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Bug Fix: InterPhase – Current_Page Hover Effect

Posted on August 17 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 2 comments

Oops, there was a small problem with the InterPhase pages navigation. I forgot to remove some styling to .current_page, which was causing a gray border to appear on the bottom of the top navigation links when viewing any of the pages. I repackaged the theme for download, the only files that need to be replaced are style.php and iestyle.css.


  1. You also have a problem with ads showing up on child pages infact interphase does not show dropdown menus at all.

  2. Your themes are great. I am surprised though that you don’t have a site search function on my blog or site.
    Question for you: Am I wrong to think that “mouse over” effects don’t work on smartphones. Is there an option for the Instyle theme to have a “read more” to access the rest of the post, rather than have to mouse over to see the >>>> to get to the rest of the post?
    Other question: do your themes use the rel=”author” code?

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