Page Templates Coming Soon

Posted on October 15, 2010 by in General News 171 Comments

Page Templates Coming Soon
Blog / General News / Page Templates Coming Soon

Here at ElegantThemes we are always looking for ways to improve the functionality of our themes and create the best user experience possible for our customers.  In the past we have updated themes with things such as our ePanel theme options page, and most recently our shortcodes collection. Our next step will be to update all themes will a comprehensive set of page templates. Our first order of business will be to create full width templates for each theme, but aside from that we are still busy brainstorming ideas about which templates to build.

So our questions to you is, what types of page templates would you like to see packaged with each theme? This is your chance to influence our decision, so please leave a comment letting us know what you think!


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  1. I would need to have some good template for showing review of a product with thumbnails, detailed info and relations with other similar object.

    • I agree. The ability to put a bunch of thumbnails on a single page would be great for marketing purposes.

    • Yes! Great idea a Review Template is much needed!

    • Yes, would love a product review template.

  2. excellent idea!

  3. A contact page template would be a more undeniable one and a real added value!

    • It will be great if contact page have option to integrate google map also.

      • I totally agree, a contact us page with integrated Google maps options would be great…

        • +1 for the contact page with Google Maps. But possible be able to have the Google map display as an optional display. Would be great if the contact form pulls the admin e-mail adress as the default contact e-mail.

          • I would also like to see good google maps integration. at the moment (no idea why, but whenever I insert a google map and go to visual edit mode instead of html mode it breaks the page)

            I would also like to have a choice of archive pages (maybe a grid?)

            Also a gallery template would be excellent!

            A tiny mce editor for the front page so I can insert a flash window/ or other content if I need to replace the slider

            I saw that in the comments bellow somone mentioned a auto 2 column layout .. this would be cool as short codes can get messy


    • Vote for the contact page.

  4. Archive, contact, about me and portfolio pages.

    • I think Rene has summed it up perfectly – great idea Nick

    • I would agree with Rene, those would be the top choices for me. A gallery would be awesome to top those off.

    • +1 for gallery / portfolio

  5. – 2 (or more?) columns
    – gallery

    • +1 for multiple column selection

      • +1 form gallery and columns!

  6. A timeline page would be great!

  7. Is it possible to do template specially for model agency. Like Ford models.

  8. Sortable (Dynamic) Gallery (by date, name and by category) (see Habitat & Breeze themes on TF) – gallery images can link to posts, URLs or lightbox… (apologies if this is repeat posting – comment didn’t post)

    • Gallery is much needed 🙂

  9. Great to hear about page templates!

    My most used/needed are:
    -full width
    -site map

    • yes, second the site map, great work guys!:)

    • Site map would be really really good.

    • A site map would be great.

    • site map would be sweet

  10. This will be a huge time saver! Normally, I design 4 templates for the average small business CMS website:

    1. Homepage

    2. Parent Category / Services Page w/ child services listed in right sidebar.

    3. Child Page – with associated child categories listed in right sidebar.

    4. Full-Width / Form Pages

    I would also like a choice of Sidebar BOX header backgrounds. (Styles / Colors)

    • 2. Parent category services page – or a section page – something which graphically shows the children of that page, but as main content in the body of the page, so your only option is not just through the navigation, you can click on big links / buttons in the page too.

  11. Event Template – with spots to enter things like coordinates + times that’d be formatted in? (I’m dreaming big) 🙂

  12. Hm, interesting optionis something for portal or town guide sites, or car dealer shops.. Like elegant estate but for different niches.. (auto adding of custom field names)

    Is I saw, there are lot of personal sites here, so some custom About me page will be great..

    Studio press with there Genesis framework have 6 different page templates and sidebar positions, if you can apply something like that it will be BOOM..

    And, thanks ET, all this communication with members is really great, and I always recommend this site to web developers or some of my clients 🙂

  13. good move nick, cant wait to see now 😉

  14. What a great idea! – archives, sitemap, gallery, contact, many options

  15. Two column layouts using a script that evaluates the content and divides it at the next paragraph statement. Sounds a lot easier then it is, I’m sure.

    Also two column using the right column for a large featured image and then a gallery layout under that. Ideal for a product page or something.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m sure it will be brilliant.

    • That table is coded into a plugin.. if you turn the TinyMCE editor off you could do the same thing with Nick’s templates.. Nothing special there… Code and CSS… I’ll agree that it looks nice but it’s not an “option” in their template

  16. Full width, changeable header-to use for Sales pages.


    • Absolutely – we need sales pages for the IM market.

  17. Definitely photo galleries…

    and just generally making it easy to customize our own within the themes design.

  18. I have been looking hard for a portfolio theme that has picture, description, testimonial (optional), external link, and can be sorted (tags? categories? taxonomy?) The object can have several Services and several industries associated with it. Display is concise but must always sortable by the above.

  19. I’d love to see some opt in page templates for each of the themes. So far, I’ve been creating them by hand. For instance:

    It works, but it’s kind of a pain, and I’m not the best designer. If you could have a few opt in pages designed for each template, I think you could get a lot of traction from marketers.

  20. Blog
    Full Width
    3 Column

  21. Ofcours portfolio page

  22. full width posts, blog, portfolio, media (photo and video) gallery, contact, about me, archives. 2 or 3 column option and as Rudy said a good template for showing review of a product with thumbnails, detailed info and relations with other similar object.

  23. Hello Nick!
    A template for the link is always missing (that can be sorted by category and with description)
    Otherwise, i don’t know if it’s possible :
    – testimonial page
    – a faq
    – 404 page
    – pricing table

    Good luck!

    • yes a 404 page will be great too!

    • +1 on the 404.

    • +1 for the 404
      also a ‘coming soon’/’offline’ page would be useful.

      • +100 for the 404
        also a ‘coming soon’/’offline’ page! 🙂

  24. GREAT move.

    Just one idea (and it would be quite unique, AFAIK no theme has that so far):

    instead of a fixed and of course limited set of page templates, how about having a comfortable and easy way to MAKE custom page templates, maybe even integrated into ePanel?

    I am thinking about something like ImpactPageBuilder ( plugin , but opposite to that one (which does not talk to the theme at all) well integrated with the themes.

    • Wow the “ImpactPageBuilder” is a great plugin TheShamanMarketer! Not sure what ET’s will look like and how felxible it’ll be but this plugin I like.

  25. Photo, Video and various media galleries templates.

  26. 404 page –
    portfolio –
    contacts –

  27. How about an event/ calendar type template.

    thinking of bands who do gigs/ people who do shows, that kind of things.

  28. Footnotes, please, for those of us who like to cite our sources when we blog or post articles. It would be a huge benefit.

    • Oh yes, very good idea! Like the plugin footnotes-for-wordpress!! Very usefull!!

  29. This will become more interesting for page template features if it could be transformed to the so-called “wordpress minisite”.

    By selecting the ‘Basic’ Themes, I removed some codes, modified css files and using your latest epanel and wonderful shortcodes. Since I’m not a programmer, it takes two days to understand how this themes could be manipulated to a simple minisite.

    Finally this is a sample:

    I believe your team and you can do it. By the way, Elegant Themes is totally cool, I can’t wait to another superb themes!

  30. A good looking Archive page..

  31. Excelente idea!

    I’d like to see:

    – a Gallery

    – Contact Page

    – FAQ

    Thank you for asking!

  32. 1. Contact
    2. Blog
    3. Gallery (for photos)
    4. Gallery (for videos)
    5. Full page

    Thanks! Your templates are outstanding!

  33. Contact
    Gallery for photos & Videos
    Full width

  34. A photo gallery page that automatically pic up photo in a designated folder is my dream. option to set recursively on sub folders or just the images on specified folder

    That way I can just give ftp access to my friends and let them upload their photo in batches and viola.. it’s instant gallery. Password protected upload page can be an alternative (or an added option) 😀

    Folders will be treated and be displayed as galleries.

    • ABSOLUTELY!!!! This is an amazing idea – I want to have a fitness website with my clients able to upload their own before/after photos easily!

  35. A BLANK !

    – A totally blank page that could then be used to add in elements using the shortcodes. Blank pages plus shortcodes could enable a huge variety of site designs.

    • Nice Idea.

      Shortcodes almost have it all. Making it work on a blank page would be great.

      +1 on this idea

      • +1

  36. I will try to make short comment..

    ePanel theme options is awesome, and it keep upgraded (I assumed when new theme update because upgrading ePanel functions although because keep up the WP upgrade too). In the past my ePanel won’t save settings, but it solved now.

    Shortcodes are great, since I can’t say awesome because I don’t really know how to use all the functionality. More manual please. And my big question, can shortcodes applied to pages?

    And about custom built-in pages, I can suggest as follows:
    1. Sitemap (badly needed)
    2. 404 pages (I care with SEO)
    3. Full page (off course)
    4. Archive (a must)
    5. Contact (I hate to install plugin, so I love to have it)
    6. About me (maybe)
    7. Portfolio (love to have it, but for videos and or photos)
    8. Testimonial
    9. Faqs
    10. More page with different columns
    11. Other custom page that match with current theme purpose.

    I can list more if allowed 🙂

    • Out of topic

      Can I have custom login page? Plz

      • I want to add “Redirect Page Template”, where you can redirect your created page to another URL.

        That save time and coding, since as a page more easy to handle.

    • What about

      – downloads
      – legal notices
      – terms of use

      Would be very usefull!

      • and a working contact form designed and fit on every ET themes.

        preferably able to use reCaptcha

  37. yes, at least one simple design template – ie. all the fancy functionality behind the scenes but very clean and simple page, full-width (one column) with wordpress 3.0 dynamic menu functionality. Good for artists /craftmans.

  38. ET rocks!!
    Would love,

    Gallery pics/vids

    And please full-width

    Thanks all!

  39. A page integrated on hompage bellow the articles, and above the footer (something like the Minimal Theme). Using shortcodes in that page, the posibilities would be endless for us.

  40. A full width page as a MINISITE.

    Which you prepare all the shortcodes for making a testimonial box, johnson box, order button, bonus box etc.

  41. Hi to everyone here;

    Here’s a different concept with a lot of templates:

    and here’s my (yet unfinished but working) usage of this theme here:

    I’m sure you can make them look better. I believe this is one area where you are not very strong. I mean themes suitable for photography, fashion, modeling agency etc. which look great when they make use of full background pictures. Please also look at the way the theme templates can automatically display thumbnails for child pages which is a very handy feature. One more idea for you talented guys out there.


  42. I would love to see more pages that have the ability to add videos and control where they are located within the page on each page. For example if you had a review site, or a how to site and you were using flash or multimedia you would use the thumbnail version of the video, then play within the page for the video. Would love to see pages that different uses such as forms, gallery options, and different headers. Hope this helps you guys are awesome!

  43. Full width page

    404 page

    We are under maintainance Page

    Contact form page (packaged with plugin)

    Also please can you do a Events Themes…. if you need help with ideas/concept, I be happy to help out.

  44. Oh and add footer for add additional links

  45. Hi !
    I am looking for a page ( maybe full width) somewhat “table of content” : it will list some categories , and for each category , all posts as thumbnails took from “Thumbnail” custom field with post’s name underneath ( maybe with an excerpt too) in horizontal rows of x ( customisable ). It would be great for selling stuff as you can see all items on one page .
    Thank you for your hard work!

  46. I just ended up making about 12 of my own page templates so I have lots of ideas for this one.

    1. Gallery Templates – Full Width and one with sidebar. Being able to easily sort which categories it pulls from and change the images size would be super nice – the non elegant theme did their gallery page with their own hooks that left me so frustrated I ended up coding it from scratch. Should also work with pagination (ahem, theirs did not)

    2. Blog Post Templates – Nathan Rice has a plugin where you can make post templates for blog posts just like page templates, that comes in super handy if you have two posts in different categories and need them to be different. For example in my site I needed a post template for the product page with multiple pictures w/lightbox effect – then I wanted just your standard blog post page for my articles/tutorials.

    3. Page With their Own Widgetized Sidebars – sometimes sidebars you want on one page are not what you want on another 🙂 Perhaps it’s easier for some to do this with a fullwidth template & column shortcodes, but I’ve never been able to make column shortcodes look the way I want them to.

    4. Blog/Article Page w/Thumbnails * Excerpts – Most themes do not have your typical blog style layout anymore, so having a page template that shows articles with thumbnails & excerpts just for the blog is always a good one.

    5. Sign-Up/Buy Now/Landing Page – I have never been good at styling landing/sign up/buy now pages to look nice – a template that was meant for landing or sign up pages would be awesome (think something like your average clickbank site but not as cheesy)

    6. Buddypress templates – integrating buddypress with most themes is pretty easy, but having a theme with these pages pre-styled & an option to make it compatible if using the plugin would be pretty neat…OR, you could probably style your own similar pages being independent on buddypress, such as one with sitewide activity or members etc. etc.

    7. Non WordPress Admin Dashboard Page – I built a site where members can post articles and upload photos, but I don’t want them getting into the actual wordpress backend – ended up using tdo mini forms for this one, but would be cool to see that one too.

    8. Login Page – Again, something to keep users from going to the wordpress backend. There are very few themes that have any login box at all.

    Other ones I liked suggested by others:

    Events Template
    Testimonials Page

    Obviously don’t expect them all – but maybe a membership theme with some of them in the future would be a good one to make 🙂

    • Excellent suggestions!

    • Would LOVE to see a membership theme!

    • I would like a Non WordPress Admin Dashboard Page as well. It can be very useful.

  47. add on, a custom page template showcasing a second blog! Rather than depending solely on category. Thats will be great for eshop and egallery. Integrating blog into them.

    I read on how to create custom page on wp at but it is very hard to implement with eshop.


    Im sure your biz will bloom even more with your innovation and creative ideas.

  48. I would like to see a “squeeze page”/Sales page type template. With header gone, and a nice place to put all the sales copy and videos. Very clean, not too many widgets.

  49. elements that would make my life a litter easier: all templates to have 2 or 3 or 4 column options; option to allow which and how many of the columns are stationary when different pages are viewed; options to easily change colors and fonts and font size on individual pages or universally; a calendar of events as an optional function on each post (post your article and if an event is part of the post, a tab to enter in the date and info which would be automatically populated to an events widget); option for magazine style format; optional link for mobile version – I love what you do! Thank You for all your hard work!

  50. Regarding your site, an option to view themes by category would be nice, i.e. magazine themes, personal blog themes, photography and fashio themes, new style themes, etc

  51. Some great ideas here. For me, I’d like to see the following:

    – An intuitively laid out archive template. With filters by months, days,categories etc. Possibly also a tag cloud.

    – An author profile template.

    – A contact form template.

    – A sitemap template.

    • are you the Filipino rapper 😀

  52. A photoblog style page!

  53. Please take a look at the WP Remix theme. They offer a lot of templates. You could implement those themplates.

  54. Great idea. Portfolio pages or work pages would be great. Different ways, unique, to display content on a page in addition to the full width.

  55. There are some great ideas here.

    What if the user could drag and drop template modules just like widgets and side menus operate.

    This would allow for users to develop modules under an Elegant Themes source and be available only to the members of ET.

    A user could specify how many columns or rows need to be used, choose what style sheet to call from, drag in a gallery, a map module, contact form, about me, contact information, forms, surveys, customer logins, etc.

    I propose the use of a modulated template system. It would work perfect with the stellar system that ET currently offers.

    Cheers! ~ Jason

    • Yeah Modules sound cool!

      Thanks for your hard work ET!

  56. My vote would go to a Review template as described above with thumbnails, detailed info and relations with other similar object.

  57. Yes, some portfolios page. One without sidebar and one more with sidebar.

    Thanks for your work 😉

  58. The above suggestions are all well and good, and I would love to see these added. I would, however, not be all that excited if they all looked identical across all themes, with the exception of fonts and colors. My one gripe with your themes (and I do love them, mostly), is that the typography and templates have been pretty formulaic. Design out of the box, and make each theme its own!

    I would love to see multiple variations. So many templates have several home page versions where the only thing changed is the big slider up top. This makes me a sad panda.

  59. I always miss pages for

    – a knownledgebase
    – a support and help site
    – a download area
    – a forum site
    – a multi person contact and portfolio page

    • That sums it up perfectly! 🙂

  60. e.g. a buy me a bear box with paypal donate button

  61. A switch (automatically?) for different mobile user agents would be fine, e.g. for

    – iPhone
    – iPad
    – Android
    – Windows Mobile

    And for common web accessibility standards.

    • Yes, love to have that too.

      I just realized that we (as ET clients) are so demanding about this Page Templates.

      I hope Nick can still sleep tight with all this suggestions.

  62. Opt-in module for any page.

    Why not make modules that are drag and drop?

  63. Background music per pages will be nice

  64. Archive, About, Gallery, Portfolio (with column variations), Contact, Sitemap, Full width.

    It’ ll be awesome to see archive, sitemap and portfolio in full-width, and a custom sidebar with details on contact page.

  65. Hi,

    I know this must be easy to do, but I can’t seem to do it. I would like to take the html code from a PLR ebook and put it into a sales page on my existing blog.

    Sometimes it works, but other more different sales pages it doesn’t work for me. So since a lot of people here are probably internet marketers I would think integrating a sales page would help.

    If you are offering services it would be nice to have a comparison chart page. Listing off the features that you have over the next company. For example, say you own Awber you could compare it against Get Response, Mail Chimp etc…


  66. If you guys could get your eGamer theme to look or function more like the ThemeForest theme called “ReviewIT” that would be awesome…

    Theres features in there that allow you to have pages that have varied columns etc…

    Whats good about that theme is, when you go into a post, the sidebars update…With a thumbnail on the top left part of the sidebar, and rating categories underneath.

    Featurewise if you could get your pages to behave more like the ReviewIt theme’s, that would be awesome!

  67. Nice idea, would definitely save a lot of time..

  68. I would be nice to created something for web radio. Like easy program schedule and maybe an easy way to integrate music on demand and podcast.

  69. How about a good Google Maps page? This would really come in handy for businesses with multiple locations or sites that feature places all over.

    How about being able to add a section to the homepages were widgets can be used in the themes were there are none.

  70. What I could use in the DeepFocus theme since its for photography, is an estore or order prints page template.

  71. 1 column
    2 column
    3 column

    and the choice to use any of those on any page.

    I like to have a 3 column home page, an exploding menu of what’s offered. But for blogs, pages, about, photos, a single or double. I don’t want readers bombarded at all times.

    WordPress let’s you choose page templates, I wish the themes would too.

  72. I have an idea for a couple of different sites, but I haven’t yet purchased your templates because I’m looking for something specific. I was actually trying to figure out if you have the ability to:
    1.)set up membership style sites (or at least have a landing page option with opt-in capabilities)
    2.)have forms and a contact management area etc that is available.
    3.)have the option/flexibility to use the Cpanel that wordpress provides either by itself or in conjunction with the one that you provide.
    4.)have separate photo and video sections
    5.)a site map, privacy policy etc (stuff that google looks for in SEO)
    I also like the minisite options, map functionality and tag cloud suggestions above. Most of the suggestions were good ones. My most pressing concern would be the membership or opt-in functionality. Please let me know if this is currently available or when you plan to add this.

  73. What about squeeze-pages, salesletter-template-pages, videopages etc.. for easy product delivery?

    Would be niiice 😀

  74. I don’t know so far with your theme..

    Columns shortcode and full width template yes.. you have, how about..

    Page Template:
    – Blank Template (without header, side bar, footer)

    Shortcode (working on page and post):
    – Include Page (specific ID)
    – Include Posts (specific/many IDs, see “Extra parameters”)
    – Include widgets

    “Additional parameters” for “Include Posts” shortcode:
    – Dimension (setting: width, height optional)
    – Thumbs (with/without, setting: dimension, left/right/top, zoom or detail link, thumb style)
    – Meta (with/without, setting: date, cat, tag, edit link etc, meta style)
    – Title (setting: max length, title size/style)
    – Excerpt (with/without, setting: max length, excerpt size/style)
    – More link (with/without, setting: text, button style)
    – Limit (1/2/3 etc.)
    – Display (the other posts will be slide or (ajax) paging with style)
    – Offset (start from 1/2/3 etc.)

    “Extra parameters” for “Include Pages/Posts” shortcode working too for specific/many:
    – Category
    – Tag
    – Taxonomy
    – Custom fields
    – Authors
    – Regular post type
    – Custom type

    Widgets (working with conditional & shortcode):
    – Header blank (will be replace our current header)
    – Before and after header (page & post)
    – Before and after content (page & post)
    – Before and after inside content (page & posts)
    – Before and after footer (page & post)
    – Footer blank (will be replace our current footer)

    I don’t know for the next part, maybe just release:
    – Readme
    – Dummy content
    – Child theme
    – Auto installer via panel

    Just imagination, sorry maybe usefull..

  75. Travel & hotel site themes; please!

  76. I have only used one theme from you guys, but I run several sites and I’m about to start work on another. The only template I’ve had to create manually is a page template for Amazon Associates. My page_amazon_store.php file contains this:

    I would hope that if you do make a template for this, that there is an easy way for people to supply their associate ID without having to edit the file manually.

    You’ve been doing some great work and I thank you for all the things you guys do.

    • It appears that the comment left out the code from my page, so I’ll just do some PsuedoCode:

      div id=main-area-wrap
      div id=wrapper
      iframe src=the url to the amazon store (usually
      close div
      php get_footer

  77. I’m not a code guy, I”m a photography. So if this is out of the question please ignore this comment. Having a full page gallery capable of displaying a good number of pictures in a slideshow which is full screen, organized into categories and what not would be pretty sweet. I LOVE Deepfocus and am currently using it, but it would be ideal if there was a quicker way for people to scroll through the portfolio.

  78. A static homepage/Splash page template for all themes.
    Separate from the standard blog home page.

  79. Oooh and music/artist theme. WordPress is becoming huge in the music industry. The labels i work with love being able to use the simple CMS.

  80. Hi Nick, Would love to see:
    1. A sitemap/table of contents with descriptions.
    2. Price grid/ comparison page
    3. Tour Page.
    4. Sub navigation page/left right vertical or horizontal

    • BTW Nick, the sub nav could be handled by a widget, and also,
      A product page and services page would enable the themes to be used as CMS business websites instead of the typical blog look with a right hand sidebar with the usual widgets.

  81. Alternate home page template would be great for the themes that are category driven, e.g. The Source. Would be great to have page-driven home page templates for these.

    Great themes still!!

  82. Hello,

    1. The ability to add footer widgets to any theme on any page.

    2. The ability to choose which widgets show-up on which pages.

    3. The ability to activate code or images in the Header ares; such as Social Media icons or a date/time stamp.

  83. A business directory theme in the Elegant Themes style would be the ultimate.

    One that incorporates rating and can be easily customizable so that the one theme can be used for all business niches.

    • Same opinion!

    • Im waiting a lot for this kind of theme!

  84. The idea of template-pages would make elegant themes close to perfect.

    If possible i could appreciate if the following templates would be integrated:

    * Full width page
    * 2 / 3 column page
    * Highlight Page
    * Salestemplate (no header/footer) only sidelines
    * Possibility of adjustable widgets per page
    * Feature Page

    Thanks in advance!

  85. Please consider revising Simple Press, making an option for the thumbnails to jump under the slider; same with the text area within the slider; and control panel options on the text itself in that area.

    Creating a slightly “vanilla” version of that theme would be much appreciated.


  86. A recipe template would be great!

  87. Pages templates is an excellent idea. How about having the power to switch on and off columns at will?

    Full width + small column on the right
    Full width + small column on the left
    Full width + big column on the right
    Full width + big column on the left
    Full width + one big and one small column on the right
    Full width + one big + one small column on the left
    Center columns + small column on the left + large on on the right
    Center colum + small column on the right + big one on the left
    3 columns
    4 columns

    and so on.

    All this on individual pages. You could really pick up any layouts on a page per page choice.

    Now the ultra big suggestion: how about extend this feature to posts also? Why not post templates? Nobody as far as I know ever dare to offer this feature…yet!

    Maybe I am pushing too much here!


  88. Nick,

    something new about page templates?

  89. 2, 3, 4, column page to post links a la Drudge or craigslist

  90. It appears that we can only use the new single column layout feature on PAGES…. not on POSTS or CATEGORIES….

    Is that correct? And if so, will be able to do that? I needed to be able to have the entire site in the single column, with no sidebar.

  91. Add the ability to edit page layout from within the template-is there such a Wp plugin/feature now for any templates out there?

  92. An Events page with google maps integrated and a contact page is a must.

  93. I agree with the Sitemap, Form(contact) with google map. I also think it would be really great if you could develop a way to take all your specialized themes and have the special parts of them work on other themes.

    I don’t quite know how you would do it, but you have a theme made for a magazine, and a theme for a real estate firm, a shop, and a theme for a photography site. Since a majority of your themes have a similar style. It would be cool to maybe be able to simply dump another theme folder into the directory, and use some of the cool features of the other themes.

    I don’t know if anyone else sees it that way, but a lot of times I say to myself. Man this theme is awesome. I wish I could use the eshop plugin with it without a lot of work. Or I wish I could put a slider like the one on this other theme.

  94. It would be great if the themes came with two home page templates.

    Take as an example The Source which is a very nice looking theme, but the category driven magazine style layout restricts the usage in a lot of projects. A page driven alternative would expand it’s usability.


  95. A gallery page that can work as a default WP attachment.php page.

    The page would include thumbnails that include cutline info and other gallery links+thumbs.

  96. hi guys.. contact page and google.. etc etc…
    guys there is google plugin already for wp and it works as charm.. don’t give creators hard time please and leave them work on new themes.. if anyone need interactive live map for wordpress go on wp plugin site and just download right plugin.. then you can use contact form plugin and you can mix them on page as you like it.. how simple is that..? 🙂

  97. How about a way to create our own page sub-templates from within the theme admin, with easy to use drag-and-drop elements?

    That would be really cool!

  98. Apple feature page alike templates would be aweseome!

  99. A Q&A page, like the Ask It theme. Dedicated to certain set of categories. Excluding them from the Blog.

    Awesome ideas here!

  100. I like to see options for creating multiple sidebars.

    And contact page options too.

    Thank you.

  101. Guestbook, yessss ! :o))

  102. A directory page with functionality of directorypress theme.

  103. The holiday industry has needs
    Map and local attractions page/directory
    Room/type page text and photos
    Area sights, photo gallery and captions and links (+lightbox)
    Guest comments and categories, couple, kids, season, French etc.
    Html page for importing availability calerdars

    There are themes but you need 3 or 4 all on one site, Real estate, gallery, directory, map.

  104. If you wan to create a good squeeze page and use aweber as well then I suggest you use Optimise Press. It is great and easy to use.

  105. i was actually looking for full width template design. thanks.

  106. Add the ability to edit page layout from within the template-is there such a Wp plugin/feature now for any templates out there?

  107. Hi !
    I am looking for a page ( maybe full width) somewhat “table of content” : it will list some categories , and for each category , all posts as thumbnails took from “Thumbnail” custom field with post’s name underneath ( maybe with an excerpt too) in horizontal rows of x ( customisable ). It would be great for selling stuff as you can see all items on one page .
    Thank you for your hard work!

  108. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  109. I’d like to see a COMPLETELY blank (no header, sidebar, body copy, nothing) template so I can build web pages for other businesses that don’t have stand alone domains but are part of a business network under a single URL. Is there a way to accomplish this now that I’m not aware of? Many thanks!

  110. Finally, now switched back to ElegantThemes. From previous 5 months, I was using dream templates, and due to their dump support, it decided to go with Elegant Themes.

  111. Always love your themes, eagerly waiting for a new one !!!

  112. Hello Nick,
    I hoep it’s not too late to answer your questions. I’m an elegant them user. I need to be able to configure easily my own template depending of my use=> So it required to have an easy guide for that and not a knowledge about development (PHP).
    I think an example of template that could be interesting is directory, about us , privacy policy, abous us, copy right page.

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