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Theme Change: StudioBlue, Influx, GrungeMag

Posted on September 22 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 22 comments

I have been trying to help a few individuals that were having problems getting thumbnails to appear on the above themes. After trying to figure out the problem for some time I decided that it would be easier just to abandon the timthumb php image re-sizer altogether in favor of a different script. I have updated StudioBlue, Influx, and Grungemag with this new script, and it seems to have fixed the problem for the members I was in contact with. Anyone experiencing issues with thumbnail images should delete their theme files and re-upload the new versions.


  1. Hey,

    may it possible, that you create a WP theme, that looks like apple.com style?

    That would be great!


  2. Yea it was a bit of a mess up a little, but when you get the hang of it its ok.

    But the default “use the url of the image” was easy enough and straight forward.

    id love to see more themes =)

  3. Hey,

    I would like to see a theme with small icons like more tutorial kind of theme.



  4. Hi guys,

    I had same problems with images however l will update mine today and try again but its great template and l want to us it.

  5. heloo

    my blog start to work now and pictures are all ok.

    Good Job

  6. Thank you for that! I was planning on using grungemag, but found that problem and just forgot about it. Now I can continue.

    BTW, could you make one theme that is not magazine style? I’m guessing it’d be easier :) Cheers!

  7. Yes, I’d be interested in a few themes that are more of a single author blog theme/site theme for a small organization, church, etc.


  8. I also had trouble with featured articles not appearing on the Quadro theme, although admin got it to work.

    I have since worked out a fix though requiring you not to have a category called “Featured Articles” and that requires you to edit the them.

    Search for where the theme pulls out the featured article (usually home.php) and replace the following line of code…

    “new WP_Query(‘category_name=Featured Articles&showposts=1′);”


    new WP_Query(‘cat=&showposts=1′);

    Just then replace with whatever the cat ID is and it then works properly.

  9. Hi Ian,

    That is certainly a viable option, just not something I would use as the the default option for my theme, as everyone has different category ID numbers, and no-one likes to edit code! Thanks for the tip, I’m sure people appreciate it.

    Also, I am not sure why for some people the featured articles don’t work at first. My suggestion is simply to delete the category and create it again. Always make sure that you spell it correctly, and that each work is capitalized.

  10. Hi

    What happen if you made changes to the theme CSS? Replacing it will surely override the any tweaks that I have done, will it not?

    As what Ian has mentioned too, the featured articles doesn’t seem to work on the first attempt and I have taken it off completely.


  11. I found it to work fine without the update, anyway, I look forward to further templates, because the collection you’ve given us access to so far are very impressive.

    Thanks admin!


  12. @Blog for Bloggers

    Yes if you overwrite the old css file with the new one, any changes you made will be lost. I would make not of any changes you have made, and always keep a backup of the work you have done.

  13. Hy there guys. Since i have used the Influx theme, the thumbnail, work so well until to day, when i have made a new post, and after i have published it, the thumbnail images doesn’t appear. I so frustrated…anyone..can help me? thank you so much

  14. How to increase the number of images inside the image slider? Currently it is not capable to display more than 11 image inside the slider box. It is very urgent. Please help.

  15. So where are these versions to download without the timthumb.php file messing things up?

    • There are no versions without timthumb.php. If you are having problems please use the support forum for assistance.

  16. I’m confused. This post contridicts itself via the comments.

    As I am having troubles with the thumbnails and images, I believe the problem lies with timthumb.php.

    This post says the above themes won’t use it. But further down it says there are no versions without timthumb.php.

    It would be good to clarify this because, I feel I am not the only person struggling with these problems and this makes it sound ambigious at best.

    • This post is 4 months old, and since then I have switched back to timthumb.php. If you are having trouble please use the support forum.

      • I am using the support forum.

        Even though the post is 4 months old, it might serve best to have an edit to explain that “timthumb.php” is still being used.

  17. Hi there,

    I have a really fast question: is it possible to totally remove the Featured Articles column from the design? Is there a built in feature for this or must one manually edit the .php files and cut it out?

    I’m considering on joining but I really need to know this info first. I will only want to display the post summaries on the first page without that huge Featured Articles column ( it’s a bit awkward too ).


  18. I know this is an old post and people don’t really check it often but I would really like some insight on this.

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