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New Theme: DelicateNews

Posted on July 8 by in Theme Additions | 50 comments

New Theme: DelicateNews

My goal with DelicateNews was to create a content-heavy magazine theme similar to TheSource, but with a much more elegant and “delicate” appearance. I hope that DelicateNews’ style can be adopted by various types of bogs. Featuring a 3-column grid and many homepage content outlets, this theme gives you the opportunity to feature tons of content without making your website feel too cramped or messy. The unique featured slider and cufon font replacement is sure to make your blog stand out from the crowd, and the simple grid structure will surely prove easy to read and navigate. Don’t forget to view the Live Demo and the Features Page from more details.

DelicateNews Features

The theme comes with all of the great features that you are used to here at ElegantThemes. With the ePanel control panel you gain complete control over your blog. The theme has also been fully localized for easy translation and is beautifully coded in valid xhtml. You will also notice four unique color schemes to choose from, including : Red, Blue, Green and Purple. Unlike most of my themes, DelicateNews has 3-columns, giving you many more widget options.

Only a week into July and we have already released two great new themes, and with two more on the horizon (eStore and Daily Notes) this is sure to be a great month! Stay tuned for more awesome themes in the near future :)

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  1. Incredible! Good job Nick and co.

  2. Seriously awesome theme Nick. Just loved it. Any words on eleganthemes V3? :)

    • There is still much work to be done on v3, but it’s coming along.

  3. Looks Amazing.

  4. As always your themes are amazing. I love to be able more on design and constant and less on programming. This on is great!

  5. Dang’t, releasing themes faster than I can develop sites for. :) Looking fantastic and I’m glad you released this one before the eStore one, because at that time I’m going to have to stop everything!

    Thanks again and keep them coming.

  6. First of- I think your themes are amazing you’re are obviously a highly talented designer.

    The only thing that’s holding me back from purchasing is the lack of Ad ready areas in your design (unless I’m missing something from the demo). I would gladly pay much more than $20 if you had those.

    • EF, I think you missed this important note on most of Nick’s themes feature page;

      “Advertising Management”

      “With DelicateNews you can place 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads to your post pages with ease. Advertisements are handled from within wp-admin, and can be turned on and off at any time. ”

      (…and correct me if I’m wrong Nick but this means ads are mostly managed via WordPress widgets which is independent of your themes yes? :] )

  7. Beautiful!

  8. ever goin to consider 728×90 ads in the header?

  9. Great blog design yes. Not so suited for a news site. The main slider and recent news slider only, does fill up the entire screen in a 1280×1024 resolution.

    I was hoping for an much more compact approach that give the readers a greater overview of the site and the content.

    • The width of the page is only 960px, not 1280px.

      • My bad. English is not my naitive language so i get it wrong sometimes. I do realize that the theme is 960px. What i did mean is that the readers at the first sight do not see anything else except the two sliders. They have to scroll down to get an overview of the site and the content.

        Dont missunderstand me. Your themes are beautiful and i really like them.

        However, my main site is using eGamer and i like the compact format together with the integrated video option. But the theme is to dark and my designing skills lacking. So i was hoping that either DelicateNews or TheSource would share the more compact format of eGamer that suite a MMO news site perfectly.

        So there is really nothing wrong with DelicateNews, except that it´s not what my site needed. Which in return means i have to look for a suitable theme somewhere else and i was hoping i could avoid that. :(

  10. Again, another approve that you are the best!

  11. Awesome work as always. Good Luck!

    • Looking good :)

  12. Just what the doctor ordered … I’m Using it already!!!!!

  13. it is just toooooo awesome incredible

  14. I think this is the BEST theme from you guys! :D

  15. Nice Theme! I would love to see a two column version. and something darker.

    • You don’t need to use all three columns. So it can work as a 2-column theme as well.

  16. Big One !

  17. This is such a beautiful theme. I’m toying with the idea of using it on my blog – but I love my current theme. What a great predicament to be in. Thank you so much for your talented work on this and your other themes – and for making your designs so affordable.

  18. You guys keep outdoing yourself.

    Awesome theme.

    Btw is there a Plan to bring out a E-Commerce theme yet compaitable with Paypal or not yet.


  19. Finally… A must have theme for your website! Nice and clean! Nick, you’ve done a great job!

  20. Amazing. Simply amazing.

  21. I gotta say, this is my favourite so far. It’s put together very well. Keep up the good work!

  22. I am stunned by the way I found this site, and am intrigued on learning more about design and integration of all these sharing possibilities available now. Do you offer tech support?

  23. Great work you’ve got here. Good luck!


  24. I have an existing blog thru WordPress that links directly to my Linked In profile.

    Will I be able to migrate the existing content to a new template and will it still be viewable through Linked In?

  25. a very great theme ;)

  26. I love this theme, except for the boxes on the right. I just need a simple black/green/gray/white theme but which has a slide show at the top.. not necessarily connected to any posts…

    Hard to find!

  27. OMG. Where was this theme six months ago?!? This was exactly what I was looking for when I was renovating on my site. Now I have to redo! Love the themes, love your passion. And (even though I don’t won’t to pay it, lol), it’s about damned time you raised your price! These themes are pure gold.

  28. I am loving this theme! I’ve used your themes for a year now, and am rarely disappointed. However, I wish this had the option of an automated slider–not the stacking boxes with a static slider. That is my only gripe–otherwise, this is a professional looking theme with little work needed on the part of the blogger. My ‘day job’ is working in a digital content department with a team of developers –and their stuff isn’t this simple to use! Thank you for making my hobby so much simpler!!

  29. Blue is the best & this slider…woaw woaw woaw :)
    I think “shortcodes collection” is very useful :) & others :)
    I Love You Elegant Themes :)

  30. plz help me this theme Do not support Arabic Language in titles

  31. Dear Nick,

    Is is possible to change the format of the date button “SEP 03, 08″ in slider?

  32. Hi this is a great theme, but i have a problem with the recent from slider, it only shows the first ever post from the categories i choose, it does not update when i add new posts?

    Is it a known issue and can you help Please?


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