What should we make next? You choose!

Posted on June 1, 2011 by in General News | 273 comments

What should we make next? You choose!

Our missions is to make our users happy, so why not let you choose our next theme? I have created a quick poll with a list possible theme ideas, and it will remain open until June 6th. Whatever theme type has the most votes by then will be deemed the winner and we will start production!

If you have a great theme idea that isn’t in the list, feel free to add it to the comments. If I see some cool suggestions then I may add them to the poll πŸ™‚


[polldaddy poll=”5103959″]
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  1. a theme for bar/restaurant with reservations system πŸ˜‰

    • yes, it’s will be great to have one restaurant theme, with a calandar booking

      • Yes a bar/restaurant with a booking feature. +1

        • Same

        • +1, restraunt with booking

          • +1
            Definately need this one.

    • A reservation type system would be the best in my opinion. It would be really nice if it could be tailored to more than just a restaraunt.

      • Yeah, Booking for play or movie would be great!!!!!!

    • A theme that you could use to make iphone and android apps. I have seen it and it would be nice.

    • Ooh good idea! +1

    • Girly themes….soft, feminine, patterns….

      Yes, please!

    • First of all keep up the good work!

      As a webdesigner it would be very handy to have a sort of “developers theme”. An easy to use theme/construction kit with a lot of grid options ready for development.

      With customizable I mean design wise. It would be great to let you guys take care of the SEO implementation…

      This all to be a bit more flexible in customization of themes.
      So we can create our own theme following your method.

  2. Please change radio button into Check box. I want to vote multiple.

    • I would have picked more than 1 option too!

    • Second that! Well, I guess, Third that! πŸ˜‰

    • I also wanted to vote for more than one category.

    • +1 πŸ™‚

    • I also wanted to vote on 2 choices

  3. I’d really like to see a new news/magazine theme…

    • I would vote for that as well. I access my blogs from a Social Media site so it would be nice to not have to set a thumbnail for galleries.

  4. Don’t we have enough gallery themes? How about a multimedia theme?

    • It’s on the list. If people don’t want gallery themes then they won’t vote for them πŸ™‚

  5. I would like to see a blog template with more options on the blog style.

  6. Classic blog all the way. You guys haven’t done one in a while, and the ones you do have are getting a bit dated.

    • I agree…. a blog theme would be great… Perhaps something similar to problogger. Simple, but with power to have a small feature section… and mostly some features in the realm of monetization, social widgets built in, etc, etc…

  7. online store, for tech companies like computers sales and stuff!

  8. Would love another ecommerce theme (there is only 1 – estore) I’ve tried to use a few of the others or product site – like the real estate one but it didnt’ quite work. Thanks for soliciting ideas. Elegant Themes ROCKS!!

    • I agree, but what about an e-store theme that can import items from a user’s aStore from Amazon?

      I think in doing so, you’d have a large amount of people signing up for ET, and a lot of affiliate marketers will thank you profusely.

      • I agree. Another E-Commerce theme would be great!

        Great job by the way. Very happy customer.

        • I agree. More E-Commerce theme!

    • I agree, we need one

    • Yes, another e-commerce theme would be great!

  9. I’m missing the store/e-commerce option!

  10. i find it hard to find a nice online casino/poker/bingo theme, that would be awesome! πŸ™‚

  11. A blog theme but the one that is focused on making money through blog with e-products.

    That is:
    1st – Newsletter sign in form on top right sidebar position. Right now most if not all of your themes for home pages is sooooo lacking this important feature. Remember: email list is the lifeblood of every internet enterpreneur!

    2nd – theme focused on typography without Bigass silders on homepage – sliders are for sales pages or company pages. Give a proper blog for internet enterpreneur.

    Best example of Blog layout that is focused on creating an expert image, sells and focuses on text and content without fancy images is: http://www.thelaunchcoach.com.

    Sorry for link but this is really the best thing for layout i didnt see anywhere in other theme websites.

    • I agree.

      And I really love a theme with many options for adsense publicity, something like HeatMapTheme.com but with amazing designs like ElegantThemes.

      Sorry about my English

    • I agree, a theme with home page with space for subscription box above the fold.

  12. membership sites are quite common too, you’d probably get a lot of action with one πŸ™‚

    • I agree….A Membership based site would be a great addition to the Elegant Themes Collection. That and a Directory Theme (As long as it wasn’t a “Link Directory” theme – there are enough of them out there…ugh)

      Either way, I’m finishing up my latest project soon and will be eagerly waiting for the newest theme. πŸ™‚

  13. While I appreciate the democracy and have nothing to complain about, I’d like to see some of the more niche themes (such as the location-based city guide site) get made. Unfortunately this is a theme needed by less people and, instead, variations on already popular types of sites will get the most votes.

    • Agree 100%!!
      I am about to buy another site’s membership package for $299 because of all of the following (but would obviously rather stick with my ET subscription and get them than shell out $299!!) :
      – Awesome city guide/directory/events
      – Awesome events
      – Multiple ecommerce themes
      – Vote-up-vote-down (digg-like) theme

      I would also give an arm and a leg for a video competition theme …

      • May I ask who the other company is?

      • I have a feeling you are talking about Templatic…..and If you are…I recommend that you save your money. I have a membership with them too and their code is garbage. So is their support. Their city theme doesn’t work properly and who knows whether or not the code on the +1 theme is going to work. I have worked with 5 of their themes and trashed them all. If it’s another theme club, give it a shot. But if it’s Templatic…just give me the $300 so at least you can feel like you’re helping a fellow honest person.

        • Yes templatic and thank you for saving me the $300 now if only et will do te city guide I’d be happy! (with events, place pages, front end submission and payment options …)

          • I will 2nd that for doing a city guide! Please!

        • I’m very sorry you were unsatisfied with Templatic themes. We are doing (and have done) a lot of changes to satisfy our customers. Over 50% of all Templatic employees are working on support and along with the HelpDesk ticket system we also have a support forum.

          A LOT of bugs and other errors in our themes were fixed. If your membership is still active, I suggest you check out the newest versions of our themes. Again, I’m very sorry for all the disappointment we’ve caused.

          Kind regards,

      • Hi hannah!

        I suggest you try out some of our themes at test.templatic.com before you totally give up on us πŸ™‚
        It’s totally free…

        Kind regards,

    • agree, we need location-based city, i just buy one but is difficult to config, have discus with moderator and he think need to make one from scratch, second we dont have any location based theme

  14. I’d really like to see a new e-commerce theme, the one and only you have is eStore, it would add nicely to your theme repertoire.

  15. Mobile please! With mobile AP admin!

    • I agree with that. Mobile is getting bigger and industry indicates that mCommerce will overtake eCommerce shortly.

      Additionally, analysts indicate that mobile devices will overtake desktop devices in web browsing by 2012.

      Not too many consumers are aware of this, so it would be great if Elegant Themes could take the lead with some mobile themes.

  16. You are awsome.
    But would you consider to make website for model agency. Because in the world has lots of model agencies. And website content should be modelcards for models, events calendar for castings and go-sees, Also rating girls stars. So people can give votes for new girls and old ones too. modelcard portfolio needs to be alphabetic line.
    Thank you

    • I like Ergo’s idea and already love your TheStyle theme. Having the same sort of feel with more options integrated as Ergo suggests would be super.

  17. Stop voting for portfolios, theres already portfolio themes on ET, yeeks!

  18. A tad more E-Panel functionality would help, but it seems with the newer themes you’re growing, so the more complex the theme, the easier it’s getting. Stay on that track.

    • But…

      Would be nice to have a short video or a better written how to for each theme. πŸ˜‰

      Time and again, I’ve found myself endlessly searching for an ePanel setting, only to end up editing the code – And then weeks later finding the setting for it in ePanel.

  19. how about a girly theme? πŸ˜€

  20. How about something for churches? Has built in sermon player/podcast integration…membership directory, stuff like that?

    • agree… that would be awesome

    • Yep.. I agree with a church theme

    • I third this! I’m trying to use Glow to make a demo site for my church to convince them to switch to wordpress…but it’s not quite it.

      • we use the SimplePress theme for our church… pretty good for us, but would love to see a theme specific for churches… http://www.cbctoday.com

  21. Music/Band please! Been wanting this for ages!

    I’m head of digital at an Indie, i don’t think we’ve worked with a band in the last two years that don’t use wordpress.

    The option of a splash page/landing page would also be very much welcome!

    • Agreed. MySpace offers a band template for music and such and offering bands more options with ET would help many developers out there.

    • I’d love a theme for musicians πŸ™‚

  22. ET is so cool‘‘‘‘‘
    Always think of us.

    ItΒ΄s hard to decide, I want to vote for more than one option.


  23. I say a music theme cause its hard to find one and i love elegant themes

  24. How about a travel related website? Like for travel agencies sellings exotic trips abroad? Haven’t seen a theme like that already on ET.
    anyway, you’re doing a great job, whatever the theme is πŸ˜‰

  25. Thanks for the option to vote! Keep up the good work – I know if the next one isn’t my cup of tea, a future one will be.

  26. I’d really love to see more themes with good options for being darker based. I know you have a couple that have darker versions, but nearly all of them only do so in the header of the theme, and not with the actual body/content areas. Cut out Modest, and I don’t think you have anything that really does light text on a dark background for the content area (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that).

    • Doh! I’m going to correct myself on this: there are several others, aside from Modest. I still want more though.

  27. Thanks for the opportunity to express or wants.

    I voted for:
    Barebone Theme With Extra Options

    My second option would’ve been city guide/location based


  28. a really good music one with a player, download cool showcase etc would be a good addition to your portfolio of themes.

    a theme for the aspiring musician with some songs to sell

  29. A fitness/sports theme would be uber cool guys. There are no good ones out there at the moment.

    • Awesome idea! I second that!!!

      • Nice one Kyriakos, glad to see someone else backing this πŸ™‚

  30. +2 on the restaurant.

  31. Membership Site would be awesome!

  32. I really hope that we will see a music/band theme we already have cms and blog styles

  33. Hi Nick,

    I like the custom features added to the latest themes Chameleon and Aggregate for fonts, background etc – like that trend to continue. voted for Business CMS but looking ahead a Mobile theme or Theme tweaks to optimise for mobile would probably make more sense.

    Everybody is going to see more mobile traffic accessing their sites.
    Great work on the recent themes – keep it up


  34. Membership-based, BuddyPress, restaurant/reservations, (e-)learning…

  35. This is an awesome idea Nick. Cheers!

  36. You always make great themes and your E-Panel is great, saves time. The shortcodes are always helpful to.

    I’d like to see a mobile theme, but only if it was as a plugin, that went with the full theme. Kind of like how anticipate knows if I’m logged in or not.

    It would also be cool if there was something similar for facebook. A plugin that let you chose which pages you wanted to include in the navigation for facebook, and restyled your blog for the 520px width automatically.

    Then you could have everything run off the one install.

    That would be awesome.

    • Hi,

      I think Chris has suggested a very valid point here. Why don’t we consider a FaceBook Fan Page theme so which will be very useful for all of us.

      Need to consider this also.

  37. CMS CMS CMS!!!!! I love your new sites customisation options … The more flexibility the better!

  38. Real Estate / Commercial Real Estate (Love your only one but need more with good embedded frame to link IDX and other addons Walkscore, google map integration), ECommerce Computer Services and Photography / Videography services. Corporate CMS!! Non-Profit CMS!!

    Keep them coming, awesome!!

    • That would be sweet!

  39. There has been some pretty awesome themes but what about a good old classic blog theme?

    http://geo.geek.nz/ uses the Basic Theme and it’s aging now. Have been following and waiting for a classic blog theme but nothing yet.

    All of the new themes are pretty good but they don’t target blogs. They are more designed for commercial sites with a blog so would be great to see a classic blog theme please?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  40. Why no ecommerce template?

  41. A service business theme made for service businesses such as: pool service, plumbers, electricians, etc. Your themes are fantastic, but it would help to have more of the main business info. available at the top of the screen with no scrolling needed. There are many non-technology service businesses that need a great website.

    If you already have a good theme best for this….please let me know. Thanks for all the great creative work ya’ll do.

    • Look what FreelanceFolder is doing! They have a theme that does billing, etc. (Customers and view, print and pay the bills online, through the theme). It’s great (but they overcharge for it), I hope that Elegant Themes could do something like that (because it would probably be better).

  42. Hey Nick,

    I have multiple sites and just launched another this week, http://photo.intheknowtraveler.com (sorry for the blatant plug), all using ET. Love your stuff and think you and your crew are doing a great job, but I could sure use something for travel. I almost hate to say it as there are simply too many people blogging about travel these days, but I would love to see a travel theme.

    Keep up the good work.

  43. 90% of our clients need home page with video on top left and optin on right and then normal page below… then when you click on blog have the usual hot looking blog layout you do.

    Can we get one like that! That would kick ass!

    • yes – video on home page should be a standard – not an option

  44. The one I was looking for wasn’t on the list πŸ™

    Another Travel orientated theme would be nice πŸ™‚ You really only have one in that style (OnTheGo). I think it’d be nice to have at least another in that genre.

    An example of what I’m talking about go here: http://WheresClint.com …a modified version of “OnTheGo”.

  45. Another e-commerce theme would be great. Also, multimedia/video.

    Chris’s suggestion was excellent: a mobile plugin that went with the full theme and could identify if the visitor was using mobile or desktop.


  46. I would love to see a theme for genealogy sites.

  47. I vote for

    1) Band/Entertainment
    2) Membership
    3) News/Magazine (my fav!)

  48. Something like Download theme. :))

  49. I love the idea of an e-commerce solution that would include the new “Options Panel” for color, fonts and backgrounds and be tailored to the service business model.

    • I want eCommerce too, which option should I select to vote

  50. Nick,

    First of all, thank you for all your wonderful themes. I’ve been a follower of ET since long time and a customer as well. You’ve produced all kinds of themes, but I seriously see a dire need of a professional news/magazine style theme, with lot of customization option. I’m sure (and evident from Poll) that many users want a news/magazine theme. I’ve following suggestions that would work for most of the ET community members:-

    1. News style layout, but not too cluttered with content.
    2. Three column layout with at least one featured news. I’ve seen that this is really hard to achieve with existing set of plugins.
    3. Ability to tweak layouts on front page, category page & single posts page.
    4. Inclusion of Google Fonts

    I’d even go ahead and request for a ‘framework’ that allows easy tweaking of layouts at a click of a button. Wouldn’t it be a nice to have feature – everyone will benefit from it!

    What say?

  51. Art Art Art Art!!!!!!
    someone needs to develop a good theme directed at artist not just photo but other art like painting printmaking design a layout designed for displaying art as well as info im a horrible designer but a good coder . i think i have spent the last six months modding themes to meet the need of artist . ripping out the side bars building better gallery features if you guys could make a layout geard towards advocating art and artist there would be a big market these people are picky and are not web savy a developed web presence for artist is where its at i promise .

  52. A Multimedia/Video would be great πŸ™‚

  53. I think we need themes for making websites complete

  54. Make Designer
    To be able to separate modules from all of your order to gather in their topic of choice.
    This will be a bomb.

  55. I would love to see an Online Directory site that I can use to have my network of local businesses have a profile that can be searchable and I can say why I like them and then easily share each of them out on the social media outlets. BNI (Business Network International) has thousands of chapters around the world and I would get loads of them buying in to Elegant themes so they could have it for their own…

  56. I would like to see the Mobile Theme which supports Android, Android Tablet, IPad, Iphone and if possible Windows Phone 7

    Also you don’t have Mobile Theme in you portfolio so it will be nice to have one such theme to start with.

    Also I believe we should go with the Theme first which is not in the portfolio offerings.

  57. Please make another e-commerce theme, looking forward for it for some time now- thanks n good work guys

  58. I’d love to see a great membership site, or a business directory site.

    • I second this idea!

  59. Typographic personal theme, please! πŸ˜‰

  60. Your design sensibilities have changed and matured, and I would really like to see how you would apply those sensibilities to some new classic blog themes. As other people have commented, it’s been a while, and your work has only gotten better.

    • To take it one step further, I would like to see a blog theme that prioritizes beautiful, highly readable text.

      • One more thing — some blogs with the sidebar on the left. πŸ™‚

  61. My vote goes to Business CMS.

  62. Barebone Theme With Extra Options.

    I’m looking for a free theme to become a “ElegantThemes”-feeling.
    Greetings full of sun from Hannover, Germany.

  63. Is simplicity best or simply the easiest?

    I say both. A barebones theme that is easy to customise on the visual and functionality side would be extremely diverse and thus can be adapted for any type of site from simply blogging to busy multimedia site.

  64. business theme..Nick there is something i would like to see in all business themes.. live chat integrated into theme.. I am using free profesional script – I can send you the files.. or there is one premium plugin for wordpress which I paid.. It would be great if you can build in something like this. I can send you the plugin aswell.. just email me Nick. Thank you guys!

  65. I would like to see a gallery theme to show art and design work.

  66. I’d love to see membership theme or directory theme.

  67. Oh why is everyone voting for themes that we already have on Elegant Themes?. Do something you have not done before like a directory or coupon theme, we do not have one of them.

    With great ease nearly all of the themes on here can be used as a Business CMS, Classic Blog, Portfolio and Multimedia theme, don’t keep churning out the same stuff.

  68. i like to se something like those guys do indonez.com
    light theme, without “heavy” graphic elements, withou dropshadows, bevels, and so on… based on typography and basic graphic elements, with flexible layout (options to change from one to 3 column) so it could be easyly transofrmed from bussines to blog or news theme….

    king regards

  69. Honestly, I’ve always thought that the one thing Elegant Themes lacked, was a feminine, unabashedly girly theme for mummy bloggers. Seriously untapped market there guys. Let me know if I can assist in the design area!

  70. A theme for ‘craft-based’ sites would be cool πŸ˜€

  71. Hi Nick,

    Your designs are great – elegant no less!

    However, I’d love to see something very simple and functional and elegant, without visual bells and whistles.

    I’m thinking of sites like Michael Hyatt (http://michaelhyatt.com/), the IAC (http://www.certifiedcoach.org/).

    I suspect these are more for business oriented peeps, but then the survey results so far indicate Business CMS as the top vote..

    Whilst I’m talking – I’d like to thank you Nick for all the work you’ve done in providing one of the best resources – at an unbelievably low cost – for very high quality wordpress themes – great work man.


  72. Look to see a new theme with

    Aggregate + InReview features merged together πŸ™‚

    • Another good idea but liking many of them (music/band theme, news/magazine, fitness niche, inreview style) isnt better choice to get the barebone theme with lots of extra functionality and new ET panel settings?

  73. A cool food / recipe site ??

  74. How about a very clean and simple Business CMS design with several lighter colour options, and the ability to start with a blank slate and customize from the ground up. Perhaps a “custom” colour scheme that starts as white/transparent with no cufon, etc.? (Could you add this to existing themes?)

    BTW love the direction you are heading with Aggregate and Chameleon with the colour schemes and fonts.

    I find myself using Nova a lot because of the simplicity, cool front page tabs and featured area.

    Every theme gets better and better – keep up the good work.

    • The newly released Feather theme might just meet most of my criteria!


  76. Facebook Fanpage theme!!!

  77. Hello!

    great, really great themes. Very fresh, warm and open at the same time. That’s what I like. And I’ve seen a lot during my search on the web!
    I like to use different collars during the seasons, so your latest adjustments are perfect. I’m waiting for your last theme which will be completes just….now
    All the other options you have are also perfect!!
    Adding different possibilities for fonts, also perfect.

    Personal development and Coaching is mentioned above. Not many templates provide in that! And there are a lot of people calling themselves coaches. So go for that area I would say! Big market for that.

    With a personal/private login area to chat/talk/skype with clients when they have a short/small question. A kind of on line coaching. Also possible to use in a business template for completing deals.

    Also a group meeting possibility behind a business theme would be perfect.
    The same thing you can use for, for instance, a group of friends/family or other themes.

    Good luck with choosing!!

  78. I would love to see a barebones, full-width blog with customization features like Chameleon and Aggregate offer.

    And by “full width,” I mean between 900-1200 pixels so we can display large photos and video.

  79. I would like a weather / local events related site design.

    Featuring ;
    – easy tabular data representation
    – tabbed display
    – easy to add flash or other inline stuff
    – simple local events diary/calendar
    – widgetised sidebars/footer

    But sofar I’m happy with some of the designs. Only haven’t got around to get my weatherwebsite using a ET theme.

  80. A barebone theme to learn and use as basis for new themes could be great!

  81. I need to create a new site for a holistic health center, with practitioners, classes/registration and info. Something that combines a site with events.

  82. Nick, What about a page builder or layout builder or landing page builder or squeeze page builder that still use all of of script goodies that come with the themes? There are some good theme builders out there but they are boring. I recently used the bizcard theme to create a landing/squeeze page. Get me?

  83. my idea : a simple marketplace theme. .. πŸ˜€

  84. Facebook Fanpage theme ~ thanks!

  85. Membership site and directory! These tow themes would be awesome. Thanks!

  86. hey why you dont do it as widget in the member area page where people can vote monthly for the two themes they want to see in the next month i think this better, Also i prefer if you add poll that allow multi choice not only one choice :-p

  87. Would like to have a polished version of what I consider a “traditional” type design with a full-page header and nav either above or below. A lot of my small clients like that sort of design as it allows for some easy creativity in the header.

    A design option on the home page with an image that goes about 1/3 to 1/2 way across the page with text next to it at top would be useful too (instead of a slider).

  88. My vote is for coupon theme and I have been requesting for a long time. Coupon theme is missing for sure in your amazing versatile portfolio of themes and so please create it soon.

  89. I’ve just discovered this website and subscription package – very impressive! Especially the sheer enthusiasm of the testimonials – that tends to suggest you’ve managed to build something special. Personally, I’d love to see a Business CMS template that was really simple: something like the famed Information Architects concept (which you’ll find at http://store.informationarchitects.jp/product/ia%C2%B3-template), but with your own unique support and spin. In the meantime, I think we’ll be joining up to your club. Keep up the good work!

  90. Great idea boys – going for a vote.
    Find out what people really want.

    I’m a business CMS type of site man.
    That’s what clients are looking for.

    Interesting that the business CMS style is leading the pole.

  91. If I had to pick a next theme I would say a theme.

    Regardless of what you do next, would love to see the background/font/color control panel retro’d to each theme. Would also like to see a review page template added to each theme so we can do a product review, and have it look nice, without having to use the inreview theme. Especially if our site isn’t just reviews.

    • Meant to say a classic blog theme.

  92. It wasn’t on the list, but something “community” related would be nice. Maybe something that could integrate well with buddypress, or with a forum, or that could be used as a CMS/Intranet/Community for a company.

    So, I voted for “Business CMS”, but a “Community CMS” would be my 2nd choice.

    • I would also like to see a community/Buddypress compatible theme.

  93. I would love to see something for (if not aimed specifically, could work well for) a theatre company.

    Heavy on upcoming events, getting in touch and getting involved. Nice and customisable as always, but all your themes are lovely and flexible so Im sure that wont change. πŸ™‚

  94. I would like to see more classified themes like a car sales, boat sales, bike sales site or a for sale site in general.
    One that you can upload adds from the front end, list by sales agent, advanced search panel with drop downs for item, location, price etc.

    Keep up the great work

  95. I’d love a genealogy theme! It should include a way to post large image files, i.e., 8-1/2 x 11 pages of wills, documents, etc., without having to click on the image to enlarge it. A wider theme with a smaller header would be perfect!

  96. How about to add RTL support for ALL existing themes? πŸ™‚
    We will help

  97. i would love to see a “Multimedia/Video” theme……

    i hope you make one..

  98. I had a hard time choosing between online directory and mobile! Surprised how many people are voting for stuff that you already offer.

    So one thing I’d like is at least one theme where PORTRAIT oriented photos/thumbs are featured. Unless you are a nature photographer it’s hard to keep coming up with really loooong horizontal high-quality banner-like images. I know it would probably require structuring the page entirely differently, but anyhoo . . . it would be helpful for personality sites and more people-centric images rather than inanimate products and stuff like that.

  99. Please make a coupon code theme πŸ™

  100. Whatever theme type has the most votes by then will be deemed the winner and we will start production!

    How about develop it in order of the poll results not just the winner πŸ™‚

  101. A good movie Review site would be awesome… For me at least. One that includes a page to add movie trailers.

  102. One theme focused on cinema. Where we can have poster of the film, synopsis, cast, videos … It would be really wonderful.
    I know of none that is so specific to cinema.

  103. How about a theme with options for a larger post thumbnail/featured image available in full page width and changeable in ePanel?

  104. What with a gaming theme?

  105. WOULD LOVE to see a portfolio that has the type of advanced search pull-down that Elegant Estate has! I know all the templates have advanced search, but it would be nice to have those pulldownoptions you have given to that template – it is so elegant…I am dying to see that – love that you implemented a “Chameleon” style to your newest templates – so versatile – you really rock!

  106. I’d love to have some of these templates on blogger version, since they’re so hard to find in decent quality (+ I’m needing one lol)

    Thanks so much for your work Nick! It’s awesome! You’re helping us bloggers a lot!!

  107. Would love to see either a Music / band template as they are so hard to find or another ecommerce site would be awsome “”

  108. I think it is time to give something to classic bloggers. I mean, a simple yet elegant theme without fancy graphics/fonts etc. I can give example of TechCrunch or Mashable. They both have a lot of functionality but also have clean look with standard fonts, no dull text colors etc.

    It is just my suggestion that a typical blog needs readers to read the content not see it, so a classic blog theme will surely make the gallery perfect.

  109. Hi. Clasifieds Ads Theme. PLEASE πŸ™‚

  110. I would love to see more themes that combine the portfolio and blog functionalities. Page/post based slider on top, blog below, with a super clean look. This is the type of theme I need to see more of.

  111. Hello
    A PHOTOBLOG, a real one, without bugs like size thumbnails, no exif , no google map data..i dream of a blog easy to manipulate !
    I passed too much time on forum to try to fix, find, understand..
    I came from Pixelpost : yes, your work is more nice and modern but..but Pixelpost was oriented to photo and easy to customize..This a way to bring you a lot of photographs !
    Thanks !
    Michel (Ephoto)

  112. I’ll throw in 2 to think about. A smaller scale than eShop for e-commerce would be great.
    Also something specifically designed for book authors/writers would be great.

    Any decision you make will be sure to please though. I love what you do.


  113. Vote for ecommerce site

  114. I’d love a business CMS with a section just for their products, for exameple, the admin would be able to add a new product and each product would have It’s own documentation and information. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, your themes are great. πŸ˜€

  115. How about a daily deals/Groupon’ish theme? Or perhaps a subtle, fast minimal theme? A lot of the ET themes are great for sites with a lot of content, something for less content would be great.

    • Great idea!!!

  116. Would love a church theme.

  117. Cool thing your poll.

    Coupons would be great and needed!

    Also technical stuff like …
    – optional button styles in ePanel (maybe),
    – easier CSS customizing,
    – better update functionality or reporting,
    – all Shortcodes completely integrated,
    – Contact form with more fields (ePanel?),
    – some proofed plug-in suggestions if useful …

    I guess, some of us have customized the themes, so if you bring new functions like ePanel, Shortcodes – we have to look after the code changes we’ve made – or it’s a hard work for us to re-animate the site.

    Please describe the changes not only in the “change log”, which I can’t read before downloading the whole theme. And please name the themes with a version number. Also the ZIP πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for listening.

    Warmest regards to you, Nick.

  118. i didn’t vote for a business theme as i think there are many to choose in themes already but from wat it looks like the votes are coming in loud an clear with business at 17% the highest in the categories. πŸ™ wat i would like to see is something that has modern design that has allot of front page content as lets face it good quality content is king but sleek modern homepage draws visitors too. a bare bones with all kinds of options would be good. neways thanks ET for asking us πŸ™‚

  119. wat id like to see is color option for foregrounds in dark variations not just backgrounds as that option in wp we can add on our own. plus ‘search’ on homepages which doesn’t happen allot in business themes and horizontal drop down menu similar to uber menu plugin πŸ™‚

  120. I think the fb fan page should be integrated into all themes

    • I agree

    • Me too!

  121. Can you make a login widget? All the widgets of others are very very bad. That would be cool πŸ™‚

  122. It would be great if ET could go the unorthodox way to come up with a simple yet feature-packed modern mag/news style CMS thingy. Please no more round corners, heavy borders, distracting shadows, giant backgrounds, inconspicuous text, overly worked glossy effects or other funky effects – only the best user-friendly, plain-colored theme that makes the content stand out. Simply put, just clone CNN.com (there is already a cnn clone theme out there, but it’s got that typical wordpress look and doesn’t have as many features… so not exactly what it claims to be).

  123. I realy like a music blog, with the possibility to have a player in an ajax area

  124. An adsense theme that has ads in high CT spots, but isn’t ugly like all the rest. Something clean and simple that will allow you to feature the ads, but still have good content areas and large ad sizes.

  125. eCommerce

  126. 1 – I would like to see a good video template. It should have an amazing front page slider with access to the featured movies from within the slider itself. Also a rating system for each posted video would be nice.

    2 – A killer club/dj template would be awesome. A rating system would be great as well.

    3 – A lawfirm template would be nice.

  127. I wonder if CSM Business is FAR to broad and doesn’t allow for fair voting. I have seen this tool: uservoice.com for people to vote/suggest items on a site. I really like this because I think gives people a perfect way to communicate to you. Here is where I saw an example:


    Maybe have one of these for your idea area. I would love to see that.

  128. medical

    pregancy related

  129. Magazine-Style!!!!

  130. Online directory sounds like a great idea, easy money.

  131. Online directory sounds cool, easy money.

  132. i would love a band/musician theme that can easily incorporate mp3 playlists.

  133. Please include design-options for pages like StudioPress.com has for their pages. Their themes are plain and unexciting (I know because I use them), and your themes are beautiful and colorful, but your designs are missing that option for the pages to have multiple sidebars options and other layout options. If you add these options to your pages, I will gladly purchase a membership to Elegant Themes. Currently, I’m just a spectator..lol.

  134. Can you add more shortcodes for tables, FAQs, contact widget, Maps, twitter widget etc.

    You can check these implemented in http://breeze.unispheredesign.com/ theme.
    They have added lot of useful shortcodes inbuilt as part of themes.

    I am sure you will say that these can be done using plug-ins available in wordpress but you know they are not tested with themes and sometimes they effect the theme itself. Also they might not be trusted ones.
    Having this as part of themes gives trust, always working with themes and so many flexibility as well.

    This is a suggestion and whenever you get time, and you think this should be added, please add them.

  135. I would love a business theme with room for an opt-in box “above the fold” (upper part of page)

    • Yeah – opt-in would be nice. Wanted.

  136. A band theme would be great, and I think would only require combining a few features from you other themes.

    In fact, if you took the Event theme, added a fairly big image slider at the top of the home page, probably without descriptions or read more links, and removed the featured events section, it would mostly be there!

    Replace the search box with a large Facebook fan page and Twitter link, and add a place for music player on the home page (just a space to insert a ReverbNation widget would be perfect!), and you’d have a great band theme!

    Most bands I’ve dealt with don’t have a lot of content to put on a website, so I don’t think you’d want any article sliders, or ways of navigating huge sites. Getting them to write a few blog posts would probably be a challenge!

    Most band have a few photos from gigs, and possibly a video or 2 on Youtube, and your standard Gallery page would be ideal for that.

    So anyway, if I haven’t been entirely clear, I would love a band theme!!!

  137. I theme that enables a person to create an iphone and/or android app.

  138. How about a travel blog as well?

  139. Nick, it just occurred to me to request that you design a beautiful dating-site theme. This choice isn’t in the list so I thought to request it. I’m looking for a versatile WordPress dating-site theme.

    • +1 to Chuy – Dating site pls.

      • Me too – dating theme please!

  140. People seem to be voting for the same stuff that is already in elegant themes, I would rather see the gaps plugged in your portfolio first. Facebook and mobile themes (child themes?) would be great and expand your customer base I am sure.

  141. I would like to see an aggregator daily deals template

  142. Please consider adding a flickr sidebar to your theme, thanks.

  143. Hey nick, I know i’m a little late to this conversation, but I have an idea worth sharing. I would love to see a theme modeled after the new unreleased windows 8 os. http://windows8news.com/2011/06/02/microsoft-unveil-windows-8-tablet-ui/
    In my opinion ( and I’m a mac user ) the ui for the new system is going to be very fun and interactive. I would really enjoy seeing that design inspire one of your themes.


  144. Hi Nick,

    I’d like to see a theme designed for an individual event or conference, rather than “Event” that is more like an events calendar. I’m thinking of events that run a few days and offer a variety of lectures or other activities from which people can choose. Some birding examples of websites in that genre are:
    http://www.calredwoodsbirdfest.org/ http://winterwingsfest.org/
    They have a lot of common features, but are not particularly easy for users. They are generally not elegant.

    I’d like to see a page-based theme with the blog in a box like some of your other themes. Key to a theme like this would be a schedule of events that would take users to a post about each lecture/activity. The blog-in-the-box on the home page would thus need to include only specific categories or perhaps take a Facebook feed or feeds.

    Once the theme is installed, it needs to simple enough that inexperienced volunteers can craft it to their needs. CMS all the way.


  145. I don’t think they should be themes in their own right what I’d like to see included in all business style themes is the ability to create a touch enabled mobile specific home page and to include a preview of what that screen will look like.

    All themes should have default SEO fields like Thesis.

    I like all themes to work out of the box on iPad and tablet.

    It’d be cool if the inclusion of a membership site was an ePanel option and available on all themes.

    As mentioned several times above the ability to have video and an opt-in above the fold is something I’d like too.

    If you can have that ready in July that’d be tops!

  146. How about a University/College Theme that can have the same customization as chameleon, say for instance if the School of Business and School of Engineering can share the same theme but can customize it to fit their individual look and feel? Somthing like this: http://www.wfu.edu/

  147. I wish I had time to read all the comments, they are about as cool as all your themes. I’m not a newbie to WP, but I still have trouble with changing out the logo.

    I would love, love, love it if there was the option to just type in the name so my site name was there while I am figuring it out. I’m working on changing over to ET completely, but that logo thing has me stuck(along with other things…)! I’m not a Photoshop guru…it’s on my list, tho…

    ALSO! I loved Nic’s idea of a membership site option, too!

    Thanks-I think it’s great you care about what your readers want.

  148. Ah pity I missed the vote. I’d love to see more magazine style and gallery themes. I would love to have a better gallery system where all the photos on a page could become part of a gallery page instead of only the one with the thumbnail custom field.

    Another thing. Many of your themes, although beautiful, start with content at the middle of the page. I would love to see more designs where content starts more closer to the top, so visitors don’t have to scroll down so much to see content.

    Keep up the good work!

  149. I would love to see a Portfolio/Gallery

  150. …Maybe a travel agency theme or automobile sales …Definitely a squeeze page theme with video

  151. I’d say a theme actually focused on ‘social networking’ — think BuddyPress, JomSocial, Dolphin, and the like — would be quite popular and challenging for you to develop!

  152. Multimedia/Video please…..

  153. I feel most of these Themes are very Simple and quite plane.

    Another Awesome theme like DEEP FOCUS Shuld be next! =D

  154. I’d love to see a recipe theme with the ability to reduce or increase recipe ingredients based on servings, ability to print recipes, print shopping list and visitors allowed to rate the submitted recipes. Bundle theme with membership plugin, profile designer for registered members and maybe a plugin to display most popular recipe or featured recipe.

  155. I like Facebook Fanpage Theme

  156. Hi,
    I think elegantthemes team should make the back-end translation ready (epanel and aditional post fields descriptions)
    Another great thing that you guys should do is provide the REAL sample data used in the PreviewΒ΄s section in elegantthemes.com
    This two requests would make my dreams come true.
    More than a new theme, we need better themes …

    Thanks …

  157. Hi Nick,

    I have a theme suggestion for you. How about making a theme similar in features to that of REALTORPRESS by Premium Press (www.realtorpress.com) with the added Beauty, Poise and Strength of your Design Skills, Coding Experience and Elegance rolled in one.

    I have been testing Elegant Estate as well as Realtor press however, Elegant estate lacks the features at this stage, and realtor press is not as polished as your themes. Herein lies the problem….

    I have a site PropertyBug (www.propertybug.co.nz) and would like to move it to WordPress based installation. Would be happy to discuss further if you could help us out.

    Thanks a ton..

    Tallyho! Jeasy

  158. hey nick
    I try to think outside the box
    how about a wiki theme or perhaps a portal theme

    I plan to make a portal / information resources for my office
    however, I can find the best theme for it yet

  159. Would love to see an online directory theme. The ones out there just aren’t attractive. I’m beginning to incorporate this type of website into my offline marketing mix and would to stand out from rest.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  160. How about a job board?

  161. Hey i missed the voting? Or i’m not allowed to vote.

    When will be the next poll?

  162. Maybe it’s fun to develop something like this: scrolling thumbnail gallery with a fixed header and huge pics – http://www.simonbolz.com/

    Would be great!

  163. I’d be very interested in seeing an article directory theme.

  164. Ni Nick,
    I would like to see a hosting site using CS3 similar to the fat cow website.
    With options for various CS3 features.

  165. What about a music theme…html5 if possible

  166. I’d be very interested in seeing another e-commerce theme and if possible one that can import Amazon products automatically.

  167. personal brand blog plz…^^

  168. 1 more thumb up for RTL support…

  169. I would love to see a Daily Deals aggregator theme.

  170. quite nice idea to know about customers requirements.
    i want to have yellow pages type theme in next release.


    great job.

  171. +1 make it personal

  172. I would love to see a garden and landscape style theme

  173. maybe it’s possible to design a cool education theme! πŸ™‚

  174. i want a cool music theme and a little touch of punk on it πŸ™‚

  175. A theme that is optimized as both a online store and review site.

  176. Theme for college/universities. there is huge demand πŸ™‚

  177. If automatic theme upgrade via wordpress would be your next focus, Developers like me who uses your themes to many of our clients’ website will be happy.

  178. Please add EXIF support

  179. Are these themes responsive?
    Would like buy a dev pkg, but needs responsive

  180. Hi Nick. Thank you for your work. I’m a musician ( singer). I have long enjoyed your themes for my site. I went through a few themes, for that would choose a more suitable one. Now I use the theme Notebook.
    What I really need is the theme for the musician that it was possible to represent the musical portfolio. Where on the main page are not only the latest videos and photos, and music, in the form of playlists. With the ability to play or download.

  181. 2 sidebar option for every theme…Not saying I am dissatisfied, jusssssayin…Your work has increased my business by 60% since Dec./2011..Thank you ! ! ! !
    Bryan Ring

  182. Yes, Reservation Software by ET for hotels etc. could be a BIG win and I would definitely use it.

    But how about a dating site template!!!

  183. I was just curious to see which theme came out of this project? Did you already build it?

  184. Coupon support! Either an entire site (not quite RetailMeNot, but also not just a plug in like JC Coupon, which might be fine, but you could design the hell out of it and kick ass!)

    LOVE your work Nick. So happy to have finally found a technically proficient designer who has a FAB design aesthetic. You rock! πŸ™‚

  185. Well, since you asked…

    I just want a theme that has it all,
    It’ll be thin and short and wide and tall,
    Just a single-column layout, and a dozen side bars too
    That’s just the theme I’ll be needing from you.

    With a zillion sweet colors I can freely pick,
    But just 5 color themes so I can be quick,
    A homepage with a completely customizable layout,
    With a predefined design I don’t have to think about.

    A full-width header graphic that is able to flex,
    And cool fonts for when my short header text,
    Real edgy graphics that are cool and just pop!
    With cover-flow and carousels and dynamic image swaps!!!

    It ought to be flat with a CSS3,
    And some HTML5s and a coat of MVC,
    Add a few of those bootstraps, whether they’re fine cloth or leather
    To hold all those java script frameworks together.

    I can then build my site, and if I build it, they’ll come
    And just hand over their money since my work will be done.
    So what’dya say Nick, give it your most amazing touch,
    I mean, come now, after all, I’m not asking for much!!!

    Veruca Salt Global Media

    ; )

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