Take Our 2013 WordPress Themes Survey And Help Us Make Better Themes

Posted on July 31, 2013 by in General News 41 Comments

Take Our 2013 WordPress Themes Survey And Help Us Make Better Themes
Blog / General News / Take Our 2013 WordPress Themes Survey And Help Us Make Better Themes
We would really love it if you could take part in our 2013 WordPress Themes Survey. Not only will this survey help us learn more about our customers and how we can improve our themes, but we will also be releasing the stats in the form of an info-graphic for everyone to enjoy! The best results come from a large data set, so please share this link with your web friends so that we can get some real answers 🙂

Take The WordPress Themes Survey

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  1. If you can add an option to disable the. Java script you use or any CSS code which is used for featured slider or purchase theme which are not used by the user.
    Even after we are not using those features, it loads and make the site run slow, which affected SERPS and load time or traffic to the blog.

    Just a request.

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I couldn’t complete the survey on Firefox. I could only see the first two answers on the last question and couldn’t get to the “Done” button. I zoomed out to the smallest size, and I was still not able to complete the survey. I was able to submit it using Safari.

    • Sorry about that. I have updated the survey to address the problem.

      • Sorry, also got the same pbm on latest FF, the box is closed in the middle of question 12 !

        • Should be working now, sorry about that. I couldn’t replicate the issue, but I added a scrollbar just in case.

      • Worked on Chrome by the way 😉

    • I have just fill in the survey using FireFox and had no problems at all.

      Kind regards

  3. Hi! Great survey.

    Will you post the results soon or will be private only? I would love to see what other users like.


    • We will post the results next week.

  4. Took the survey. Hopefully these results will actually be used to better your theme development.

  5. One more thing to add for simplicity in theme customizations is giving the exact sizes of all the slider photos, etc. so you don’t have to search like crazy or whatever, to find this information and make it easier to work with these. Some of us aren’t as ‘gifted’ in that area. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Definitely agree with this! Optimal image sizes are one of my top concerns.

    • I second this ! Images/photos dimensions is never easy to manage 😉

    • I think I speak for all ET customers when I say, +199,128 this. : )


  6. It would be great if you guys could make a medical themed template!

    • And… a sport webpage… like soccer or fussballl will be amazing 😀

    • I second it!

    • Medical, School, Lawfirm can also be added….just a matter of custom post format and page template which I believe ET can easily code. I saw Sensei (educational plugin) released by Woo Theme.

  7. Best idea to get opinion of your customers. Good Job, hope you can do more and more better work and follow the instruction of your customers. Nick, can your team could make a new multipurpose theme that used for restaurant, Spa or any feminine professional business. If possible then with WooCommerce functionality.

  8. Took the survey. Nice one. Hope to see the results soon 🙂

  9. cheers, good team & beautiful themes!

  10. Nice to see taking care of your customers’ need. I usually see the timely support from ET support forum as well.

  11. Fabulous Survey….waiting for result…

  12. I couldn’t complete this survey because on iOS the questions stop at 12 and I have no Submit button.

    • Sorry about that, I believe the problem has been fixed.

  13. Will do cheers.

  14. Do you mean wordpress themes in general or Elegant themes?
    As Elelgant themes are exellent including a very good support,the only weakness is the updates are difficult to install, you have to install new versions of the themes manualy.



    • Agreed, the theme updating is the only issue I have. If you developed a separate plugin then, users can choose if they want this feature.

  15. Can’t wait o see the result 🙂

  16. I love all the themes that ET has published. However I would love a new business theme that did not come with the Bouncing text effect as part of the featured slider. Just a regular slider that looks great, has some type of effect, but just not the bouncing text effect, as that is not really professional looking. Thanks ET for all that you do.

  17. Just did the survey for a photography website I am building. One more thing: the image resizing feature of WordPress in incredibly wasteful: For a 900×600 image upload it would generate some 10 files and 3 times the file size in the server.

    …..Just imagine a wedding photographer uploading 2000 900×600 images for 5 – 7 years – at the end it would be a lot of small files and cause severe strain in the backup and server migration. WordPress keeps doing image resizing even if you turned that off at the media setting page at /wp-admin/options-media.php. Maybe I overlooked something?

    • Excellent point!


  18. Have to give you some kudos along with my griping (on another blog post). The membership price here is quite generous to users, considering the first rate appearance and variety of these themes. Putting out a survey for your customers,in addition, shows a lot of integrity. Best wishes.

  19. Should do a survey of niche themes there are a demand for from your loyal customers. Heres a few of mine.
    1. Sports Theme for a club
    2. B&B or Holiday Homes theme
    3. City / Region Directory
    4. Theme for a tourist attraction
    5. More E-Commerce themes or themes that generate revenue for the user.
    6. Charity/fundraising theme.

    and many more ideas!

  20. Hopefully we may be able to see a Church Theme roll out soon. Up-loadable/Down-loadable media (Podcasts, mp3 music tracks), an interactive chat or meetups-like page, plugin for live streaming video and/or audio, etc. I haven’t been able to effectively customize any of the themes well enough. I am a novice, so that may be the problem, but with your talents and creativity, your offering could help many, and possibly enlist a lot of ministries. Thanks

  21. Love the themes. I hack the daylights out of every theme I use and I REALLY appreciate the ability to get into that PHP and CSS and make an already outstanding theme fit right into my needs. This is the BIGGEST selling point of Elegant Themes – not only elegant visually, but elegant under the hood.

  22. I’m a beginner, just learned WP last fall, so still new in a lot of areas. For Elegant Themes, I would like to see more clean, straightforward themes, no required blog, a slider that can have pics drawn from a gallery or portfolio (rather than a page or blog), space for a Logo (company name) at least 100-120 pixels in height, and the width of the page. I’ve tried modifying the theme for the logo – without success.
    Elegant Builder is a great tool, however, it would be awesome to be able to put a label on each ‘module’, so when I look at the page in the editor, I know what each one contains, and therefore which one I want to open to edit. I would also like different colors for the boxes (like is already there, but more colors), without the check, arrow, or ‘x’, just a plain, colored box.

  23. I just took the survey and had to click no for Child Themes — because I usually use Jetpack Custom CSS. It’s the easiest, simplest, fastest way to customize themes for most people. Including me and I’m a theme developer. You should check it out. 🙂

  24. i’m participated and i hope ET can make theme (more) with magazine style and wp theme fow now is just not for show design theme but can help blogger for maximize earning from they blog… because i have wp gallery and many blogger download magazine style and only have feature ads space in theme option….*clean..fast loading..responsive..maximize earning and of course! ELEGANT 🙂

  25. Would really like to see automatic theme update option. Maybe even auto plugin updates and auto back ups.

    Maybe also a tie in with a security plugin -so everything is in the one package…

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