Developer’s Licenses Now Available

Posted on July 30, 2010 by in General News | 87 comments

Developer’s Licenses Now Available

Until now we have not had a licensing option available for developers. This has meant that web designers who wanted to use our themes for their clients had to go through the trouble of registering new accounts. To rid this hassle, and to make things more affordable for developers, I have added an Developer’s License for purchase from within the member’s area. The price is a one time fee of $89, and gives you permission to use the themes for all of your client web design projects.

I know that people have been requesting this for some time. I’m sorry it took so long!

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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear it! Keep up the great work 😀

  2. I understand why you would want to offer this new license, it’s a good opportunity for some extra cash from developers.

    Unfortunately, I really liked being a member here and using your themes for personal use. Now I worry that I’ll start seeing the same themes I use all over the web.

    • Well, if that you worry you should consider by a unique theme.

      it expensive, but you the only use it.

    • i don’t think so. I’m a designer and i would use the themes as a base to new designs for my clients.

      They wouldn’t like to pay for a theme used by other people, they need something unique.

  3. Hi

  4. Interesting option.

    I only use templates for non profit organisations and charities and do not charge for my time, do I now need a developers licence?

  5. If your themes are GPL, why exactly would I need to buy the developer package to use one of your themes on a client site?

    • The majority of the theme, and all files that interact with WordPress and jQuery, are GPL. (all .php and .js files). But our design work (images and css) are not.

  6. Great news, but the thing that really worries me is that the price for a normal subscription seems raised to $ 39.. Does this count for current users too if we wish to lengthen our subscription?

    • The new rate only applies to new members.

      • If I sign up for the developer’s license, will that bump me up to the $39/year fee instead of my $20/year fee?

        • No, it won’t. It is a separate one-time fee.

          • HI Nick,
            Tried to join a couple of weeks ago, but my PayPal account balance was too low.
            The rate was 19.95.
            Added funds to the PayPal account, came back to your site, and now the rate is $39.
            Any chance of getting the previous rate this time?

      • Thanks Nick! I’ll extend for sure 😉

        • Hi, Nick, how do I prevent my customers I install your theme from distributing further by copying them into another wordpress files. Is there any way to controll my installations?

  7. This sounds really good but I’m not quite sure if I got it right.
    “one time fee of $89” means that I can use any theme for any client as many times as I like? Is this yearly fee?

    • It’s a one time fee.

      • These are really great news but now I’m puzzled with your math. Why would anyone pay 39 every year if you could pay 89 are your are set for lifetime?

        • You still need to have a normal subscription active in order to retain access to the member’s area. The $89 one time fee is in addition to your normal subscription, and gives you permission to use the themes on your client’s sites.

          • Hi, I’m going to sign up for the developers licence, I am a new member! do i need to sign up for the $39 subscription first even though it gives me the option to sign up for the developers licence straight away?? thanks

        • Sorry for replying to myself but there is no option to edit or delete my post.
          Just to make it clear, do I need to have regular 39 subscription and on top of that I need to pay extra 89 for developers licence? Or I can just purchase developers licence and I’m set for web design business?
          btw I’m not your subscriber yet but your themes are really something extra, keep up the good work!

          • you answered while I was typing 😉

  8. Perfect!! Thanks for this — I’m on my way to purchase right now. I love your themes, and always feel confident using them with my clients. You guys do a great job with the coding — you make it really easy for us to make small or extensive changes because everything is so nicely written and organized.

    Anyway, great idea, AND great deal 🙂

    • For sure, it makes it sooooo easy to do modifications.

      I’ll be upgrading shortly. This is great news! Thanks Nick

  9. Nice move, the price also is not high compared with other themes providers and with what you will get from ElegantThemes!

    I am wondering how this will interact with the affiliate program, are you keeping the same 50% commission?

  10. There is some developer who truly honest in doing their business will take seriously pay the amount, for the license.

    One thing that concern me though, some people sharing your file theme all over the place, some people use your theme without even becoming a member.

    So if I am developer and I pay extra money so that I can use the theme for other site, I will concern and hope you can do something to those use your theme illegally.

    Because if you don’t care about that, well why I should pay extra?

    Hope you take very good care about those issues.

    • “So if I am developer and I pay extra money so that I can use the theme for other site, I will concern and hope you can do something to those use your theme illegally.

      Because if you don’t care about that, well why I should pay extra?”

      It comes down to ethics and your own principles/ integrity ‘Izzat Aziz’. I doubt Nick doesn’t care about the issue or will be able to catch everyone who abuses their license terms.

      Pirating is never fair for the developers, so the question is; Will you decide not to pay because someone else did not? I’m not saying you’d do this, but it does come down to being honest regardless if others are or not.

      My two cents. :]

      PS. justification is another word for a poor excuse.

  11. Awesome…Do affiliates make commission from the developer upgrade? It would make sense if someone joins just for the developer license.

    • mm.. I have asked the same in a comment that has not been approved yet!

      • You seem to have been put on the akismet spam list. Your comments were not coming through.

    • Yes, affiliates make commissions off of developer license purchase.

      • WOW – You are just that much more awesome! Didn’t think it was possible 😉


  13. This is awesome thanks you!

  14. Hey Nick,

    After having made several site for myself, it is almost tempting to go into business myself. Best of success.

  15. Great News Now we can do better for our customers price does not matter when you earn

  16. Now I need to start finding clients … thanks! 🙂

  17. I plan to sign up for membership, just a bit late and now it has been raised to $39. Need to wait for my business to grow then buying the developer license. Anyway, all your theme are great!

  18. Thanks for giving a developers licence option Nick,

    it does make life so much easier instead of having to register a new account for each clients. I really appreciate the new offering and will be using it in the near future.

    kind regards

  19. Great news, I’ll probably be upgrading this weekend. On a separate note (since I see you’re reading this one) – can we submit rough ideas to you to be considered to be developed into a full blown template? I’d include a release. I have ideas but don’t have the tech skills to dissect into a template. Just curious.

    • It doesn’t hurt to send me suggestions, but usually we have plenty of design ideas rolling around.

      • After buying a developer licence can I upgrade it to life time access?

        • Yep you can upgrade at any time.

  20. Hi Nick,
    sent a response to the email that was sent to me about the price rise. My PayPal CC changed so I lost that auto-renewal connection. How can I make sure when my year is up I get re-billed and grand fathered (or grand mothered!) 🙂

    • p.s. I have no issue paying a one off US$89 fee to be able to use your designs for developer work. It takes a lot of the hassle out when having a ‘base’ to work from. Am assuming it’s ok to code the design to heck just as long original credit is kept? 🙂

      • Of course, you can customize the themes however you like. The more customized they are, the more value your client is getting.

        • Nicely put Nick. I couldn’t agree more!

  21. does this license allow to people to remove your footer credit in themes?

      • Is this an option in the themes or do we need to do it in the code?

  22. very-very appreciate and credit to you nick for give this valuable opportunity

  23. Oh wow – this is great, Nick – thanks so much. It makes my life so much easier!

  24. Hi, a question about the member’s price: for the old members, the annual reneval how much will it cost? 19 $ or 39$ ?

      • Perfect! 🙂 I love Elegant Themes!

  25. This is totally awesome … To clarify is this one time fee for a lifetime license or yearly or monthly?

    • It’s a one time fee, but you still need to keep your personal subscription active to retain access to the member’s area.

      • Great News…

  26. Great News

    Immediately purchased the developers license saves a lot of hassle in getting client to buy subscription

  27. can i use your theme to design websites in after buying developer license.

    • @nick plz tell that can we use the design for website developed in

  28. With the developer license, would we be able to use your themes on a multi-site install that is hosting sites for clients?

  29. This is really great. I love your themes and I wanted this option.

  30. So, Standard License went up too as I can see. Will this effect current members right now, or when we renew our membership?

    • The price change is for New Members only. The rate you started with is the rate you’ll continuing renewing with.

      • i’m an old member.
        I cancel the auto-renewal connection cause i have problems with paypal account and i cancel all the future subscriptions.

        My subscription ends @26 July 2010, the same day that elegantthemes change the price from 19.95 to 39$.

        Unfortunately i must create a new subscription with the new price 39$.

        Is there any way to check that i’m an old member to renew my subscription @19.95 as you wrote in previous comment?


  31. Great updates, thanks for sharing

  32. can i use your theme to design websites in after buying developer license.

    • Hello @nick plz reply can we use your templates in website after purchasing developer licence.

  33. Friendly suggestion to update #17 in your FAQ!

    (That’s the first place I looked for info about Developer license, etc.)


    • It’s been updated now, thanks 🙂

  34. Thanks Nick!!! This means alot..with your themes it’s taught me alot about web development and design. I’ll gladly pay the $89 dollars because your helping me tremendously. If anyone asks a great premium theme company I always mention Elegant themes. If I could in the future do a skype interview with you for my blog that would be AWESOME…i’m curious how you came up with the idea and how you got started!! Let me know if that’s okay. I look forward to future themes bro!!

  35. This is so Awesome and I would be happy to pay the extra money as I always thought the price was too low! Question: Since I paid the members fee of $19.99 if I want the developer’s license I only have to pay the extra $89.00 on top of the member’s fee? ($19.99 or $39.00) Also is this renewed once a year? Thank You so much Nick for sharing your Awesome work!

  36. Thanks Nick! I’m not advertising my “Elegant Themes” as a blog developer yet. But when ever I do advertise I usually get a little business.

    Now I know that I have another option available to me.



  37. finally!!! going for this next month for sure! thanks nick!

  38. Hi,

    If i buy the developer license, Can I use themes for web site flipping ? Obviously buyers are going to be your customers in future.. 🙂

  39. Nick, you’re doing a great thing bro! No matter what anybody says, it’s a great deal and you are a true artist. The pricing is very generous and anybody who has a qualm with it can go and develop for themselves! If a theme becomes very common on the web, then you’ve done something right! (PS. To my colleagues out there: look into “child theming”. You can use Nick’s themes as a foundation and revolutionize the appearance to create your own spin.) Cheers!

  40. Hi Nick,

    I’m a long-time user of your themes, and just now realized that you also offer the developer’s license. Please clarify if this would allow me to sell sites with your themes on them.

    Thank you,

  41. Hi… I wish to know whether I can first get the personal-use license and then upgrade to developer license by paying the differential cost.

  42. Hi. I would like to purchase a developer license. I would like to offer and use your designs to my clients.
    So I should pay the anual fee ($39) + One time fee ($89)?
    It´s OK?
    And do I have to pay VAT while I´m not in the US?

    thanks a lot.

  43. Hi,

    I am planning to become a memeber but need to clarify a few things before doing that…

    1. We need to pay the 89 USD in order to use it on our client’s website, correct? So before we make the payment or use it on the client site, can we use those themes on our website to show a demo.

    2. Is there Paypal integration for the ecommerce sites?


  44. Hi. I purchased a Personal Package license but I would like to use your designs to my clients.
    For now I paid the anual fee $39 but I didn’t understand how can I pay the “one time fee ($89)”.
    It would be $89 per year or $89 one time fee?
    Do I have to pay VAT while I´m not in the US?

    • Please….I purchased a Personal Package license but I would like to use your designs to my clients.
      For now I paid the anual fee $39 but I didn’t understand how can I pay the “one time fee ($89)”.
      It would be $89 per year or $89 one time fee?
      Do I have to pay VAT while I´m not in the US?

  45. Hi,
    nice,great work

  46. I wish I had bought this when it was still $89 I just paid $247 but I don’t mind, it was worth every penny. Your themes are amazing and they allow me to offer an amazing service to my clients.

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