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WordPress 2.7 around the corner. Theme updates on the way

Posted on December 4 by in General News | 44 comments

It looks like 2.7 is just around the corner, and I have been working to get my themes up to date. You will be happy to hear that all of the themes are currently running on the latest 2.7 beta without any problems. I have also begun to update the themes to take advantage of the new features included in 2.7. Here is a preview of the new threaded comments compatibility styled for StudioBlue.

Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. Good news that you will be updating for WordPress 2.7 and Comment Threading, could be just the very reason to use one theme on some of my blogs :)
    But for now, I will wait for the upcoming theme of yours.

  2. Yeah, updates are nice, but we want coldstone! :D

  3. I would like to see updated Grungemag)))

  4. Nice to know that we will get all updated wordpress themes, you must know which popular

  5. Actually the updates are necessary because wordpress 2.7 is much different in many ways so I appreciate the upgrades. I don’t know how you do it man.

    You really have the best wordpress theme club all around..price,style, # of themes released.

    • My styled version of threaded comments is live on this blog. Testing testing :)

      • Haha sweet.

        • No, not quite yet. I still have some styling to do on themes that don’t have white content areas.

        • what theme do you intend to modify? can you make the grunge theme be compatible with this version of wordpress?

        • cazut din cer, all themes will be updated with threaded comments compatibility.

  6. sounds great, really lookin forward to that

    I can see you working hard.

  7. do not forget to update bluesky please:)
    thanks for your effort

    • They will all be updated. Don’t worry.

      • I’m a bit confused, is Studio Blue updated already or not?

        • Yes, StudioBlue is updated. I am still in the middle of updating the rest, I will make a post when all of the updates have been completed.

  8. Hey.

    I’m a soon to be customer, and love all the themes you have here ;)

    I just wanted to tell you that the image of ‘Lightsource’ on the gallery page, has the link to the ‘Egamer’ theme.

    Just incase you wanted to know :D

    • The themes here are really all great it’s a good choice if you would join our theme club here :)

    • Thanks for pointing that out Keith, I will fix it asap :)

  9. Are any of your themes compatible with blogspot (blogger.com). If yes please send me a email.

    • No, unfortunately the themes are for WordPress only.

  10. See you fixed the bug!

    I’m now a customer, and loving it. Although I found that some of the themes take a while to set up (With the plugins and all). Still love them though :D

  11. From the FAQ page in specific issues section..

    “…to the wp-content/plugins directory, an activate them from within wp-admin.”


  12. Looks like almost all, if not, all themes have been updated already :D It really increased the comment count on my personal blog because my friends now have more fun replying towards each other =D

    Keep it up,
    ps: awaiting coldstone :)

  13. Great news about updating-wordpress 2.7 still behaves funny with thumbnails.
    Could you please post a list of themes that have been updated than people going through this thread finding out.


  14. Great. 2.7 is out. When you done upgrading, I’m in!!

  15. It’s really cool!And may I get the embed reply plugin and the style that show in your comments!THX…

    • The new comments system in my themes will look just like the one on this blog :) There is no plugin, threaded comments is a feature of 2.7

  16. What about “Current Theme Options”? They don’t seem to show up in 2.7

    • It’s under “Appearances” menu now, as the Design tab was replaced.

  17. I was a bit too fast with updating I’m afraid ^^ Hope to see your updated version of Interphase soon.

    And thanks for all your hard work.

  18. Hi m8,

    Tried to download and install LightSource on WordPress v2.7 seems like there are some issues around.. like not able to display footer and few other stuffs!

    When can we expect a v2.7 version of the theme? And oh yea.. the BlueStudio works charming with v2.7…

    Would be a great thing if you could have a Save Changes button at the bottom of page on “Current Theme Option”… have to browse all the way to top to save changes (some times annoying.. you know!).

    Cheers & Good Luck m8!

    • Yep studioblue works fine with 2.7 (i try it on my localhost XD)

  19. Are any of your themes localizable?

  20. Dude, you are great designer. I am really impressed !

  21. Super,its a very good

  22. Oh! very good. Thank you for your sharing.

  23. I love te colours and lay out of your blog, i really want to get hold of this theme, what are you using?

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