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Support Forum Added to Members Area

Posted on October 27 by in General News | 30 comments

I felt that email, due to its rather unorganized nature, was greatly impeding my ability to provide swift tech support. So, I have decided to relegate all support questions from registered users to a support forum. To access the forum, simply log into the member’s area and click on the new support forum button to submit your questions. I also think this will make it easier for users to collaborate on theme customization issues, as well help give me a better outlook on the concerns of the community as a whole. The contact form is still available of course, especially for new visitors who have questions regarding my themes.


  1. This is really nice move. but do we members have to make new account on forums or our membership ids will do login?

  2. @ Deven:

    You will have to signup for the forum, I have not merged member’s database. I will look into this, however.

  3. Dont look into it. It takes to minutes, its the least we can do.

    Good job. I wouldnt think you would have time for this.

  4. Hi,
    Im interested on signing up, but have a few questions, about customization, etc.

    I cant find any email adress or forum link to address my questions.

    How can I do it?

  5. There is a contact form and a support forum. Refer to the support link on the top of the the page.

  6. This seems like a good idea for members. I was wondering if you could make a theme… like, for hosting websites. That’ll be cool.

  7. One step ahead from others, be different to beat the different!

    That would be great little words about you at ABOUT menu is filled, then once you create the quickstart packages that’s rock! for beginners.

    I’ll be one of your member soon.


  8. I have a question regarding the Quadro Theme. There is a Featured Article part on the home page but how do I get the image in the feature article part?

  9. You need to add your thumbnail custom field. This is explained in the readme file that came with the theme. If you have further questions you might want to post them in the support forum as opposed to in a blog comment, as I don’t check this regularly for support inquiries.

  10. Hello, will you ever be including an FLV player with the evideo theme so we can upload our own videos for the site? That would make it the ultimate thing :D

  11. This is awesome! I cannot wait for this theme!

    Thanks for your hard work!

  12. Good job, I can’t wait for this new theme you are preparing!

    Speaking about Affiliates, I signed up to the affiliate program more than one week ago, I received the mail noticing me that you would come back to me with a password but I still did not receive any answer? Is it normal?

    • Did you receive your username/password? As long as your info checks out your account should be automatically approved. Let me know if you are still experiencing problems.

  13. It does help alot and we can also see each others ET’s in action! :)

  14. Just wanted to say you all have a great forum. Seems like a good place I can actually be a part of. :)

  15. elegant theme are the best. i don’t have member account still can i get the benefits of the support forum? if not why don’t u make it public?



    • The support forums are only available to paying customers.

  16. spent the last 2 hours trying to access the forums to work out how to remove designed by elegant themes link , the site is very slow buggy and unresponsive , i will not be renewing my sub

    • Sorry paul, we are indeed having troubles with our server today. We are working to resolve it asap.

  17. Hi,

    I am having some problems with Foxy Theme.

    I am updating the company’s website but I am not a web developer of any kind and cannot work out how to do a couple of things in this theme. They are as follows:

    1. I want to set the images which we have set to appear on the Featured Slider to show as full size and not to be cropped anywhere. Can this be done?

    2. I want to remove the Featured Slider image titles so that only the image showed per slide, with no text. Is this possible?

    As I have said, I am not a developer so don’t want to mess about too much with the php files.

    Is there a simple CSS code that I could use?

    Thanks for your help.


    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

      • Hi Nick,

        Thanks for your response. I am faced with another issue following on from your response…

        The person who developed the website for the company initially holds the username / passwords so I am unable to access the support forum. I did try to do that first but it took me to a page about purchasing a theme etc, which we have already done.

        Is there anyway to recover a password for our website, without using the email address used at the initial / purchasing stages?

        Thanks again.

  18. how should i update divi? ( auto update is not available..)
    Should i uninstall it and install again?


  19. Our subscription just ran out a couple months ago.

    So, I can not access the forum to see what the problem is with the Divi theme. I can’t get the slider to work correctly in the fullwidth design box area…It is non-responsive. Do I have to renew the subscription to get it to work again?

  20. Hello,

    Im logged into the forum but dont see anywhere to “Open A New Ticket”. Any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks all,

    • “Welcome to the Elegant Themes forums! Please click on the category most relevant to your question below, and then click the “Open A New Ticket” button to open a ticket.”

  21. Hi there,

    I have some trouble in placing the logo in the DIVI theme. I can upload it, yes. But I still appears very tiny and you can barely read the writing on the logo or see what it’s actually like. I can change the size. It allows me to choose between the options Thumbnail, medium, large and fullsize, but it doesn’t make any difference in the appearance. How can I solve this problem, please?

    Sorry I can not leave an URL right now as my website is still ‘under construction.’

  22. Is there anybody who could answer the above question, please?

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