A New Set of Video Tutorials Coming Soon

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A New Set of Video Tutorials Coming Soon
Blog / General News / A New Set of Video Tutorials Coming Soon

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience of our customers. Usually that means making improvements to the themes themselves, but sometimes external additions are just as important. To help make our themes even more userfriendly, we have begun working on a new and extensive video tutorial collection that will be available to all members. These videos tutorials, created by our friend Bryan Zimmerman, will greatly expand on the ones already available, and will cover simple to advanced issues.

To give you an idea of what’s to come, here is an example of one of the videos we are working on that deals with editing the logo graphic that comes with each theme.

This post isn’t just to inform you of our plans, but also to poll the community and find out what tutorials you would like to see most! What part of using ElegantThemes did you find the most confusing and what types of tutorials can we develop to make things easier for you? Please leave a reply if you have any input. Your suggestions will surely affect what tutorials are created!


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  1. The biggest thing that would greatly enhance my use of your themes would be a walk-through on what’s the easiest way of customizing the background and related elements. Sometimes, figuring out how to slice or export is the hardest thing to do with someone else’s files.

    Thanks for doing these, by the way. Looking forward to them!

    • I think this kinda advanced . i prefer minimal thing how to act with the panel menus and widget

  2. Super, useful and of course… elegant.
    Look forward to the full set of videos.

  3. Excellent ! I would like to see as many advanced tutorials on your site as possible. Im sure there’s plenty of self taught people like me who’d like to get everthing put into context :^)

    On a side note I think that it would be really useful to have a way to disable the slider from within the epanel and have a tiny mce editor so you can add flash elements or your own html.

    Great work guys!!!!!

  4. Good start! I’m looking forward to watching more video tutorials. It would be interesting to see videos on:

    * Different layout customizations
    * End to end customizations
    * CSS tips/tricks
    * JQuery tips/tricks
    * PHP tips/tricks

    Great work though!

  5. Yes, ditto on a tutorial to change backgrounds and other css elements.

    Another set of tutorials that would be great are ones covering the purpose, integration and interaction of the .php files used to drive the themes.

    Thanks for continuing to make your great products, greater!

  6. To increase sales, it is vital to have basic core video tutorials. I for instance, knew about FTP, but had never used it and of course figured it out myself in a couple minutes. I can tell you, your beginner, is going to mess up which folder to drag where, and you can’t utilize the WP dashboard 100% either.

    The common questions usually regard HEADER (logo, banner or both and of course changing dimensions), FOOTER (same as header and making minimal custom changes, along with adding a footer widget).

    I also don’t know why the themes don’t have a larger color palette option for navigation bar or other areas that should be handled within the panel, so us rookies don’t have to beg a relative for css changes (grin).

  7. Would definitely look forward to seeing more advanced tutorials..

    modifying logo was just way too beginners.. i would guess 99 out of 100 would be able to do it..

    Try concentrating on stuffs which only 10 out of 100 can do.. That would help more people for the efforts you guys put into producing the videos..

    CSS customizations, and php edits would be interesting to see.. !!

    Thanks alot though !!

    • “modifying logo was just way too beginners.. i would guess 99 out of 100 would be able to do it…”

      You’d be surprised. This was created first because it’s one of the most common questions and a difficult one to explain in writing.

      • @Nick (my hero)

        You should hold a contest, Nick. Have your members create video tutorials to help build up your library faster. Pick the best tutorials and reward the winners with nifty prizes with maybe a Grand Prize of having a theme named after them? (grin). I just named my new puppy “ET” short for …

      • i can`t enter to my account of 19.00$.
        have you number thelephone??

  8. I guess I’m the 1 out of the 100. I’m working on my very first WordPress site so everything is new. Videos on changing the logo and other “beginner” stuff would be very helpful. I’ve been reading up on WordPress but having specific how to videos for Elegant Themes is awesome.

    Thanks for the great themes and looking forward to the videos.

  9. Hate to be a dick, but it would be way more awesome if you first fixed the theme compatibility issues with WP3.0 multisite and timthumb… as well as the very basic option to upload a logo in the “epanel” options, so that you don’t need to copy/paste the entire theme folder for each new WP3.0 multisite.

    Looking forward to the Glider theme 🙂

  10. The videos are going to make this site even more valuable, and will make my job a lot easier when I refer people here with an affiliate link.

    I agree, the more beginner tutorials you can put on here, the better.

  11. Im looking forward to see a video of “How to use the shortcodes correctly/professional”

    • I’ll second that for sure!

  12. Mentioned in the forum before: please look closely at Panel labels/wording and related functionality, as some options are completely counterintuitive – e.g.: “Exclude categories from the navigation bar” – that is a yes/no option – setting it to yes, it actually includes the selected category! I wasted time with figuring out those settings, refreshing etc. A simple “Select your navigation bar categories” would clarify it all… You can contact me if you want help – I design GUI’s for 15 years now and ET deserves better.
    Other than that, video tutorials are always a good thing, so thanks for adding that to an already great product!

    • Jacques certainly has a point there, the ePanel is a great way to do things, but indeed some of the titles is very unclear at first sight.

      • Agree with Jacques. It’s hard enough to be a rank beginner but when unclear wording is thrown in, it adds up to many extra frustrating hours.

        I had to become a member to read the forums, and now I CAN look at the posts I see a very foreign language.

        Leon’s suggestion of holding a contest for instructional videos is great way to speed up the visual tutoring and sometimes you need an ex-beginner to know how to simplify things enough for the rest of us on the lower rungs.

        Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. The thing I have most problems with is changing random bits of code for font colours etc. which is pretty basic and different in each theme, so I don’t think that’s necessarily a good video for this series.

    HOWEVER most of my clients get confused with thumbnails/pictures/featured image so a tutorial on that would be most helpful.

    Thanks, Nick, for your constant striving for a better service.

  14. Great Video

    Looking forward the entire series

    Thanks for elegant theme and tutorial

  15. I agree with a lot of the previous comments. Header/Logo/Background are things I have to changed on every new site I work on and are always the trickiest bits to get right.

    I would also love to see a walkthrough of the ePanel and what each option means/does with practical examples.

    A video showing how to add ads via google ads would also be of great help.

    Overall though, I am so happy I signed up for Elegant Themes. Videos like this are just the icing on the cake. Keep up the great work.


    • @Shay

      I like the idea of walk-through examples. Yes, given enough time, even I can figure it out. Videos would streamline the process and shorten the learning curve of getting the MOST from the theme, creating not only a loyal customer, but a raving fan who will spread the word of ET FTW!

  16. Creating your own logo is most important as the stocklogo must be changed most of the time. Very often it does not fit because of size difference. So that part two is very much needed and interesting.

    I hope that you include also the way to adapt the height of the space in which the logo is placed, or how to center it or how to put the logo above the primary menu. In the last case one can create thus more space for the menu items.

    Will there be a special submenu item called “Tutorials” under the main menu item “Support”?

  17. By the way Transmit rocks! Fast. Very intuitive! Options galore!

  18. An in depth tutorial on shortcodes will be much appreciated.

  19. Great works.

    Good luck 🙂

  20. it will be great to get such stuff

  21. You always over delivered Nick!

    Waiting for full videos.

  22. Is part 2 out yet? I need more info on modifying the entire header with a logo, not just the template sized file included in this video.

  23. I have the same wish : video on modifying entire header…
    Are there other videos out?
    The library of tutorial is a little “poor”. It’s true, ET is a great product, but there is a real NEED for better explanations on out to get the BEST from it. That would be my #1 problem for recommending it…

  24. I hope this is a typical example of future videos.

    Clear and precise. Beautifully spoken 10 out of 10 from me. Well done and thank you.


  25. Hi

    I love the themes however I wish you will supply the video for customizing the Logo.
    I and others just do not have experience with Photoshop and this is preventing me from installing any of your themes.
    I currently use Thesis Theme and Chris has gotten around this by including an upload header option.It autom,atically resizes logo to fit theme width.
    This would solve many problems for novices and allow easy ijnstallation of a designed Logo!

    Hoping you can russtle this option up Nick
    Best Regards


  26. I have been using elegantthemes and they look great, however videos are a must have to get things started. I found this video very useful. I also use optimizepress, which has excellent video tutorials all in one place, covering all aspects and showing beginners how to use it although its more a marketing tool. I found this video in the members area a few weeks ago, but I am sure it was 22 minutes long so it must have been part 1 and 2, but now its no longer there.
    I was following the video step by step to the point where a logo was placed into the blank canvas, but if you follow the video you will notice that it is not clear at this point what tool is being used to place the logo . So I am obviously 1 of the 99 out of 100, who need to modify the logo. It is very important that all the steps are shown, I downloaded the trial version of abode photoshop so I could get this done, exactly as in the video without wanting to become an expert in adobe photoshop. Mofifying the logo is one of the most important areas for anyone who wants to modify the dedault logo. We are not all experts on manipulating these sorts of things, so please continue with the good work that was started.


  27. I figured out how to place the logo, the command is place, which I worked out because the guy in the video mentioned place, although it would still be helpful to show what is actually being selected.
    I would like to apologise as well, the video is actually in the members area. What is missing is the “Advanced logo techniques video”, which was there a few weeks ago, I assume this was part 2 of the first video. I am wondering if anyone knows where this video is.


  28. good stuff but could use more advanced video tutorials

  29. Great stuff, looking forward to some new tutorials.

  30. A short video (or an Elegant Themes Infographic) that defined the different elements of your themes would be amazing. Sort of like the first pages of a user manual that have a diagram of the piece of equipment you just bought which names the different parts. This is essential information for a beginner that may not know the lingo.

    A video tutorial would be great, but a supplemental Infographic would be ideal for this. Some industrious person could even do an Infographic to include with each theme’s “readme” file. The naming of the parts of a theme seems an essential piece of information for a beginner to be able to not collapse in frustration (like I am doing).

  31. Hi ET,
    I really like your themes. I’m new to WordPress and to ET. The videos and other documentation you have created are quite helpful but…
    I haven’t found an easy way to search your documentation when I just need to find out the answer to a usually simple question. For instance, I want to turn off the captcha on the Contact Us form. (I don’t mean turn off captcha regeneration – I mean remove captcha completely from the page.) I presume that this form is an ET form and not a WordPress form. Is there someplace I can do a search on a term like “captcha” or “turn off captcha” and get to documentation about what my options are? I have had similar needs on lots of point topics. Your current documentation is great for an overview but not very efficient when you need to find something specific.

    Thanks for your help and advice.

    All the best,

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