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Affiliate Program Up and Running

Posted on August 29 by in General News | 10 comments

I have been working on setting up an affiliate program for Elegant WordPress Themes, and it’s now up and running. After receiving a lot of requests regarding the possibility of an affiliate program I was eager to release one. My conversion ratios have also been quite good recently, so I am curious to see how everyone does in comparison to their other WordPress Theme products. Right now I am offering a 50% payout on all sales that you generate, and that is including when/if the member renews at the end of the year. Also, if you refer someone to the affiliate program you gain 10% of all the sales they make. I think that’s a pretty decent chunk of the sale, so sign up and profit!


  1. Hey there mate!

    Thank you, great work, just signed up and placed your beautiful banners on my sites.

    I’m sure this will be a great program!

    Congrats on the launch!

    One question though: would you mind if I hosted the banner-images on my server to spare your bandwith and speed up the loading?

  2. I’ve just published a story about WPT with smooth introduction into your Affiliate program on my blog. Check it out!

  3. Impressive post bit2bit! Thanks for the exposure and best of luck with your affiliate sales!

  4. I love your themes and your affiliate program, just can’t decide which part is better ;). Signed up and had the first sale for you within a few hours :). A quick question about the affiliate program though – did you code it yourself?. If not, is there an affiliate link you could post my way?

  5. Hi Nick, re your affiliate programme, I am based in the UK and not sure what to add in the ‘Tax ID, SSN or VAT’, our system is different in the UK and I am not VAT registered.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  6. I am an affiliate with elegant themes. I just received a mail from a buyer that he has purchased through my link! He sent the mail as I promised some bonus offer for purchasing through my link! But when I checked my affiliate sale, I didn’t found the sale has been made.
    Any idea how much time it normally takes to appear the sale in my list. Thank you.

    • This occurs when the person has clicked on someone else’s affiliate link in the past. The first affiliate to refer a customer gets the sale, and only one affiliate can be credited with each sale.

  7. Thanks for your reply bro. Seems the first click has counted as affiliate sale! So I better inform him this issue.

    • $58 is the minimum payout balance.

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