New Theme: MyResume

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New Theme: MyResume

In the market for a new job? Then MyResume is the perfect theme to create an elegant and professional online resume, and improve your online presence. MyResume is sleek, simple and easy to use, but also boasts some great features that will make handling your resume all the easier. While this is one of my more basic themes, I am quite fond of the design and its simple functionality. For more info you can view the Live Demo, or browse the Features Page for more information.

MyResume Features Overview

1. Five Unique Color Schemes – MyResume comes with five color schemes to choose from. If you don’t like the Wooden look, then try out the Stone, Canvas, Modest or Subtle variations. You can preview these colors schemes on the theme’s features page.

2. Gallery/Portfolio Integration – The gallery feature of MyResume is very easy to use. To handle this section I created custom shortcodes to make adding each portfolio item quick and painless. To add a new image to the page, simply type [portfolio]image.jpg[/portfolio] and you’re done!

3. Social Networking Integration – Your resume is all about connections, so I have added a social networking section to the resume. This section is not mandatory, and can be added to any page using Widgets. Each item in the connect section is its own widget added to the custom “connect” sidebar. I even created a bunch of custom social networking icons for this section, so if you need some free icons be sure to download them here!

4. Easily Manage Resume/Tab Items – All of the content is handled via WordPress pages. You can add these pages to your main resume, in which case each page added becomes a new section on your homepage. Or, you can choose to define a page as a new tab, in which case a link to the page will be added to the navigation bar at the top right. Each of the pages you see in the nav menu in the demo (connect, contact) are custom pages. As an example I have added the Contact Form 7 plugin to the contact page to give you an idea of what is possible.

I hope people put this new theme to good use. Let me know what you think – what you like, what you would change – all comments are welcome!

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  1. Woah – you did it again, Nick! Can’t wait to try this out.

    • I just.. Very clean Marilla, Perfectly!

      • This is a very nice design.

    • how do i add content in the homepage the my resume theme ..i done see any option..pls help

  2. Looks great! Can we put videos in the portfolio portion as well?

  3. Nick you rock!

  4. Interesting concept. I will try it soon.

  5. Does the portfolio area support video embedding?

    • No, I’m afraid it doesn’t. The portfolio section is just for images.

  6. It’s nice, would like to have seen a basic blog layout though.

  7. Nice.. i like it!!!

  8. Love it. Straight to the point.

  9. Clean, simple and effective. A hallmark, really, of Elegant Themes design.

    This is really handy design that will come in useful for many…especially in this economy.

    We may have missed it, but what technology is used to generate the popup images in portfolio section?

    Great work!

    • The lightbox image that appears when clicked is created using the FancyBox jQuery plugin.

  10. Perfect! This month total 2 theme sales on my list..

    Thanks Nick, Good Luck..

  11. Love at first sight! I’ll upload it instantly to my “these are my blogs”-blog.

  12. Love your work. This would do nicely as a Tumblr theme as well!

  13. nice!! Very useful!

  14. As usual its nice template i expect to see the Purple but it wasn’t there

  15. Hi Nick,

    Theme looks very good and clean, but when you hover on images screen goes funny, is that right?

    Thanks for providing nice themes.

  16. Sweet theme! I have been waiting for this one all week; I must have checked your twitter at least 20 times!

    Cool simulation of the page turning.

    This is going to make a lot of folks happy.

  17. Love this Nick. I like that you keep everything clean and simple.

  18. With this economy we all need one of these beautiful resume themes! Great job like always.

  19. perfect =)

  20. Dam you rock Nick!

  21. the theme is very nice. but I miss the traditionally blog-page πŸ™

  22. Very nice πŸ˜€

  23. Excellent concept, exactly what i need for the moment .. Can we change the RESUME in the menu, for another Word ? My blog is in french ..

  24. Very nice to my eyes!
    Beautiful theme.

    Clean and beautiful. The objective was well established in this model. The details are harmonious.

    His art is great.
    Congratulations on the job.

  25. The university students around here are just finishing exams and looking for jobs. Perfect timing!

  26. awesome!

    Nick, is it possible to add posts in the portfolio? You know not every one has a graphics folio. Some may want to add music, videos, website, case studies, complete corporate ids, etc…

    So can this be added in a future update?

  27. Nick for president! Or at least King of The Best WordPress Themes. Thanks!

  28. nice theme.. but how do i enable contact form ?

    • sohail for him to answer that question use the forums for support

  29. Looks wonderful. Thank you!!!

  30. The theme is great for making your own resume on line.there are many other script or software for making resume online but I think with this template wordpress will also be used for making resumes.Great Idea I appreciate

  31. what a professional theme ? very good work. carry on.

    thanks for theme

  32. Omigosh *love* it!

  33. How do i set the create a portfolio…..I am putting
    [portfolio][/portfolio] [portfolio][/portfolio] in my page in the value field and when i view my site its just text…please help

  34. Hi nick, your template is wonderful!!!
    I’ve one problem about connect page! Using widget in my page “connect” it will not appear nothing! I’ve added to the custom β€œconnect” sidebar a lot of ET connect Widget, but it will not appear nothing! Why?
    Thanx, bye

    • same here!

    • Same here. cannot setup the connect page right. i have written a mail to support. hope it will be get solved soon,.

    • It works, but It’s Case Sensitive.
      Be Sure that U have type: “Type” and “Connect” as custom field.
      Then use widget.

  35. So, the site can’t have a blog?

  36. This is an absolutely awesome theme…really needed. Easy to use, and very clean and professional looking. The only thing I’d like to see is a couple more backgrounds with maybe some subtle colors and textures (like dark purple). Great job…thanks so much!

  37. how can i insert email form like in demo?

  38. How can i have a contact form like in demo?

  39. how do i add a blog page?. i have tried to add the WP standard page template but seams not to work

  40. Hi

    How do I add a section on RESUME?
    How add these pages on my main resume?

    Please detail explanation.

    Thank you.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  41. I’m not able to configure the Social Networking Integration. How do I proceed? I have created a page template with the Connect page and also the Widgets, but the siteappears on home .

  42. Hi,
    How to configure the widget on page enable for social network plugin ?

  43. I find it hard to believe that the exceedingly basic function of linking portfolio items to websites isn’t even included.

    Perhaps that should definitely be in the next update?

    JR John

  44. I want create a Resume for my son using MyResume.
    But I am stuck in the beginning. I am struggling how to change the name and photo itself. Please guide.

    • Hey Udaybhanu, I’d recommend creating a post in the support forums so other members and our support staff can take a look at your issue as well as provide general help/tips.

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