safari. Let me know if it gets fixed.

  57. Nice themes, Perfect for blogging. I’m a get one, thanks….

  58. What are the pixel dimensions for images on the slider?

    Love the theme! Thanks!

  59. I can’t get the homepage tab option to work. I’ve even tried to click homepage tab under the text editor

  60. I am completely lost trying to get this page configured. I have installed the theme, changed the logo (not really) and for the life of me cannot get the sub-nav bar on the middle of the page to display!

    This is my first WordPress site, do I have to hire someone to finish this, or am I just SLOW!

    • If you could please open a thread in the supports forums we would be happy to assist you.

  61. Hi, is this possible to replace cufon for the other one? I need polish signs like ą, ę, ż, ź, ć, ń, ó in it. Could you tell me, how i can do that? (sorry for my english).


  62. Hi how can i make the slider appear on every page and not just the landing page? Thanks

  63. I cannot seem to post anything on the forum 🙁

  64. Hello,

    Great work on that theme!

    How can I deal with the following problem:

    Cyrillic letters are not showing up in the slider title and description, footer titles, headings. They do show in every other text like menus, body text etc.

    I have heard that it might have something to do with cufon but I have no idea how I can fix it.

    Please help.

    Best regards,

  65. Having somme problems and in need of a quick fix! It seems like java isn’t working properly. On the Nove theme, in the epanel all the options are on one page their not hidden. And on a page when i try to modify the page attributes template, i do not get the theme options. My initial intent is to use the multiple slider variations. Thanks in advanced!

    • Please open a thread in the support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

    • Over all everything is perfect but slider is simply awesome.Thumbs up for nova theme.

  66. Hi.

    I’ve found a very annoying bug involving slider + IE8 + cufon… 🙁

    To fix it:

    == style.css ==
    .js #featured .container { /*visibility: hidden;*/ }


    .js #featured .container { visibility: none; }

    Root cause:

    #9) My Cufónized text is completely hidden in Internet Explorer 8

    This is a bug in Internet Explorer 8. If you have visibility: hidden set on an element that contains Cufónized text you will likely encounter this bug. The bug only occurs if the visibility property is set before Cufón has actually done anything yet.

    Best regards,


  67. how to add rel=”NOFOLLOW” under the button it doesn’t work , how can i nofollow my pages also

  68. How can i remove “website” in comment form..???? please help

  69. Hi,
    I’ve configured it on local host and when Uploaded it to server the images of featured sliders refused to be displayed….i tried each and every option, even added new featured sliders but images are not shown but just a link…….. so elegant theme has thid bug? or what? plz comment

  70. Hi Nick,
    The Background Color seems to change only the bottom half of the page on Nova. Am I doing something wrong?

  71. i agree, very cool theme but one thing only… pls… how can i change the 2 pictures in the feature slider…?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  72. Hi Guys,
    Does anybody have an idea on how I can enable a full picture for the featured slider?

    According to the Nova Theme readme, it’s states that there are 5 choices available, but mine only has 4.

    Options are:
    1. Image/Video on the left
    2. Png image on the left
    3. Image/video on the right
    4. Description only

    Is there suppose to be Image only option too?

    I’m currently using Nova Theme 3.3 and WordPress 3.5.

    Thanks in advance.

  73. I`m working with Nova theme, and I don´t found the way to make a gallery page. Need I a special plugin?. Thanks for your help!!! and sorry for “my english”, I am from Spain. And now in spanish:
    Estoy encantado con el tema “Nova”, pero como soy nuevo y mayor(62 años), tengo algunos problemas: No encuentro la forma de crear una página de galería de imágenes. ¿hay alguien que pueda ayudarme? Muchas gracias.
    santiago sastre

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can better assist you.

  74. hey guys,

    cool theme thanks for creating it I like the openness of it

  75. I’m currently working with the Nova theme and I’m wondering if there is a way to put text below the images that belong to the gallery in the home page. I would like to show the image and also a text that describes the image. I tried to open a discussion in the support forums but it was not possible. I couldn’t access with my user/pass. Thanks in advance!

  76. TY for posting, it was very handy and told a lot. Can one reference a number of this on my page if I include a reference to this site?

  77. Great article. I had been verifying regularly that site with this particular empowered! Handy information and facts specially the ultimate part 🙂 My partner and i maintain such information much. I was looking for this specific certain info to get a very long time. Thank you so much and good luck.

  78. If some one wishes expert view about running a blog afterward i propose him/her to pay a
    visit this webpage, Keep up the pleasant work.

  79. I like beautiful colorschemes,Great looking themes for any types of site.thanks for nova theme

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